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March 26

What should I do in Rio de Janeiro, Iguazu Falls, and Buenos Aires?

I'm going to be in Rio de Janeiro for 4 days, at Iguazu falls for 2 days, and then in Buenos Aires for 6 days. What are your recommendations for things to do, places to eat/drink/dance, and any tips for getting the most out of my experience? [more inside]
posted by kylej at 8:46 PM - 1 answers

Travel to Pakistan? Tips wanted.

This summer I will be travelling to K2 base camp with a dear old friend. I realise that with all the geopolitics happening, it isn't an ideal moment for this trip, but we've been planning it for literally years and since Skardu is safe enough at the moment we're still going. Looking for tips and thoughts about travel in Pakistan in general or the K2 base camp trek in particular. Also looking for a travel insurance recommendation. (Please don't try to talk me out of going.) [more inside]
posted by frumiousb at 7:50 PM - 1 answers

2 - 3 beds + kitchenette

Looking for reasonably priced hotel suites (with kitchens) in Toronto. [more inside]
posted by stray around Toronto, ON at 6:48 PM - 3 answers

What's it like to travel in India?

My wife and I are thinking about traveling to India for vacation. We've mostly travelled in Europe, with the most exotic other destinations being Morocco and Central America. What should we expect to be different about traveling on our own in India?
posted by smackfu around India at 4:34 PM - 8 answers

Financially smart ways to convert USD to THB

I have a friend who is hoping to have surgery in Thailand and would like some assistance with the financial process. There are two main questions they're trying to resolve. What is the best way to convert their USD to Thai Bhat? And how can they hold THB before they make their payment to the doctor? [more inside]
posted by polyhedron around Thailand at 2:32 PM - 5 answers

Remember the Alamo! Or, don't: recommendations for 3 days in San Antonio

Other than getting tickets for a game if the Spurs are in town, what should I not miss? Bonus points for quirky or outstanding offbeat places to eat, see, or things to do. Is the Alamo worth it? The zoo? I can get a car, or not. Hotel is maybe 15 min walk from downtown/riverwalk area. Late May timeframe. Coming from the Pacific Northwest, is it going to be hot and humid? [more inside]
posted by OneSmartMonkey around San Antonio, TX at 10:20 AM - 12 answers

March 25

How to round off our trip to Ireland (travel by public transit with Mom)

My Mom & will be arriving in Dublin in early June - staying in nearby Howth for a couple of nights, then going on this tour. We will be leaving Dublin at the end of the month and will have about 5 days to fill in between. [more inside]
posted by My Kryptonite is Worry at 5:38 PM - 8 answers

March 23

What to do in southern Thailand?

I'll be spending the month of april in Thailand. We will be spending the Thai New year with friends in Ko Phi Phi and we are planning on island hopping for the rest if the trip. Have you been to southern Thailand? What MUST I see / do / eat? [more inside]
posted by pintapicasso at 5:35 PM - 6 answers

Looking for recommendations on things to do in DC & the surrounding area

In April, I'm going to be going to DC and the surrounding areas with my dad for a week. What are some must-see things to visit there, and along the way back to Massachusetts? We're definitely going to tour the museums (as I love to see art up close and my dad's a history buff) but other than that we're a little fuzzy on the particulars. More details under the cut. [more inside]
posted by flatluigi at 1:16 AM - 19 answers

March 22

Help me have a fun day off in London

I've got a day off tomorrow. I live in London. What should I do? [more inside]
posted by Just this guy, y'know around London, England at 5:23 PM - 20 answers

What's the situation at Trump Tower these days?

Family BlahLaLa will be in NYC in a few weeks and I'd really like to go do something at Trump Tower. Yell at it? Spit at it? Hold up a sign? New Yorkers and other knowledgeable folks, what say you? It's not going to be the focus of our vacation, but I feel it's our patriotic duty to show how much we hate him and reject everything about his administration.
posted by BlahLaLa around New York, NY at 9:59 AM - 18 answers

March 21

Digging deeply for "miner" details about a prospecting adventure!

Hello, AskMeFi! Recently, I was given generous notice by my main client that my services will not be required from Friday, April 28th through Thursday, May 4th 2017; as they need travel out of state. This is significant news, as it will be the first I have had off in over two years of working ludicrous hours, seven days per week. As such, my boyfriend and I are seizing the chance to finally explore a destination that has been on our respective bucket lists since ever: The Herkimer Diamond Mines, in Herkimer, New York. Lake effect snow within... [more inside]
posted by Amor Bellator around Herkimer, NY at 10:42 AM - 10 answers

Current Construction around Atlanta?

We will be driving from Chicago to Daytona this weekend to spend spring break with my parents. Last year, we traveled the same route, setting out on Good Friday (along with a glut of other Midwesterners) and found terrible traffic jams due to construction on I-24 in Chattanooga (mid-day) and on I-75 in Atlanta (at rush hour, duh). Are these routes still under construction? [more inside]
posted by sarajane around Atlanta, GA at 8:51 AM - 4 answers

March 20

help me find the best car rental at san antonio airport

Please give me feedback on good car rental experiences, We went through the San Antonio airport last year and had bad luck with hertz, we are travelling with a five year old and are getting our flight in may,so many companies to choose from,best recommendations and why Thanks for any help, I appreciate it!
posted by Upon Further Review at 10:21 PM - 8 answers

Sequoia NP and Death Valley NP in late March

I'm planning a 5-day trip to Sequoia National Park and Death Valley National Park in late March. I've never been to either. What should I see at either? And, in particular this year, should I be worried about snow on roads? (So will I need a 4x4?) Other things to think about? Y'all made my last vacation up to the Redwoods so much better than it would have been. Thanks in advance!
posted by persona au gratin at 5:08 PM - 10 answers

Do y'all bring your nice, expensive cameras on vacation these days?

Please help me weigh the pros and cons of bring my DSLR to Cuba. [more inside]
posted by kitcat around Cuba at 1:30 PM - 28 answers

Advice for travel in Eastern Europe

Hi Metafilter! I'm asking this for my niece. She has a chance to visit two of the following countries and asked me for advice, but I have not been to any of them! I thought that maybe some of you can help with suggestions. The countries are: Albania, Bosnia & Hersegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Republic of Macedonia, and Serbia [more inside]
posted by catrae at 12:16 PM - 8 answers

March 19

Mazda MX-5 RF Miata?

I am strongly considering the new retractable hardtop version of the Mazda Miata as my next car. It is a lot of fun to drive. However, before I pull the trigger, I am wondering if any folks here have warnings I might not have considered, or regrets due to the small trunk? [more inside]
posted by The Architect at 7:59 PM - 11 answers

Vacation ideas for mid-April?

Considering an extended weekend getaway to Arches/Canyonlands, Baja California, or somewhere else. [more inside]
posted by cycleback at 12:33 PM - 3 answers

Help my offbeat teenage nieces feel like grownups in NYC

My 13 and 16 year old nieces will be spending the last week in June with me in NYC (I live in Queens). The older niece spent a week here three years ago, and we had a blast. So I'm trying to figure out how to top that! [more inside]
posted by Neely O'Hara around New York, NY at 10:19 AM - 21 answers

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