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August 24

Prepster belts for the rest of us?

I seem to remember seeing versions of the classic canvas- or leather-backed Nantucket ribbon belt that have weird/rude/subversive embroideries, little skulls or dicks instead of whales or boats. Am I imagining this?
posted by listen, lady at 11:32 AM - 7 answers

August 23

Help me find cushioned men's shoes?

Can you help me find CUSHIONED men’s casual shoes or sneakers that don’t run narrow, that go with khakis/chinos and jeans, and are ideally, (significantly) less than $100? [more inside]
posted by cnc at 9:19 AM - 11 answers

August 22

Getting your hair dry *and* being a good girlfriend?

This might seem like a stupid question, but how do people who have hair that requires blowdrying and have to wake up before their partners manage that? Hair care product and/or relationship tips both welcome! [more inside]
posted by blerghamot at 3:45 AM - 59 answers

August 21

Who wears not-that-short shorts?

Women and shoppers-in-women's clothes of Metafilter, I have been gladdened by the appearance this summer of women's denim shorts with actual inseams! But I've only seen them in the wild, and haven't found any in stores. If you've bought some can you tell me where? Criteria inside. [more inside]
posted by Hypatia at 4:01 PM - 8 answers

August 20

How do I earring as a grown up?

I stopped wearing earrings for a couple years due to grabby baby hands, and now my ears hate me whenever I try again. I haven't bought earrings since high school, either, so I think I need to level-up from Claire's. What kind of earrings should I buy, and from where? I just want simple studs or hoops, is there some kind of basic earring supply website in 2016 where I wouldn't need to buy in bulk?
posted by Maarika at 7:38 PM - 19 answers

Calling all larger-footed ladies:

I'm seeking specific recommendations for shoes that make your feet appear/feel less long than they are. [more inside]
posted by moons in june at 6:45 PM - 3 answers

WideFoot needs shoes!

I have super wide feet that aren't all that long--a size 7 or 7 ½ women's. But my feet are 4 inches wide at the toes. Help me find masculine or gender neutral shoes, please! [more inside]
posted by carrioncomfort at 10:11 AM - 16 answers

Makeup for YouTube Guys

I'm a guy starting to get serious about online video, including YouTube. It's well known that pretty much all the big, successful male YouTubers use some makeup to help them look better for the camera. How can I learn to do this? [more inside]
posted by LastOfHisKind at 7:14 AM - 11 answers

August 19

Organizing men's clothes

Your tips for organizing a men's closet (mine). I don't have too many clothes, but it seems that after organizing things (folding tshirt, stacking them) everything is a mess within a couple of days. What's going on? How can I improve?
posted by aeighty at 11:52 AM - 6 answers

All Around Athletic Shoe

I'd like to be smart about my next pair of sneakers. I'd rather not have different pair of shoes for everything I do athletically since I play sports a couple times a month.. Have any recommendations (male, wear orthotics)? Requirements: - Play tennis monthly - Play basketball monthly (indoor/outdoors) - Be able to go on ~2-3 mile jogs - Be able to throw them on for walks in the neighborhood or long walking day(so no bright garish colors-grey or blue) So far I'm thinking about getting some low-cut basketball shoes. Thoughts?
posted by sandmanwv at 10:09 AM - 6 answers

August 18

Stay put eyeliner!

My eyeliner goes alllll over by 2pm. What is the best liner to stay put? [more inside]
posted by Kalmya at 6:18 PM - 22 answers

August 17

How do I find this very specific Cubs t-shirt I saw once?

Men's "vintage style" cream t-shirt with red/blue pinstripes and contrasting trim around the neck and/or sleeves. [more inside]
posted by ohsnapdragon at 4:52 PM - 6 answers

ISO Bag or Pouch for Discreet Carriage/Storage of Diabetic Paraphernalia

I am a man with diabetes. I need to have easy access to all of my gear (pens, needles, monitor, strips, pills, etc.). I have a desk job (business attire required), but my weekends and evenings are spent all over the place. I can occasionally use my wife's purse as a holder- but that still means a bunch of loose stuff floating around in the jumble of her purse. What can I use to contain and keep all my stuff with me and still fit in around the office and town?
posted by bluejayway at 9:10 AM - 17 answers

August 16

New Zealand north island in September clothes?

I'm going with an active four year old to NZ for 2-3 weeks and will be mostly in Wellington and Auckland. We're coming from Singapore, so I imagine we'll need some additional kit, but what do I really need to (tight budget) buy or borrow? Hats, mittens, boots or just cardigans and warm socks? Do I buy it over here at Uniqlo or hit the secondhand shops when I land in Wellington?
posted by dorothyisunderwood at 10:51 PM - 2 answers

See my vest, see my vest, made from real gorilla chest

Looking for a place that sells work vests -- similar to the Wal-Mart style -- with a screenprinting/embroidery option. My first choice for screenprinting, CustomInk, doesn't carry vests like this. Anyone know where I might be able to source such a item?
posted by porn in the woods at 3:20 PM - 4 answers

Does anybody know of comfortable hiking shoes with any ASTM rating?

I'm looking for hiking-style shoes (not boots) that meet an ASTM standard of any kind. Ideally these would be waterproof hiking shoes with slip or puncture resistance ASTM classifications, but I'll take anything that is a hiking shoe with any kind of ASTM standard. [more inside]
posted by Strudel at 1:07 AM - 5 answers

August 14

where are nate berkus's shoes from in this picture?

Does anyone know where to get the EXACT shoes Nate Berkus is wearing in this picture?
posted by cmp4Meta at 1:42 PM - 4 answers

August 12

Seeking clothes that politely and charismatically scream “Book me!”

What are your favorite basic but stylish dresses and tops? I’m an actress assembling wardrobe options for auditions. [more inside]
posted by sweetjane at 2:54 PM - 8 answers

Ceramide moisturizer that is NOT Cerave

I need the ceramides to counteract dryness from retinoids but can't take the fatty alcohols ... [more inside]
posted by nubianinthedesert at 9:37 AM - 10 answers

Men's vertical stripe button-up?

Help me find this shirt? [more inside]
posted by heavyp08 at 5:42 AM - 11 answers

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