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July 18

Thanksgiving in Zion!

Help and feedback for a Zion birthday adventure! [more inside]
posted by sprezzy at 8:46 AM - 2 answers

Roadtripping from DC to Cleveland, OH - where should we visit?

We're headed to a conference in Cleveland, and giving ourselves a full day to explore and enjoy the roadtrip there. What magical treasures and delicious treats lie along Rte 76 through Pennsylvania and Ohio?
posted by torietorie at 8:37 AM - 6 answers

July 17

How do I handle maintenance on a car with low miles?

My car is a 2012 Mazda 3. See my post when I bought it. So it's four years old but still has less than 24,000 miles on it. [more inside]
posted by bendy at 11:52 PM - 10 answers

Experience with a Daimler fortwo smart car?

I'm seriously considering a smart car and am looking at the Daimler fortwo. I don't know anyone who has one though. Would love to hear people's experiences of the car and things to consider when I go to the dealership tomorrow. Thank you!!
posted by namemeansgazelle at 3:59 PM - 17 answers

Place to store luggage near SF airport?

I am flying into San Francisco (SFO) airport early morning on Monday next week and have an entire day to sight-see before heading to Sunnyvale for work meetings next day. I would love to go see the Golden Bridge from the airport, however, I will have my luggage with me and it would be great if i could store it somewhere for about 6-8 hours and then pick it up on my way to Sunnyvale. Is this realistic and/or reasonable? This will be my first time visiting SF. Are there any recommendations where I can leave my stuff securely for a day? Thank you for your suggestions!
posted by mooselini around San Francisco, CA at 3:55 PM - 5 answers

Tacos in Santa Monica/Venice Beach

My family is in the car on the freeway, and we're going to spend the afternoon in Santa Monica and Venice Beach. This is our opportunity on this trip to get tacos for lunch; where should we go?
posted by ocherdraco around Santa Monica, CA at 11:54 AM - 9 answers

Business or Leisure?

I'm ridiculously nervous crossing borders (no reason, I'm frantically law abiding which is probably the reason actually). I'm obsessing over whether to answer "business or leisure" at the US border. [more inside]
posted by Erasmouse around United States at 8:14 AM - 14 answers

Carry On and On and On

Traveling to Cancun, connecting through DC on United. We need a lot of sunscreen plus would like to not check luggage. Can we buy sunscreen and aloe after the security checkpoint in our originating city and get through DC with them on the international flight? [more inside]
posted by RoadScholar at 7:52 AM - 16 answers

Oregon Coast Highlights?

Hi all! We are driving from PDX to Southwest OR in early August. We'll have time for one or maybe two good stops, and since it's my first time in OR, I would love to learn about good spots to include on our coastal drive. [more inside]
posted by Miko around Oregon, OR at 6:34 AM - 18 answers

July 16

Help a wanderer wander.

I have eight days of vacation time and a freshly renewed passport. Where in this wide world should I go? [more inside]
posted by sevensnowflakes at 3:39 PM - 10 answers

A chilled Thursday afternoon in San Francisco. What to do?

My wife, 12 year-old son and I will have a free afternoon and evening in San Francisco this coming Thursday. We fly in the afternoon before from the UK, will probably take bikes over the golden gate bridge in the morning, and we'd like to soak up a bit of SF in the afternoon and evening, before we head off on a road trip for the following three weeks. Yay! So what to do? Where to go? And perhaps somewhere relaxed and nice to eat in the evening? [more inside]
posted by dowcrag around San Francisco, CA at 12:08 PM - 9 answers

An itinerary for Groningen

I am traveling to Groningen, NL, for work in August. I am planning to stay an extra whole day to take in the city. It will be Friday Aug 18th. What should I put on my itinerary? I have looked at travel websites and the like and I'm sure I can find a good list of interesting things to see and do, but I'm looking for your personal highlights of the town. Less critical, but any suggestions for quirky places to stay? Hotels that are central seem very reasonable, so I'm not as concerned about that.
posted by Tandem Affinity around Groningen, Netherlands at 11:28 AM - 6 answers

July 14

Where can I watch the Olympics in San Francisco?

I'm going to be in San Francisco for work from 8/8 through 8/19. I love the Olympics and would like to watch random events in the evening. Where would be the best spots to watch? I am not that familiar with the city and will working/staying near the Montgomery St. station.
posted by melodykramer around San Francisco, CA at 5:27 PM - 2 answers

Affordable beach-area hotel in Sarasota?

Last minute, have to be in Sarasota, FL on Saturday night. I'm looking for an cheap, independent beach hotel to stay at. Mom and pop places are fine and welcome. Doesn't have to be right on beach, can deal with a few blocks away. Under $70 a night would be fantastic. Thanks.
posted by caveatz at 7:17 AM - 2 answers

Where should we go for summer sales in London next week?

We live outside the UK. We're going to be in London from this Sunday to Wednesday. We want to take advantage of the sales without wasting time that could be better used sightseeing. Are the sales still on in the places we want to shop? Is Oxford Street as good as anywhere for our purposes? [more inside]
posted by Busy Old Fool around London, England at 5:11 AM - 6 answers

July 13

Washington DC for a few hours...

I'm going to be passing through DC on a layover and need some advice on how to get around and see the main sights quickly! [more inside]
posted by ryanbryan around Washington, DC at 5:27 PM - 19 answers

Should I stay in Leiden, and if so, what should I do there?

I'm attending a conference at Leiden University in about a month and a half, and urgently need to finalize my travel plans. I've never been able to visit Europe before, so I'm considering staying in Europe a few days after the conference. I don't want to spend a lot of time traveling, though, so I'm deciding between either spending the entire time in Leiden, or going to perhaps one other city. [more inside]
posted by Kutsuwamushi around Leiden, Netherlands at 5:15 PM - 13 answers

Yellowstone transit from BZN

Yellowstone: any affordable direct daytrip (from BZN airport area) that's not a "bus tour"? [more inside]
posted by kalapierson at 1:45 PM - 10 answers

What to do in Flushing?

We have incoming visitors desperate for decent Chinese food. Answer? Flushing! The only trouble is, we live in CT and have never actually been to Flushing. What should we do when we're not busy stuffing our faces? [more inside]
posted by Diagonalize around New York, NY at 1:06 PM - 10 answers

Once in a lifetime trip...only one problem...where do we go?

My husband and I got married 2 years ago but we did not go on a honeymoon. As of recently, I've been diagnosed with a terminal illness. We want to take a spectacular, once in a lifetime trip. Where should we go? [more inside]
posted by Amalie-Suzette at 7:09 AM - 25 answers

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