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April 14

Can you find this Southwest Airlines commercial online?

I'm recalling a TV commercial where a wealthy businessman is walking through an airport, talking on his cellphone. He indicates his tremendous wealth by saying into the phone something like "Ten million dollars, twenty million dollars, what's the difference?" Then he walks up to Brand X Airlines's ticket counter and asks to buy a ticket somewhere. They say it'll be like $3,000, he's stunned, says nevermind and walks over to the Southwest counter to buy a ticket for much cheaper. It was probably on the air between 10 and 20 years ago.
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April 9

Where to find a historic video demonstrating how a computer CPU works?

I once saw a film, made in the early 60s, that demonstrated the basics of what is now called "Computer Architecture" using players at a card table as a metaphor. The film is shot from above and each of the "players" serve roles like "instruction fetch", "memory", "arithmetic unit", etc. The dealer plays the role of the clock. Can anyone point me to an official credit/source for this film? [more inside]
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Help me find an older article/book excerpt about office productivity

A few years ago (3?) I read a brilliant article/book excerpt about radical office productivity. It detailed an office structure where employees were instructed to only communicate to eachother through email and IM even if they were in adjacent cubicles. The idea was to minimize disruptions and maximize productivity. I want to say the writing was akin to Chip & Dan Heath or was by a high-profile author but that is a guess, really.
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April 3

Questions for Elem Teachers in the Tri-Cities, WA

I am thinking of moving to the Tri-Cities and as a teacher who has been teaching in the same district for way too many years I am a bit nervous about finding a new teaching position. It has been a long time since I've gone through an interview.... ;) What info and help can you offer? [more inside]
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March 30

Name That Book: Sci-fi - shoots arrows to build faraday cage

I'm struggling to remember the name of a book I read from a school library around 1995. I remember very little other than towards the end of the story the hero was fighting some sort of machine or robot. He used a bow to fire wires/cables over the top of the robot. With each cable the robot became less powerful as he believed he was building a faraday cage which was weakening it's powers. However, it was a ploy and the robot was feigning weakness. [more inside]
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March 27

Live-updating Android photo frame?

Is there an Android app or web app that will show the latest image from a Flickr album or Dropbox folder? [more inside]
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March 26

What are the rules for working with a literary executor?

I am working on a partially biographical essay about a well-known writer who died in the past ten years, leaving an extensive collection of papers and correspondence. I will meet with his literary executor soon. However, I have realized that I don't have a clear sense of an executor's responsibilities or what it is appropriate to expect. For example, is it reasonable to request access to materials that are not yet archived? Help me with the rules and etiquette of primary biographical research so that I can establish a good working relationship with the executor.
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March 24

what were these two free online books?

I've been trying for years to figure out what either of these two books were that I read online, probably between 1998-2004. Unrelated sources. One was aimed at kids and found through (kids activities portal, mostly to flash games, where things were hosted independently) and one was original fiction, I think unfinished, about virtual reality, which may have been linked to from Ultima Online fansites. More scraps of details inside. [more inside]
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iOS/web apps that remember where you stopped watching a youtube video

Now that watchlaterapp has been killed by Apple, are there any other apps that let you watch a youtube/vimeo video, stop at an arbitrary location and then subsequently continue from that spot after restarting the app? [more inside]
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March 16

ISO: "Rich Kid Punks" UK Compliation

Looking for an obscure 70's/80's punk compilation of songs by bands who pretended to be poor when they were not. [more inside]
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March 6

Resource books for PowerView and PerformancePoint

My office going to be using Sharepoint web-based PowerView and PerformancePoint to get access to data from one of our vendors (Their database, not ours, and these are the tools they are making available to us) Management wants good understandable reference books for these tools. [more inside]
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March 2

Tips for setting up an open-shelf, end-tab labeling system?

I'm trying to set up an open-shelf file labeling system, but I haven't ever used one, and I'm having a hard time finding clear information online about how to set one up. [more inside]
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Technical Approaches for paper-based data collection

I'm looking for suggestions on how to gather data using paper-forms which can then be digitized, to compliment a web-based surveying system. [more inside]
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Gay erotic writing blogs

NSFW. I'm looking for the best gay male erotica, specifically of the genre of someone ostensibly blogging about their sex life. [more inside]
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February 27

Help me with a noob Excel Power View thing?

I've recently discovered Excel's Power View plugin and I'm naive enough to think it can solve a problem I have. I've watched this pie chart video (about halfway down). I can't make it do the 'partially shaded slices' thing in the video at 3:23. Help? [more inside]
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February 21

Bluetooth headset with replaceable batteries?

I'm looking for a Bluetooth headset for use with my Android phone and PC, for video chat, with good audio quality. Are any available that have user-replaceable batteries? I'm having trouble finding any that are still being made. [more inside]
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February 19

Where is this Spanish Civil War clip art from?

My grandpa did an album about his time in the Spanish Civil War, and the liner notes (PDF) utilize five pieces of clip art. I'd like to know where the clip art came from. [more inside]
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January 28

Is it legal to only accept pre-authorized or second-party payments?

Are there any laws or regulations in Alberta, Canada, that would supersede a county-imposed pre-authorized-only payment scheme? [more inside]
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January 26

Help me skirt tables

Came across this video, need help with Thai translation [more inside]
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January 5

Googlesharing is dead. Long live...the alternative?

The Firefox addon Googlesharing is now completely dead. It's not compatible with current and later versions of Firefox at all, even when hacking it to make the version numbers compatible. Firefox has a different method of proxying, or something. What's a good alternative? [more inside]
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