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August 23

Road Trippin'

I will be driving from Nelson, BC, Canada to Glacier National Park (Apgar, Montana, USA). Which is the best (most scenic/interesting) route to take? [more inside]
posted by Socky McSockface at 8:05 PM - 1 answers

How to best spend a few days in Glasgow?

I'll be visiting Scotland this week, and I'll have two days in Glasgow before I head onwards to Islay (and another day back in Glasgow before I leave). What are the condensed must-sees and must-dos? [more inside]
posted by Itaxpica around Glasgow, Scotland at 1:41 PM - 14 answers

Help a nerd go back in time.

I'm fascinated by history, all kinds of history. I’d love nothing more than to wake up in a very convincing facsimile of another time—and I just found out about this. Can you help me find more? [more inside]
posted by functionequalsform at 8:44 AM - 9 answers

wedding gift for soon-to-be-Berliners

Help me pick a wedding present for our friends who are getting married in the States and moving to Berlin next month! [more inside]
posted by wintersonata9 around Berlin, Germany at 7:43 AM - 5 answers

Paris and Beyond?

Husby and I are running the Paris-Versailles on September 25. Where should we go after? Constraints inside. [more inside]
posted by Brittanie around France at 4:39 AM - 10 answers

August 22

Hell's Canyon Rafting

Planning to be in the Hell's Canyon area next summer and want to do a two or three day rafting trip but the options are overwhelming. We will be flying into Boise and then driving to near Spokane for a personal errand. How can we best work in a rafting trip? [more inside]
posted by tamitang around Oregon at 8:30 PM - 2 answers

Hotel in lower Manhattan, LES v. SoHo...

Heading to Manhattan in mid-October to see a friend for a couple of days with my spouse and would like info on the LES v SoHo. [more inside]
posted by docpops around New York, NY at 9:36 AM - 12 answers

August 21

Suzuki Hellhole

Wound up with a 2008 Suzuki SX4, FWD, 110k miles due to a long story that isn't relevant. Entered a car nightmare, and I need a plan for what to do next. I am confused, stressed out and too drugged up for this. [more inside]
posted by iarerach at 8:03 PM - 8 answers

San Jose, CA- Apparently not the coolest place to live.

I'm likely moving to California at the start of October. Recently, the location has tentatively changed to San Jose. I don't want this to happen, so please convince me that San Jose is the worst place ever, or give me some reasons for why it's really not that bad. [more inside]
posted by omgkinky around San Jose, CA at 1:29 PM - 26 answers

August 20

Travelling from Canada to U.S. while pregnant

My wife and I are planning to travel from Ontario, Canada to Seattle this coming week. My wife is 6 months pregnant and she's heard some things about needing documentation about being insured for pregnancy related health issues and that if she doesn't have such documentation, she could be turned away at the U.S. Customs check. Does anyone know if this is true or not? What kind of documentation does she need to bring with her?
posted by Proginoskes at 6:29 PM - 4 answers

Traveling on an EU student visa before acquiring a residence permit?

Traveling in, out and around the EU Schengen zone on an American passport that includes an EU student visa before finishing the residence permit process? [more inside]
posted by Skwirl at 5:57 PM - 3 answers

August 19

Aloha. Take me to your lounge chair.

I am about to have my first pure vacation in about 10 years. And I want to do it in Hawaii. Travel-savvy MeFites, please help me make this one good. Difficulty rating: there's a "someone new" involved. [more inside]
posted by war wrath of wraith around Hawaii at 5:32 PM - 19 answers

Thanksgiving in Miami

I'm considering visiting Miami for a few days over Thanksgiving. What do you recommend for a first-time visitor? [more inside]
posted by smorgasbord around Miami, FL at 5:08 PM - 4 answers

Recommendations for cheap and safe parking at Newark airport (EWR)?

Leaving my car at EWR while I go play in the Black Rock Desert dust for 2 weeks ... [more inside]
posted by ZenMasterThis at 4:10 PM - 9 answers

Flying/airport security with a suspicious looking home remedy

I will be flying (within the US) in a few days. I also have a yeast infection that I am treating with homemade boric acid capsules. What do? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 8:46 AM - 16 answers

Tipping in the Galapagos

My friend and I have had a fantastic 50th birthday vacation in the Galapagos (without luggage, but that's a different story!). We've been staying a boutique hotel. The staff had not only cleaned our room but provided us with breakfast and about half of our dinners. What's the appropriate amount to tip? Searches suggest $1 per day for cleaning staff, but that doesn't seem like enough.
posted by Wet Hen around Ecuador at 5:59 AM - 10 answers

August 18

What beach on Tomales Bay should we kayak camp at?

Yay, the wife has scored a kayak camping permit for Tomales Bay, California a couple weekends from now. We've paddled in TB a few times (including the highly recommended bioluminescence tour), but never camped overnight. The permit isn't tied to any one site, and apparently they're first come first serve. Can anyone here recommend a beach that they particularly enjoyed camping at?
posted by mqk around California, CA at 8:23 PM - 4 answers

the olympics!

We (two humans + our dog master) had loosely planned to take the ferry from Victoria to Port Angeles next week and spend 5 days roadtripping around the Olympic Peninsula, but the park itself isn't very dog friendly. Is it worth going over anyways and checking out other spots? Anyone spent time out there with a dog, recommendations on places to explore? [more inside]
posted by mannequito around Washington at 12:36 PM - 3 answers

Tahoe City Dive Bar

I'm going to a wedding in Tahoe City CA next weekend. I'll have some time to kill. What is the absolutely shittiest, diviest, bar in Tahoe City? Is there one? The sketchier the better!!!
posted by josher71 around Tahoe City, CA at 9:36 AM - 2 answers

August 17

Jacksonville in March - Zika fears?

I'm looking into going on a trip to Jacksonville in March. I plan on having a child in the next few years so zika is a real concern for me. How worried should I be about this? Any articles on the likelihood of it spreading from Miami or anything to either ease my mind or confirm my concern would be appreciated. I have to book the trip now so I am trying to be as informed as possible.
posted by anonymous at 10:44 PM - 4 answers

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