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December 3

Shimmer nail polish that's ONLY shimmer?

I'm looking for nail polishes which have a completely or nearly transparent base and colored shimmer. I have found very few examples of this type of polish - the only ones I know of/own are e.l.f. Big Bang Blue (no longer being made), which is a totally clear base and mostly blue shimmer, with little flecks of pink/purple in there too - and Sinful Colors Just You Wait, which is a very sheer pink (almost invisible on the nail) with green shimmer. [more inside]
posted by showbiz_liz at 2:19 PM - 12 answers

Tuxedos for women in Los Angeles

I have a formal work thing coming up. We need to dress up, but neither of us wear dresses. I (female) am more femme than my spouse (also female), but not dress-wearing femme. The search for matching-ish tuxes has been harder than anticipated. We are open to both renting and buying. Where to go?
posted by kamikazegopher at 5:27 AM - 10 answers

December 2

Bag that is MOST SIMILAR to QueenBee Trucker bags?

I have used QueenBee Trucker bags for years - but the price has gone up and the quality has gone down, with the latest bag having a fault in how it was made that caused it to disintegrate faster than it should. I am looking for a bag that is most like these bags, but not them. And cheaper than $170 would be swell. Some features I am looking for include... [more inside]
posted by agregoli at 12:40 PM - 8 answers

How do I get rid of my lady 'stache?

I'm a menopausal lady with a dark mustache. Bleaching it is no longer cutting it, as it's growing long and thick, and I now look like a blonde Magnum P.I. Tell me about electrolysis or lasers or whatever is best? And recommendations in L.A.? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 11:38 AM - 26 answers

Pirate. Cat. Socks.

My wife loved her pirate cat socks. Does anyone know where I could get a pair? The exact socks are strongly preferred, but I've had a tough time finding whimsical cat socks at the usual suspects like department stores.
posted by wnissen at 8:41 AM - 14 answers

December 1

Where can I find these boots?

I got these boots really cheaply in Barcelona, with full knowledge they would fall apart in a year. Unfortunately, I love them- the brown cuff, the laces, the tiny heel!- and I haven't been able to find a pair similar despite lots of searching. Anyone know about boots similar to these/what this style is called, for better searching?
posted by clarinet at 6:46 PM - 14 answers

Non-wool socks that are super wide and durable

Smart Wool socks are the only socks I've found that are both durable and comfortable on my super-wide feet (EEEE), but I want to branch out from wool for Reasons. I've already tried Sock Dreams, and the socks in the right style are not wide enough no matter what they say about them on the website. [more inside]
posted by FencingGal at 8:05 AM - 10 answers

Any 6-big-kid barefoot shoes out there?

Know of any kid's barefoot shoes in size 6 big kid? Please tell me about them! [more inside]
posted by mirileh at 7:43 AM - 6 answers

November 30

I can't believe it's not snake oil!!!

I want to put some high end (or at least very effective) skin-care potions on my holiday gift wish list this year. I know nothing about this stuff. Need some specific recommendations and/or caveats. [more inside]
posted by fingersandtoes at 12:40 PM - 32 answers

Who sells lined women's trousers in the UK?

I want a pair of lined wool trousers, for women, in black. I'm in the UK and I like brands like Toast, APC, Margaret Howell, All Saints, and Cabbages and Roses. Most of the wool trousers from these brands seem to be unlined from the item descriptions. So where can I find black lined wool trousers for women in the UK?
posted by stinker at 7:46 AM - 6 answers

If I can't get the shoes, how about a nice um-ber-ella?

For Christmas my wife is interested in a pair of the upcoming Puma by Rihanna velvet creepers. I know that the previous releases in this line have sold out in hours. Now that it has been named Shoe of the Year and this release is dropping in primo holiday shopping season (December 8th) I assume this new set will be even harder to get. My questions are (1) How can I increase my chances of snagging a pair of these shoes online as part of the official sale? and (2) If strategy (1) fails, are there sneakerhead resellers where I can buy a pair after the fact for not too much of a premium on the purchase price? [more inside]
posted by Rock Steady at 7:03 AM - 5 answers

November 29

Hidden Wedding Dresses

I took the dive into wedding planning and tried on dresses. It was fun, but everything felt pretty formal (and really expensive). I have seen interesting and more budget friendly dresses at places like Modcloth and so now I wonder: what other companies or stores carry wedding dresses? [more inside]
posted by thefang at 11:21 AM - 31 answers

All I want for Christmas is a Beyonce Hat.

I have been utterly obsessed with the hat Beyonce wears in her Formation video and can not find a good copy, please help my Bey dreams come true. [more inside]
posted by zara at 6:09 AM - 10 answers

November 23

Where do I buy dress shoes that won't wear out in 6 months?

I wear dress shoes most days to work (current pair is this nice looking brown one from Cole Haan) and I find my shoes are wearing out every six months if I'm not super vigilant about putting taps on. [more inside]
posted by jourman2 at 11:30 AM - 14 answers

Resistance is Textile

Where should I buy social justice merch if I want to be sure the money will go to support social justice causes? [more inside]
posted by melissasaurus at 11:09 AM - 11 answers

Sock it to me!

I'm tired of sorting all black socks. My default outfit (NYC) includes black slacks and some sort of solid or multicolored top, and black shoes/boots. But the socks are black, right? Maybe a subtle pattern, barely discernible? Impossible to sort after doing laundry. Help me rock my socks. [more inside]
posted by alwayson_slightlyoff at 10:21 AM - 23 answers

November 22

If you had to wear the same shirt everyday - what shirt would it be?

I’m doing a “Try something new for 30 days” challenge for each month of 2017. For the first month I’m thinking of trying the wear-the same-thing-every-day technique, a la Steve Jobs. I need recommendations for a simple tee shirt that is inexpensive enough that I can buy a bunch of them, but not so inexpensive that I can’t stand to wear them. [more inside]
posted by mulcahy at 7:41 PM - 21 answers

taking care of down there

confused about the pros and cons between shaving, waxing, and lasering. [more inside]
posted by pando11 at 10:37 AM - 24 answers

November 21

I Don't Wanna Taco Bout It

Please, please help. I somehow lost my nephew's shirt. It is a long-sleeved green size 6 shirt from Gap with a taco on the front saying "I don't want to taco 'bout it." My sister and I have searched Gap, Amazon, Google images, and Overstock. Can anyone find this shirt, available for me to buy and have shipped to an address in California? Thank you!!!
posted by bookworm4125 at 4:56 PM - 11 answers

Yet another Men's Lotion Question

What are good men's lotions for 1) after shave irritation, 2) general face and hand moisturizer, 3) general face lotion with some SPF. They must be fragrance-free! [more inside]
posted by Mr. Papagiorgio at 9:38 AM - 17 answers

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