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February 13

Synth question: What’s the difference between eg and amp eg

Just got a Korg monologue and I’m reading the manual but I need help: What’s the difference between the envelope generator and the amp envelope generator? Thanks.
posted by captainscared at 3:08 PM - 5 answers

February 12

Popular late-90s club mix sampling or remixing a Tori Amos song?

I'm remembering a club mix that sampled or remixed a Tori Amos song. I think it was pretty ubiquitous, and my best recollection is that it was sampling Raspberry Swirl. But Googling Raspberry Swirl remixes or samples has failed me. Any idea what I'm thinking of?
posted by palliser at 7:54 PM - 5 answers

Looking for Quality Sappy Fiction

I thoroughly enjoyed this post on the blue -- which explored how characters fall in love in novels. I would like to find new to me fiction that uses this technique in developing love stories. [more inside]
posted by JustKeepSwimming at 2:48 PM - 3 answers

I'm tired of trudging up to the nonfiction section

Why are comics and graphic novels catalogued as nonfiction in libraries? [more inside]
posted by zsazsa at 8:35 AM - 11 answers

You got a TIGHT PAIR, how did it get that way?

I know nothing about recording or making music. How is something like Tight Pair by LIPPS, Inc recorded? When Cynthia Johnson comes in @ ~30 secs, she sounds like she is singing really loudly. At the same time, she sounds further away from the front of the music than the instruments. I'm curious how this effect is achieved, what volume Ms. Johnson was actually singing at in studio, and any other interesting things I don't know to ask about.
posted by OmieWise at 8:19 AM - 9 answers

Starting a Movie Night

My Canadian town doesn't have a repertory cinema. I'd like to start a regular movie night and publicly screen classic movies. What do I need to know? I'm not interested in making a profit, but I'd like it to be an event that's open to the public and charge enough to cover the costs of licensing, venue rental etc. [more inside]
posted by Prunesquallor at 7:12 AM - 4 answers

February 11

Fiction about the absurdities of academia?

I seem to greatly enjoy fiction about the absurd, ridiculous, or obnoxious aspects of an academic or research environment. Examples that I really liked include PhD Comics (mostly the early years), Bellwether by Connie Willis, and especially Dear Committee Members by Julie Schumacher. MetaFilter, can you recommend any similarly absurd books about stressed academics? [more inside]
posted by fencerjimmy at 6:36 PM - 49 answers

Looking for an 80s Letterman episode for a friend.

My friend's father was on Late Night in the 80s and was featured in a pretty long audience segment. We're trying to find the footage for him. [more inside]
posted by RobotVoodooPower at 5:48 PM - 2 answers

Music to go with reading Holleran's "Dancer From The Dance"

I'm reading Andrew Holleran's classic gay novel "Dancer From The Dance." It's set in New York in the very early years of disco. (1972-74?) I'd like to build up a playlist of some tunes that set the mood, because most of the disco music I know is the later stuff (Donna Summer, Giorgio Moroder, etc.) [more inside]
posted by dnash at 5:38 PM - 2 answers

Feminist and/or lesbian and/or butch-femme artwork!

Hey, I'm looking for artwork to hang around my house. It can be public domain (something I can download and print) or something I can order online. I want drawings, paintings, photos, etc. of women - all women, plus women with women, plus butch women with femme women, plus queer wo/men. [more inside]
posted by alona at 1:02 PM - 9 answers

Exasperate me, please

I am seeking books and movies in which characters are slowly driven to complete exasperation in the face of relatively minor annoyances. Bonus if this exasperation is handled in a comedic (or blackly comedic) manner. [more inside]
posted by apparently at 11:42 AM - 49 answers

Other Fire + Water events in US??

MeFi, you've saved me in the past, asking you to come through again! I'm trying to find events very similar to WaterFire Providence, can be but does not have to be "art" project, but am looking for festivals that feature pylons in rivers, ponds, lakes, bayou on fire. Trying to set one up down here in Louisiana but not finding too much in the way of how to get started or if these events exist outside of Providence, RI and Sharon, PA (the only two places I found that host WaterFire events). Thank you!
posted by LemonGardot at 9:31 AM - 3 answers

February 10

You never know, Bert, you never know

For years my mom has said the phrase "you never know, Bert, you never know." It's usually a joking explanation for over-preparing, over-packing, or over-worrying (there's a lot of anxiety in my family). It presumably came from a Sesame Street scene between Ernie and Bert, and I'd love to know which one. [more inside]
posted by radioamy at 9:04 PM - 4 answers

Quote about Cary Grant in North-by-Northwest.

Long shot: I have a memory of hearing someone, could be anyone, talking about how they try to conduct themselves like Cary Grant in North-by-Northwest, something along the lines of being terminally good natured and genial even in the face of aggression and surprising events. I don't suppose anyone remembers who it was?
posted by feelinglistless at 2:52 PM - 2 answers

Happy Monkey Year

Who is the artist behind this picture?
posted by Enchanting Grasshopper at 12:38 PM - 8 answers

February 9

More audio comedy for my 12-year-old son

4+ years ago y'all gave my son a treasure trove of audio comedy, some of which he's listened to hundreds of times. Now he's almost 13 and needs a recharge. Help? [more inside]
posted by argybarg at 6:40 PM - 21 answers

dance music with horns

Please tell me your favorite dance music that features trumpet or other brass. Bonus points for music that makes you happy and want to dance all the time.
posted by ocherdraco at 2:58 PM - 45 answers

February 8

What are the most "artsy" animated films that I should watch?

What are the most "artsy" animated films that I should watch? I am interested in experiencing animation that is not the same Hollywood style. Any suggestions would be most welcome.
posted by mortaddams at 1:19 PM - 65 answers

Recommendations for music with non-English lyrics

I'm in my semi-annual quest for new music. Looking for relatively fast-paced music sung in languages other than English. Bonus if I can purchase via Bandcamp (or any other site that does a (relatively) good job of getting money to musicians. [more inside]
posted by spamandkimchi at 12:46 PM - 23 answers

What are current best methods for TV-quality lip sync animation?

In 2016, what software and methods do professional animators use for TV-quality lip sync animation with the aim of acceptable quality at the fastest speed? [more inside]
posted by ErikH2000 at 12:15 AM - 4 answers

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