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May 4

Running a Book Club

What should I know about running an online book club? [more inside]
posted by subject_verb_remainder at 8:58 PM - 0 answers

Less Teddy, Less Heady

Where do I shine my UV light to find interesting UV active art? [more inside]
posted by caphector at 5:17 PM - 5 answers

Name Those Actors

Who are the 4 actors playing the boy band members in Amy Schumer's "Girl, You Don't Need Makeup" video?
posted by ThePinkSuperhero at 11:17 AM - 2 answers

Recommend to me similar poppy bands...

a friend recently turned me on to bleachers and the drums (totally new to me, i'm a punk kid) and i am in LOVE. who else should i check out?
posted by megan_magnolia at 9:58 AM - 4 answers

May 3

How did Fritz Zwicky appear in Cosmos?

In the last episode of the new Cosmos series, (someone portraying) Fritz Zwicky appears briefly, to sort of stare and blink and then make a gesture like this. He died in 1974. What is the source of this footage? Is it an actor (with an oddly non-speaking role, and no acknowledgment yet on IMDB), some sort of CGI magic from photos, or archival footage? Our household is unreasonably curious about this.
posted by cogitron at 5:40 PM - 0 answers

What article told of The Stars My Destination => The Fifth Element?

Somewhere recently I read a listicle of films never made which were remade as something else? Either in a magazine or on the web, maybe another in it was Jack Kirby's Lord of Light designs which showed up in Argo but the part I'm interested in concerned artwork someone notable did for a never-made The Stars My Destination being the basis the future city in The Fifth Element. What was that article?
posted by Rash at 1:59 PM - 3 answers

Older films with the speed ramping effect?

Looking for Hollywood films released before the year 2000 that use the speed ramping effect. [more inside]
posted by mtphoto at 12:03 PM - 11 answers

To Repair or Replace My DSLR?

I'm a hobbyist photographer on a very fixed income. My camera is Nikon D3100, which I bought used for $300. Last fall it survived my apartment fire, and I think there's some discoloration from smoke damage. Don't know if I should repair (if so, where? And how much would it cost?) or replace (if so, with what?) I would love some help deciding if repairs would be worth it and, if not, suggestions on models that are good for newbies and are also affordable used.
posted by mermaidcafe at 10:51 AM - 11 answers

What's the font in the Royal Navy logo?

What font is used in the logo of the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom? Obviously the A is custom, but what's the rest of it? The R has a straight leg and the O is circular. It's not any of the usual suspects (Helvetica, Frutiger, Akzidenz-Grotesk, Gill Sans). It's almost Gotham Black, but not quite, and it's driving me nuts! Help!
posted by Faint of Butt at 7:07 AM - 6 answers

Help me find this music documentary

The post on Genesis the other day reminded me about a TV documentary series I saw which focused on a different band's video clips each week. I'm pretty sure Genesis and Duran Duran were both covered. Googling hasn't helped me. Initially I thought it might have been Classic Albums, but they never covered Genesis. Does anyone know what series this might have been?
posted by Kris10_b at 1:34 AM - 1 answers

May 2

How to disguise yourself as a man

Hi there, I am a female who is in college studying to become a war correspondent, and this has been my unshakeable goal for many years. I would like to know how to successfully disguise myself as a man with the use of minimal makeup, masculine attire (etc.), and all the while keeping my hair shoulder or waist length. My main concern is that while I'm very thin, I have very, very feminine and delicate facial structure, so I feel like this could really really affect the success of my career as a future war zone journalist.
posted by nephilim. at 9:17 PM - 31 answers

Movie about German or Swiss man on ski holiday

Trying to remember a film I saw on television years ago. I was either German or Swiss and was about a heavyset man on a ski holiday. I remember it was very nearly silent (but was not a silent movie; it looked relatively modern) and everything was a sort of a disaster for him, and I remember it being unexpectedly sweet, and that's all I remember. Hope me!
posted by maxsparber at 7:44 PM - 9 answers

Sounds like Gymnopédies

I need help trying to find a song similar to Erik Satie's Gymnopédies No. 1. for use in a film. [more inside]
posted by cazoo at 12:44 PM - 18 answers

Improve acting & dancing in less than 24 hours?

I'm going to callbacks for a production of Carousel tomorrow. Yay! I'm in the running for the role of Nettie, as well as the ensemble. I'm primarily a singer and will be asked to read sides and perform some quickly taught choreography. What can I do between now and tomorrow to improve my acting and my dancing? Tips, tricks, and anecdotes welcome, assume I'm starting from zero in both skill sets. Thanks!
posted by firei at 6:12 AM - 8 answers

May 1

Almost avant-garde electronic music?

Help me find electronic music that doesn't sound electronic. [more inside]
posted by Rykey at 10:58 PM - 22 answers

Help me cry happy sappy mommy tears

I basically want to sob on my couch at how childlike children are and how much parents love them beyond words. [more inside]
posted by sestaaak at 8:49 PM - 16 answers

How would I create this monochromatic look in Photoshop?

I want to know how to try to create this look with one of my own jellyfish shots, but I'm a bit of a Photoshop noob and have no idea where to start or even what to search for in order to find a tutorial. Any suggestions?
posted by figaro at 11:50 AM - 14 answers

Fairy Tale Podcasts

I love fairy tales, myths, and legends. I also love listening to people tell stories. Can you recommend a podcast or other something of that sort which will provide me with a regular dose of people telling me stories? [more inside]
posted by darchildre at 9:45 AM - 8 answers

Literary Descriptions of Ships

What are some great descriptions of boats and ships from literature? I'm especially looking for descriptions from classic books in the public domain. Novels, stories, plays, poetry etc. are all welcome.
posted by Prunesquallor at 9:03 AM - 15 answers

Name of a recent podcast episode: waitress deals with rich jerk in LA

I heard a great story about a waitress in Hollywood who dealt with a vulgar regular diner who turned out to request her every time he returned. Eventually they develop a friendship and he flies her granddad to Las Vegas so he can fly a vintage WWII airplane he bought from Tom Cruise. Ring any bells?
posted by patrickc at 8:20 AM - 3 answers

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