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February 21

Best books on modern or recent civil wars?

Looking for good books, both fiction and narrative nonfiction, set in or ostensibly about civil wars in the modern era. Google keeps turning up American Civil War results, but I'd like a window into what happens and what it looks like in the modern era when a society tears itself apart. Double bonus points if the book deals with ethnic cleansing or genocide. Here is a picture of a one-eyed, three-legged rescue dog as a palate cleanser. Thank you in advance!
posted by schadenfrau at 11:52 AM - 8 answers

How is ABBA formed?

Who influenced ABBA? [more inside]
posted by wabbittwax at 11:46 AM - 16 answers

Cerebral Science Fiction movies?

I'm not sure if there is a term for the category of movie I'm looking for, but I've lately been on a kick of thinking-person's science fiction movies, and I'm looking for more that fit the bill. Movies like the Martian, Contact, 2001, Interstellar, Solaris and I was especially moved by Arrival. Thoughtful, sort of technical, lyric, and slow. Limited violence and no sexual violence. Any suggestions?
posted by Think_Long at 11:40 AM - 40 answers

Getting paid for drawing a children's book

A friend is requesting to pay for art I've created. Not sure how much to ask for or if I should? [more inside]
posted by morning_television at 11:20 AM - 7 answers

February 20

Best ticket vendor for an off-off-Broadway show in NYC

I’m producing an off-off-Broadway show and I’m wondering what the best ticket option is. It’s a small show and I may want to do an e-blast. I hear pros and cons on ovationtix vs smarttix. What’s your experience? And perhaps theres a better solution altogether. Thanks.
posted by captainscared at 4:43 PM - 2 answers

What anime is new, good, and available for streaming in the US?

Hey all, this is another "give me your quality TV post" spurred on the the recent Metatalktail Hour. I have started getting back into anime after some time away and I am interested in some recommendations. With some caveats and guidelines of course... [more inside]
posted by daikaisho at 8:54 AM - 14 answers

February 19

How to make very large-format prints of my photos?

Is it even possible to make very large great-looking prints of photos taken with a Sony A55 camera? [more inside]
posted by Joseph Gurl at 6:58 PM - 11 answers

looking for a decade old cracktro/kg tune

so was listening to this tune and at 1:51 the guitar riff made me think of an old keygen or cracktro tune, but i cant recall which it is :/ [more inside]
posted by xcasex at 6:21 PM - 1 answers

BBC Ivanhoe TV series (1970) w/Eric Flynn-Where find REALLY rare films??

I am desperately seeking to rewatch this series from my childhood. It was the "Ivanhoe" TV series done by the BBC in 1970 with Eric Flynn. I am not interested in any other version of "Ivanhoe" - only this one. Please do not confuse other versions with this one as it will just confuse the thread. Directed by David Maloney. This is the IMDB listing. Does anyone know where I can get a VHS or DVD or find it online? Or even in a library in the USA? Where do people go to find really, really rare movies? Is there some kind of service online that will track down really rare films for a person?
posted by cmp4Meta at 1:51 PM - 3 answers

Looking for two books, one from kid's perspective, one from bully's

As a child my friend read a pair of books. The distinguishing feature of these books was that the first book told a story of a kid who was being bullied (although that may not have been the main plotline), and the bully was written as a very flat, stock bully character. The second covered the same time period, from the perspective of the bully. [more inside]
posted by lmindful at 10:33 AM - 3 answers

February 18

Looking for a two member experimental band from the UK. Going slightly m

Looking for a two member experimental band from the UK. Going slightly mad. Details inside. [more inside]
posted by beshtya at 3:03 PM - 28 answers

Writing by machine

In an interview with a writer, he mentioned old writing machines, that mechanically constructed sentences, maybe longer texts. [more inside]
posted by bwonder2 at 2:38 PM - 5 answers

February 17

Music for QA and R&D

Can you recommend songs with lyrics expressing "quality assurance" and "research & development?" Like, I vaguely remember a dub reggae song (but not the title or artist) that went, "Top quality dub! This is the best quality music!" that would be perfect, if I could only find it, and then there's Research which is kinda on point-ish. More? Help?
posted by pH Indicating Socks at 8:53 PM - 14 answers

Escapism, please!

It's been a stressful week (thanks, Trump!), and I would like some escapism. Movie and TV suggestions, please. [more inside]
posted by triggerfinger at 11:09 AM - 51 answers

Tees for the Revolution!

I would like more t-shirts with all kinds of excellent liberal progressive feminist stuff on them. But, I would like my t-shirt purchases to support the great causes, too. I don't mind if the (real) artist makes money but I would like some of the money to go to supporting the resistance! [more inside]
posted by Glinn at 9:50 AM - 8 answers

Looking for a David Bowie predecessor

I'm searching for an artist that David Bowie might have ripped off in the early 70s. [more inside]
posted by PhoBWanKenobi at 8:56 AM - 16 answers

February 16

Best resources in 2017 to teach myself harmonica

I want to play the harmonica. I want to teach myself. I can read music enough to sing and slowly play piano. (In other words, guitar chord stuff still confuses me.) Looking for online or book or other resources that you may have found useful.
posted by MCMikeNamara at 9:04 PM - 2 answers

Taylor Negron "Oratorical Contest" Sketch?

Does anybody remember a Taylor Negron sketch in which he reminisces about an oratorical contest he entered as a child. It was a produced piece that I'm pretty sure aired on Michael Nesmith's TV series, "Television Parts," that aired on NBC in the summer of 1985. . [more inside]
posted by DougieGee at 5:11 PM - 0 answers

February 15

A website like GoodReads that also lets you write/edit booksummaries?

When I read a good book I like to take notes, and cut-and-paste excerpts for future reference. I've been using Word to do this, but is there a book website that provides this function built-in?GoodReads allows the posting of "reviews" using a tiny text window but I want to have a place to store and view private notes (while at the same time having access to all the nifty GoodRead-type features!)
posted by storybored at 7:40 PM - 16 answers

Diverse History Podcasts

O Hive Mind, please recommend me some diversity in my history podcasts. Likes and requirements inside. [more inside]
posted by chainsofreedom at 6:59 PM - 13 answers

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