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August 4

What songs/albums have a similar beat to Girl Talk's "Feed the Animals"?

This is my perfect running album (especially the first track) but I don't want to get tired of it. Please help me give my runs some variety! [more inside]
posted by Tevin at 3:08 PM - 8 answers

Architectural style of this front door? (see pic)

We're redesigning the porch to our front door and I'd love to get some ideas online, but I don't know how to describe the angular style of our front door. Here is a photo. Thanks for any help!
posted by okay-quiet-time at 12:46 PM - 7 answers

Where can I find Tetsuya Noguchi's Chakukabuto warrior cat?

I have stumbled upon an awesome poster, but most info is in Japanese. I would like to know if anyone knows where I can but a printout or lithograph of this poster. The poster in question is this one. From what I have managed to deduce it is actually a modern painting (judging by this article), so I figured that maybe it is available somewhere, but does anyone know?
posted by Niklas at 12:16 PM - 3 answers

August 3

Cartoon that ran in 1928 LIFE magazine, likely owner is...

Seeking advice on how to clear the rights to republish a cartoon that appeared in LIFE magazine in April 1928. Henry Luce bought the rights to LIFE in 1936--and when his company (Time Inc.) bought the previous LIFE, according to Wikpedia, "Time Inc. sold Life’s subscription list, features, and goodwill to Judge." Judge went out of business in 1947. I'm not trying to clear a photo, as that would be easier, contact Getty Images. [more inside]
posted by xaryts at 7:27 PM - 6 answers

Mahler for funerals

A good friend of mine recently passed away, and his mother asked me to pick two musical selections to play at his service. He was a big classical music buff, but I am not. I know Mahler was his favorite, but frankly, I have no idea where to even begin. Please help me identify Mahler compositions that are appropriate (in terms of mood and length) for a memorial service.
posted by palindromic at 11:26 AM - 13 answers

A recommendation engine for television shows

Asking for a friend. Is there a recommendation engine for television shows that you use and get good results from? I suggested that my friend ask Metafilter for recommendations, but he said that wouldn't work for him. He just wants recommendations powered by algorithms, he doesn't want to try asking people online. Also he is not a Netflix member and doesn't want to sign up.
posted by Cinnamon Bear at 10:01 AM - 3 answers

How to set up a basic but decent studio for recording voice and guitar?

I'm seriously planning to try recording voice and acoustic guitar, and I need help on setting up the most basic, yet decent home studio. [more inside]
posted by 30thdegree at 7:05 AM - 4 answers

August 2

Help finding an illustration of a "saying among the rabbins"?

A while back, I was insomnia-browsing, and I came across either an illustration or a photograph of a tattoo, related to the saying below. Unfortunately, I can't remember which. Either way, it was black-and-white, in a simple engraved style. Any ideas what this illustration could be? If it was a tattoo, it seemed like it was probably copied from or inspired by a historical illustration. [more inside]
posted by aaronbeekay at 10:00 PM - 1 answers

I'm looking for a comic I read decades ago and only remember two panels.

Two or three decades ago I read a comic which I've been thinking about off and on the last few years, but I haven't been able to find it again. All I can remember about it was that there was a solid black panel followed by a panel where someone explains that there had just been something like a gap (or hole?) in reality (or time?) [more inside]
posted by johnofjack at 4:56 PM - 5 answers

Recommended songs for a travel-themed playlist?

I am looking for suggestions for songs that are available on Spotify that I can put into a playlist. What I need is walk-out music for the last day of a large travel consortium conference. All songs need to be safe for work. The attendees are from all around the globe, so the songs do not necessarily need to be in English. Bonus for songs that are fun/interesting covers of well known songs. [more inside]
posted by Lokheed at 3:34 PM - 16 answers

This is not about the octopus!

Among Bertram Cooper's Asian office art in Mad Men, there was a painting of bird in flight and a flower(s?) on a cream background. Can anyone identify it?
posted by Soliloquy at 10:32 AM - 2 answers

Share your best Spotify genre playlists!

We had great Spotify playlists revolving around a particular genre on the Blue and Ask before, be it naju's huge 90s indie/alt playlist, the power pop playlist linked by Sonny Jim or mountmccabe's shoegaze playlist. Please help me find more! [more inside]
posted by bigendian at 4:52 AM - 13 answers

August 1

There are no bad pictures; that's just how your face looks sometimes.

Looking for showcases of great photography on the web! Specifics inside. [more inside]
posted by missmary6 at 3:22 PM - 8 answers

Same catchy pop song, better lyrics

Someone took a chatchy pop song and turned the lyrics into something way better. Not in a weird al way, more like this and this. Can you share more examples?
posted by divina_y_humilde at 9:16 AM - 9 answers

July 30

Who can tell me what this is? (classical music buffs, this is for you)

Hey Hivemind, I'm looking for the name of two recordings on this video: https://​​/watch?​v=Xni9nYEkSCQ​&index=22​&list=​PLRJgr20Cck​0tbQl4K_Q6​-wE7te20N3ETh The first one starts at 03:36 and the second one at 22:06 Thanks all
posted by Kwadeng at 11:10 PM - 4 answers

Great songs that discuss unequal emotional labor?

Strongly overcome with the desire to compile a playlist that discuss and highlight emotional labor and when it's unequal. Can you help? [more inside]
posted by yueliang at 2:10 PM - 52 answers

Why are some albums missing from streaming services?

Why are some albums missing from an artist's collection on streaming media services like Spotify, BeatsApple Music, etc.? For example, Nitzer Ebb's discography is missing Showtime, and Throwing Muses seems to not include Hunkpapa and the first Throwing Muses (reissued as In a Doghouse). While I'm sure the vague handwavy answer is "because contracts", I'd love to know the detailed rationale. Bonus points if any one actually worked in the sausage factory that hammered out some of the contracts.
posted by snortasprocket at 1:46 PM - 1 answers

Where have all the instantly recognizable film scores gone?

What is the most recent piece of instrumental music from a film score that the general public could immediately identify upon hearing, and why is it the theme from Jurassic Park? (many) Details inside! [more inside]
posted by mrhaydel at 7:44 AM - 42 answers

Bum boats, gun boats, slow boats, row boats, I like boats.

And yachts, dinghys, paddleboats, battleships, canoes, schooners, tugboats, and catamarans. I love reading about boats and life aboard them. Fiction or non-fiction, freshwater or salt, genre and era unimportant. Please recommend books about boats! [more inside]
posted by lollymccatburglar at 7:00 AM - 50 answers

Please help identify this science-fiction book from my youth

AskMe is so good at this kind of thing! I read a science fiction novel when I was young, in the early 80s, although it may have been written earlier. The protagonist was a teenage girl who had been kidnapped because of her rare ability to see and travel through interdimensional portals. [more inside]
posted by seasparrow at 6:46 AM - 3 answers

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