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May 3

Mattifying & Sheer Foundation Suggestions

Makeup wearers of Metafilter- what can you recommend for a foundation that is both sheer AND mattifying for a person with naturally "dewy" skin? [more inside]
posted by KMoney at 4:29 AM - 11 answers

May 2

Please help me find my favorite Inc. trousers (Ladie's edition)

My favorite pants, the ones I'd wear to work every day if I had more than one pair, have seemingly been discontinued. Please help me replace them. [more inside]
posted by nubianinthedesert at 2:53 PM - 7 answers

How can I keep a white shirt white?

Generally I avoid white clothing, but I recently acquired a few nice blouses--plain white, white with dots, white with stripes--and I'd like to keep them nice. But all I know to do with white things is bleach them. How do you keep your white clothes white, particularly if they're not all white (i.e. patterned)? What actually works? [more inside]
posted by witchen at 1:52 PM - 15 answers

May 1

Where can I find a knitting pattern for this half-sweater?

I am trying to find a knitting pattern for the sweater in this set of pictures. Does anyone have any pointers? [more inside]
posted by tel3path at 12:34 PM - 12 answers

April 30

Current closet organization apps for Android?

This question "Daily look" & closet organizer app for Android? is exactly what I'm wanting to set up, but these apps don't appear to be current. [more inside]
posted by RainyJay at 7:46 PM - 2 answers

SewingFilter: FBA on a triangle top and sports bras

Full Bust Adjustment on a triangle top. How does one do this? I'm sure I'm over thinking this, but I'm confused due to the lack of armscye. Will I still have to use darts? [more inside]
posted by Attackpanda at 5:38 PM - 2 answers

April 29

Short-haired in Boston - your best salons recs please!

Looking for recommendations for hair salons/stylists in the Boston are that are good with short women's styles, without veering too much in the direction of "old practical lady" on one hand and "edgy butch punk rocker" on the other. [more inside]
posted by Ender's Friend at 8:52 PM - 6 answers

Bra sized long-line bikini top for a 40H

Summer approaches, and having embraced the idea that all you need to do to get a bikini body is to put a bikini on your body, for the first time in my ENTIRE LIFE I am bikini shopping. I would like one with bra sizing, and the sort of long line coverage seen in this top at Torrid. Alas, Torrid doesn't have bra sizing, and the bra-sized tops I've seen (e.g. Elomi) don't have that long-line coverage below the cups. Does anyone know where I can find what I'm looking for?
posted by ocherdraco at 5:21 AM - 12 answers

April 28

Slippers that wear like shoes.

Recommendations for men's slippers that have foot support like sneakers? [more inside]
posted by joyceanmachine at 10:57 AM - 26 answers

April 27

Retinol Face Lotion In a Plastic Container

I am currently using this Neutrogena face lotion, and I like it a lot, except for the packaging- a small opaque glass bottle. I feel like I constantly have to buy a new bottle since it's so small, and hate that the jar makes it impossible to get the last bits of lotion out. Do you know of any similar facial moisturizers (day, SPF, retinol preferred) that come in a plastic bottle?
posted by ThePinkSuperhero at 10:22 AM - 8 answers

What is the sandal equivalent of an ankle boot?

I pretty much live in these Madewell ankle boots all fall, winter, and as far into spring as sweaty feet allow. What is the sandal version of these? Excessive detail inside. [more inside]
posted by superquail at 9:37 AM - 24 answers

Bra bra ;)

Asking for bra advice for a wonderful friend who has a magnificent rack: [more inside]
posted by moody cow at 8:36 AM - 15 answers

April 26

How to dye my hair silver and look natural-ish?

I have a coarse hairline due to hair transplants - would dying the front roots silver soften the effect? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 7:28 AM - 6 answers

April 20

Help keep the sun off of my giant head.

I'm having trouble finding hats to fit my size 7 1/2 head. Translated into general hat sizes, that is an XL. All "one size" hats perch on the top of my head like steampunk fascinators. i'm a woman, and would prefer not to exclusively wear men's hats which is what I've been doing. The main purpose of the hats are sun protection, so they would ideally have a brim that goes all the way around. Extra points if you can recommend an actual store in the NYC area!
posted by defreckled at 11:27 AM - 12 answers

Maximum head cooling - Shaved or Buzzcut?

Going to Florida in a week, where it is hot and humid. Right now, I have buzz (#1 all over, slightly grown out) but I'm wondering if I should go fully bare in order to maximize heat loss. [more inside]
posted by madajb at 9:31 AM - 11 answers

April 19

Makeup maps for my giant eye orbs

I have large, round, protruding eyes. I love eye makeup! Can you point me to some eye makeup how-tos or styles that match the shape of my eyes? [more inside]
posted by Crystalinne at 5:07 PM - 7 answers

Breaking out after moving to California?

I moved to California a week ago & since I got here I've been breaking out. I never break out. ??? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 8:16 AM - 17 answers

April 18

House bras!

I'm looking for house bras. House bras are non-underwire super-duper-crazy-comfy bras that offer a modicum of a 'having it together look' with a maximum amount of comfy--comfortable enough to sleep in. [more inside]
posted by A Terrible Llama at 4:16 PM - 21 answers

Makeup with longest shelf life

My little bottle of foundation is four years old and barely used. I put on full makeup maybe five times a year. What specific type and brand of makeup will stay stable for multiple years, or barring that, is sold in tiny enough amounts that I will use it up and feel like the cost was justified? [more inside]
posted by Mizu at 3:30 PM - 15 answers

April 16

Fashion Detectives: Go.

Does anyone recognize this skirt Sharon Horgan wears in season 2, episode 5 of Catastrophe? I want it. A lot.
posted by something something at 8:08 AM - 4 answers

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