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November 19, 2014

How can I change default PowerPoint bullet options?

I want to change the default bullets that are available when you go through the Bullets and Numbering menu. I've looked online and various people ask this questions in forums and they always get unhelpful answers so perhaps this can't be done! [more inside]
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San Francisco North beach happy hour?

Mrs. Funmonkey1 and I ar looking for a decent happy hour. Think long bar with loads of room, decent bar food and a good selection of wine and beer. Crowd over 25 and relaxed. Anything like this in North Beach?
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Multimedia & short texts on 'effecting environmental change'

What are some short, punchy multi-media clips and articles I can share with undergraduates to provoke reflection on how to effect social and environmental change? [more inside]
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Service like Optimizely's visual editor to design site?

I've learned that Optimizely has a pretty neat editor for designing a/b tests and that you can use the editor to do lots of fast and easy re-designs without modifying a site's code. Are there any services that solely focus on the "use our editor to re-design your site and paste this javascript to implement the design" bit?
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November 17, 2014

Name this book filter?

Very vaguely remembered. UK paperback. Probably in the early 1970's London city businessman, company director living in a penthouse or private office apartment has a chinese mistress. For some reason he ends up digging a long ditch out in the country and this becomes a self realization. Very vague I know.
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Adobe Acrobat XI accessibility bugs?

Any known bugs or work arounds with Acrobat XI's accessibility tagging? I'm getting inconsistent results. [more inside]
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October 30, 2014

Continuing education requirements for PTA in Virginia

A family member is a physical therapist assistant in Virginia. They just completed a one or two-year massage therapy course at a local college (I forget the details). They want to know if the course meets their continuing education requirements. [more inside]
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October 29, 2014

She has no mouth, and she must scream

Recent news items about Hello Kitty have reminded me of a song I last heard more than a decade ago and which I cannot find today. Someone, help me locate this musical "treasure"! [more inside]
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October 27, 2014

Migrating my iphone syncing from PC to Mac. Outlook/itunes questions!

I've been syncing my iphone via itunes on my windows laptop for years. I've also used the same itunes install to hold my media library (mounted via a NAS on the wifi router.) I use Outlook to manage contacts. Just got a mac mini to use as a media server. I want to sync through that now. I'm not sure if going through icloud is the right choice. Is it? [more inside]
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October 23, 2014

Help, Book-Sleuths of AskMe!

Trying to track down a Halloween-y children's (?) book of puzzles and such. Details within. [more inside]
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October 22, 2014

Have you had a ganglion impar nerve block for pelvic/rectal pain?

Did it help you? For how long? What was the procedure like and any recovery? Did you have unwanted side effects? What original condition was it ordered to treat? [more inside]
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October 13, 2014


Can you make me an IPTV ninja? I finally tried loading up some stations on XBMC/Kodi and I am digging it immensely. I'm interested in getting tips on IPTV excellence. Any users here? [more inside]
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October 8, 2014

Find past unlock codes for iPhone?

I've forgotten the PIN for my credit card. It was the same as the 'swipe to unlock' code for my iPhone 5 (running iOS 7), three codes ago (ie, I've changed it twice since then). I thought I remembered the PIN, and tried to make this my new unlock code, hoping it would say 'nope, too recent' and I'd say 'a ha, that's it', but no luck (and now I have a new number to remember). Is there a way I can view past unlock codes for my iPhone? [more inside]
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October 1, 2014

Help finding a credible certification prep site.

Looking for extra practice exams for the CCA-505 exam and finding a bunch of sites that make guarantees but don't look very credible. [more inside]
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September 30, 2014

Cursing my Cursor and Quickbooks Too

I run Quickbooks Pro 2014 for windows on a mac using Parallels Desktop. Recently my cursor is delayed or doesnt work. Quickbooks support is horrible. I can't use my product. The cursor works fine in Windowa 8.1. Any idea of whar's happening here?
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September 26, 2014

Fiddly Wordpress customization help

I am looking to get a wordpress theme with built-in icons for post types (such as sorbet, but I'm open to using another one to make this easier) to use icons based on categories or tags instead. There is a plugin for this but it doesn't work with the current version of WP and I don't think it's set up to replace part of an existing theme anyway. (It would also be nice if I could customize the color on those bar things too.) Despite my ambitions for awesome blog layout customization, I know very little about CSS and basically haven't coded anything for the web since we all used Netscape Navigator. How do I do this?
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September 24, 2014

California WIA/WIB re-training question.

Anyone with experience with re-training approval through WIA, I need some advice. Hope me? [more inside]
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September 20, 2014

Looking for a wordpress theme to replicate a tumblr theme.

Looking for a wordpress theme that replicates the "Chunky" tumblr theme. I like the old-fashioned newspaper-style layout but I need something responsive and a little more flexible and customizable. Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks!
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September 19, 2014

Help me find this ink blob animation

I recall vivid fragments of a short film that used to be shown as filler on Showtime or Cinemax during the mid 80s (?), around the same time they would show the evolution segment of Allegro non troppo. It was drawn in a minimalist wiggly thickly inked style. The protagonist was a very thin guy in a ridiculously broad suit of armor. He escapes the "boss battle" by slipping out the back of his armor. The princess runs to hug the empty suit of armor and plummets off a cliff. I recall it as being mostly white backgrounds and the transitions were ink splotches. Dialogue was minimal or non-existent. Can you name this short?
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Looking for a web app to help me with my Google Merchant account.

Google's AdWords and Merchant Center dashboards are basically unusable for my purposes. Are there any web apps that I can use to give me added functionality? [more inside]
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