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June 22

Traveling to Romania in September-what should I know?

We're going on vacation in Romania later this year (mid to late September) for about 10 days. What tips or advice do you have for us? [more inside]
posted by Bunny Boneyology around Romania at 8:19 AM - 3 answers

June 21

Quirky and/or nature-y spots in Chicago and Holland, MI

A European vacation fell through this year, so we're heading north - help me plan an awesome trip to Chicago and West Michigan! [more inside]
posted by raspberrE at 8:02 PM - 11 answers

Travel destination in West Africa

I'll be in West Africa for three weeks in August/September. The first two weeks I'll be with family in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire and Libreville, Gabon. I'm looking for recommendations on somewhere to visit for the last week of my trip. [more inside]
posted by ottereroticist at 6:05 PM - 6 answers

Free Afternoon in San Francisco with no car

I've got a bunch of time to kill tomorrow afternoon in San Francisco. I'm staying on 7th Street at The Carriage Inn and my current plan is to just walk up the hill to the water, but is there something else I should be doing? I don't mind taking a taxi, but walking would be ideal.
posted by yerfatma around San Francisco, CA at 5:11 PM - 7 answers

Need (100 lb) dog friendly motel between Omaha & Iowa City

I'll be driving down I-80 and need a motel that will allow my 100 lb dog somewhere between Omaha and Iowa City. Please help :)
posted by camfys at 3:15 PM - 8 answers

What if I don't hit it off with the people in my group?

I'm a middle-aged single woman going hiking in Ireland with a group. We will be hiking about 6 hours a day, and the rest of the day, not sure what we'll be doing. The group size is 16. [more inside]
posted by wheeler10 at 3:14 PM - 15 answers

Help me see the gorgeousness of the UK for a week using public transit?

I'm in the UK for a week in August, and want to spend my time there absorbing as much nature as I possibly can—I want to see the outdoors more than anything. I arrive in London and have a gig in Salisbury, but am able to travel if there's a better base from which to set up camp. I do NOT have a car, so public transit will be utilized. Where should I go, what should I see, and how do I do it? [more inside]
posted by rorgy around England at 4:00 AM - 9 answers

June 20

Did I get bedbugs from my flight?

Help! At the beginning of an 11 hour flight I felt a tickle on my finger, and was horrified to flick off a small dark oval bug crawling on me. When I arrived at the airport, I mindlessly shoved my neck pillow into my carryon - presumably if there were bugs on it, now they're in the carryon too? Did I just infest my house with bedbugs? [more inside]
posted by BlueBlueElectricBlue at 2:25 PM - 7 answers

Beach (or otherwise) vacation in September or October

My spouse and I have been through significant grief and loss over the past year and are hoping to schedule a vacation for some serious self-care. We prefer something on the beach and are open to international travel, even something a little more exotic. Of course, there are concerns about rainy seasons, hurricanes, etc. this time of year. Another concern is Zika, as we are hoping for a pregnancy in the near future. A non-beach vacation will not be a deal-breaker, but we are not looking for a super active vacation, rather something to heal and rest. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
posted by LinneaJC at 10:32 AM - 16 answers

Indianapolis, St. Louis, and the road in between

What should I do on a brief visit to Indianapolis and St. Louis, and what's the best route from one city to the next? Help me make this the best 4 day vacation ever! [more inside]
posted by stripesandplaid around Indianapolis, IN at 3:45 AM - 15 answers

June 19

When to Give Up an Old Car

I drive a 2001 Honda CR-V. When should I stop putting money into it and just buy a new car? Looking for opinions from other 2001 CR-V owners and auto-savvy people. [more inside]
posted by monologish at 6:52 PM - 20 answers

Downtown Minneapolis bathrooms

I will be temporarily stranded in downtown Minneapolis sometime this week, and while I'm not particularly worried because there's a ton of food around the IDS Center, I'm more concerned about bathroom availability: Are there any public bathrooms around that area in downtown Minneapolis, or "customer only" bathrooms in cheap restaurants? Since I'll have to eat somewhere anyway, I can plan for that if necessary. Thanks!
posted by oion around Minneapolis, MN at 4:33 PM - 16 answers

Kids Vacation

Looking for summer vacation ideas for my family from Austin. 6 and 8 year old. We've done Disney, cruises and the San Diego Zoo. Looking for some spots in the U.S. that may be off the radar or simply creative ideas for a week long vacation. [more inside]
posted by jasondigitized at 5:17 AM - 5 answers

June 18

Where to find available campsites in the Bay Area for the Jul 4th?

I've been struggling to find available campsites in driving range from the SF Bay Area over the July 4th long weekend. Does anyone have any suggestions for places to find campsite inventory or places which may not require a permit?
posted by touareg around San Francisco, CA at 9:08 PM - 4 answers

Long Island Beach getaway?

We want to go to the beach for a weekend. We live in Brooklyn and we don't drive, so we are looking on Long Island- maybe Jones Beach? We want to stay within 3 hours of Brooklyn. Give us your recommendations for hotels, beaches, transport- give us all of it!
posted by Blisterlips around New York at 4:12 PM - 7 answers

Two days in Iguazu Falls--lodging on Brazilian or Argentinian side?

I'm nailing down the details of a trip to Brazil and Argentina in July. We'll be flying from Buenos Aires to Puerto Iguazu, have 2 nights/days, then flying out of Foz de Iguazu airport to Sao Paulo. I understand that you get a somewhat different experience from each side in terms of the falls themselves, and with two days we can certainly arrange to do both. I am wondering if there is any advantage to staying in the Brazilian or Argentinian side in terms of lodging? [more inside]
posted by drlith around Argentina at 1:05 PM - 6 answers

June 17

Autumn road trip in the western US

Our tenth wedding anniversary approaches, and we're considering a road trip from our home in Seattle. We have family and friends in Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and California, but we also want to do new/fun/weird/scenic things. Help us fill in the gaps, pick the best route, and plan our accommodations. There are lots of good previous questions about road tripping in these areas, but of course we are unique. [more inside]
posted by doift at 12:46 PM - 2 answers

Nice place to stay outside Vancouver ca

Hi. I'm going to be in Vancouver for a few days next week and would like to find a nice small town to stay for a night in outside of the city. No more than 2 hours drive hopefully. Any recommendations for short hikes or other things we must do would be welcome. Thank you in advance for any suggestions.
posted by batou_ around Vancouver, BC at 8:13 AM - 6 answers

June 16

To-ronto or not To-ronto? That is (not exactly) the question

Please help me plan my Canada trip! I intend to go in early August for roughly 4 weeks. Will be flying into Vancouver, most likely flying out of Vancouver as well, but that depends on the answer to my question which is essentially: how long should I spend in BC and Alberta? [more inside]
posted by pianissimo around Canada at 10:06 AM - 16 answers

Where would the American Werewolf in London stay for a short break

Accommodation suggestions in England needed, old-timey a must, haunted a plus! [more inside]
posted by banjo_and_the_pork around England at 5:42 AM - 4 answers

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