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September 11

How can I get the gasoline smell out of a car?
I spilled some gasoline in a rental car. How can I clean it and get rid of the smell before I return it in a few days? [more inside]
posted by bradbane at 9:09 PM - 5 answers
Someone hit my parked car, did I do the right things?
Sorry - a bit frazzled here, so I'm asking for some advice and to make sure I did the right things. I had just finished some shopping at a local mini-mall, hopped into my car, and next thing I know, a person in a larger SUV/truck misjudged her turning angle while trying to park in the spot next to mine and hit/scraped my car. Now what? [more inside]
posted by theplatypus at 1:51 PM - 20 answers

How to find last-minute vacation package deals
If I decided at the last minute to take a vacation, and wanted to get a really cheap deal on a flight and hotel package, and didn't really care where I went (let's say, "somewhere in Hawaii" or "somewhere in Mexico or Central America"), where would I look to find such a thing? Reputable vendors only, of course. Would it be better to search online or just to call a travel agent?
posted by matildaben at 12:22 PM - 8 answers

Ft. Drum, NY
I'm heading to Fort Drum, NY in October visit someone during a weekend (arrive Friday night, leave Sunday afternoon). Where should we fly into: Watertown or Syracuse? Where should we stay?: Near Ft. Drum, in Syracuse, or? There's some time to see things in the area; what should we do and see? [more inside]
posted by ShooBoo around Fort Drum, NY at 12:14 PM - 10 answers

I'm looking for a great bike ride in Southern Ontario
I'll be in Detroit next Saturday for the Tour de Troit bike ride. I'd like to cross over into Ontario for some Canadian biking on Sunday. Can anyone suggest some good rides that start near the border? I'll be on a road bike, so paved roads are a must. Ideally the route would be around 100km. [more inside]
posted by steinwald around Windsor, ON at 10:58 AM - 6 answers

Help me maximize my Istanbul time
It turns out that the least bad of pretty terrible options for getting from Capetown to Ouagadougou on the day I want is via a 12 hour layover in Istanbul. Help me make the best use of my time! [more inside]
posted by solotoro around Istanbul, Turkey at 10:15 AM - 6 answers

Bachelorette Weekend destination ideas in February
Some friends are asking me to propose locations for my bachelorette party over Presidents Day weekend 2015. My challenges are: 1) finding destinations with comfortable weather in February 2) finding somewhere easy to get to from multiple locations: Philly/DC, Minneapolis, San Francisco 3) being mindful of cost 4) avoiding overlap with our honeymoon plans [more inside]
posted by moshimosh at 7:07 AM - 9 answers

September 10

Awesome day trips from Prague, Krakow, and/or Budapest?
When I went to Copenhagen back in May, I went to the Louisiana Museum and the Viking Ship museum, both not too far from the city and incredibly awesome. I also went to Malmo, Sweden which was awesome in its own way as I got to experience a different country that was only 18 miles away. Recommend me awesome day trips for my trip that commences Friday night! [more inside]
posted by signondiego at 6:26 PM - 10 answers

Furniture/Home Decor Shops in Sweden
My husband and I are traveling to Sweden soon. We both love Scandinavian design and would like to visit some furniture/home decor shops while in Sweden. What are some good, not too expensive furniture shops to visit in Stockholm and Sundsvall? We're interested in both local chains (Ikea not included) and boutique shops. Is it possible to buy furniture there and have the shop ship them to the US for you? Are the shipping costs generally reasonable? Thanks!
posted by wcmf around Sweden at 5:22 PM - 9 answers

How much vacating can we get done in 72 hours, anyway?
I need some fabulous 72-hour vacation ideas from DC! Mr. bowtiesarecool and I enjoy travel when we can, and we're in a good life stage for it (good jobs, some discretionary income, no kids, no sick relatives, no pets, no houseplants, easy to up and go when we want). Mr. bowtiesarecool has three-day weekends every week, but basically no leave beyond that. Please help me come up with an idea stash of fun, worthwhile ways we can get the heck out of Dodge in those three-day, two-night chunks! [more inside]
posted by bowtiesarecool at 2:12 PM - 29 answers

Baking class in Ann Arbor without a car
My mom and I are planning on taking a weekend baking class at Zingerman's Bakehouse in Ann Arbor. She could fly to Chicago and we could drive together, which will introduce some inconveniences, or she could fly to Detroit and I could take Megabus to Ann Arbor, which will introduce other inconveniences. Will we regret not driving? [more inside]
posted by telepanda around Ann Arbor, MI at 9:42 AM - 10 answers

St. Louis Light Rail, Airport to Downtown
Would you take the St. Louis Light Rail from the airport to downtown? I am staying in the hotel made from the old train station and flying into STL. I won't have much in the way of baggage. [more inside]
posted by dame around St. Louis, MO at 9:11 AM - 9 answers

Mexican Airport Misery: Aeromexico VS Air Canada
Due to a late departure, various snafus in the Mexico City airport, and some extremely unhelpful and unsympathetic ground personnel, our recent trip from Acapulco (Aeromexico) to Toronto (Air Canada) via Mexico City turned into an expensive nightmare. I have googled various keywords, checked out several FlyerTalk forums and gone through similar MF threads, but I haven't located anything remotely helpful. I am hoping the hive mind can help suggest how to seek compensation. Unhappy details below the fold: [more inside]
posted by juifenasie around Mexico City, Mexico at 7:58 AM - 14 answers

September 9

Middletown CT mechanic recommendations
I'm looking for recommendations for a trustworthy Subaru mechanic in the Middletown/Cromwell CT area. [more inside]
posted by smangosbubbles at 3:46 PM - 2 answers

Modern Japanese design shops & studios
My wife and I are visiting Japan soon and would like to visit interesting shops or design studios that specialise in uncommon and/or beautiful products, specifically for homewares, textiles and children’s toys and decor. We’re interested in contemporary design and want to get a feel for the modern Japanese aesthetic. [more inside]
posted by timshel around Japan at 2:06 PM - 11 answers

Philadelphia weekend parking
Where can I park my car in Philadelphia for the weekend while I'm at a conference downtown? [more inside]
posted by msbrauer around Philadelphia, PA at 9:52 AM - 6 answers

Cheap Honda Mechanic Wanted in Seattle
I'm looking for recommendations for a budget-friendly Honda mechanic in the Seattle area. I have a late-80s Accord that will probably be sold within the next year, but have some repairs I'd like to address. (perhaps a rack-and-pinion replacement). Know anybody who does auto repairs in their garage? I'm in the city, but willing to drive to get the right deal! thank you.
posted by jimmereeno at 9:04 AM - 3 answers

Good Portland OR neighborhood for AirBnB?
On a whim, we booked a trip to Portland, OR for next month. Then I went to book hotels, and apparently it is marathon weekend, and there are very few hotel rooms available downtown, and all above $200/night. We are looking to AirBnb as an alternative, but it's unclear which neighborhoods are good and which are bad as a tourist base. Every single listing says it's in a great neighborhood with easy access to public transit, so any tips?
posted by smackfu around Portland, OR at 8:42 AM - 11 answers

Should I land at JFK or LGA on a Friday night? [more inside]
posted by miles1972 around New York, NY at 8:05 AM - 27 answers

Going to California near Huntington Beach in October. Need ideas.
We'll be in CA in Oct. for a week w/ husband and son. We need ideas on what to do beyond Disney/Legoland. [more inside]
posted by stormpooper around California at 7:39 AM - 14 answers

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