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July 9

Help Make Me the Living Tribunal
I need some recommendations for fake muscles and/or a girdle (middle?) a Living Tribunal costume I'm thinking of putting together for NY Comic Con. [more inside]
posted by Sangermaine at 4:21 PM - 2 answers
Barber/stylist shorthand for "short but don't use clippers"?
How to ask a barber to cut the short parts with scissors not clippers? [more inside]
posted by Boxenmacher at 1:54 PM - 10 answers

Advice for buying prescription sunglasses online?
Should I bite the bullet and buy expensive prescription sunglasses that I like and know will fit, or are there tips for buying prescription glasses online that I can use to find a good cheapo pair? [more inside]
posted by Diablevert at 11:26 AM - 27 answers

I need light, thin, everyday wear gloves, before I chew myself to pieces
My dermatillomania has worsened, and I'm biting and picking at my fingers all day and in my sleep, causing a fair amount of damage and pain. I want to find some gloves I can wear at night and perhaps at work to help curb this until I can get it under control. Does anyone have any insight into everyday-wear gloves? [more inside]
posted by robot-hugs at 10:23 AM - 9 answers

July 8

Help me find these golden high-tops!
So this website sells these awesome Game of Thrones House Martell high-top sneakers. Unfortunately they don't have them in my size (US Men's 13). I cried for a bit, and now I'm asking: Where can I find high-tops in a similar golden-orange color? I really love it!
posted by nickhb at 6:54 AM - 2 answers

July 7

Anyone got a number for the Fairy Godmother?
I have to go to a family party in two weeks and I have a wardrobe full of rags. All my impossibly tall, willowy and well-dressed cousins will be there and for once I'd like to not feel like post-midnight Cinderella. Can you give me suggestions for styles that would suit me and also not cost one million pounds? Shops, blogs, personal anecdotes of outfits you have rocked...anything. Fashion-frustrating snowflakes within. [more inside]
posted by billiebee at 3:10 PM - 14 answers

Selling Clothing To Hotel/Resort Chain's ! Where Would I Go?
I am developing a line of clothing that, besides selling publicly, I would like to sell to hotel and resort chains. They would take of my brand's label and use their own. As there doesn't seem to be any industry event that are clothing oriented, what industry events would I attend or where would I find buyers to make this happen.
posted by goalyeehah at 12:36 PM - 4 answers

Men's Valet Gift Box
I'm chasing a men's valet box. I've found a lot that cater to just cufflinks or just watches but what I'm really after is a box set that could hold a tie, tie clip and row for cufflinks and maybe bonus points a watch as well.
posted by thelloydshow at 6:06 AM - 2 answers

July 6

Cheaper dupe of Stila Face the Day moisturizer
I'm looking for a moisturizer to replace the Stila Face the Day moisturizer I've been using. I love it, but at $38 for 50 mL, it's a stretch on my budget. [more inside]
posted by KathrynT at 1:52 PM - 7 answers

I need to find the best barber in the Boulder, CO area
I've just moved to Boulder from NYC and I'm looking for an experienced, no-frills men's barber that can handle a classic tapered haircut. I have had great Russian barbers in NYC but this is CO, and I can't find much. Looking for a barber that can handle an all scissors cut and one that is relegated to guard clippers. I'm willing to travel to a nearby area but would prefer not having to make the trip to Denver.
posted by foreversport at 12:11 PM - 5 answers

Where in the UK can I buy good quality, plain women's T-shirts?
I want something that won't stretch out of shape within half a dozen washes, that isn't floral, pastel, see-through or low-cut. Surely this must be possible? [more inside]
posted by penguin pie at 12:08 PM - 11 answers

A cheap source for five differently sized 60s-style black men's suits?
I need five black suits for a video/photo shoot and subsequent band performances. The suits need to have a kind of sixties cut (think Reservoir Dogs, or something Steve McQueen might wear) with a narrow pant leg. What's my best bet for finding them? Quality is irrelevant as long as they look OK, budget is 'as little as possible'. [more inside]
posted by Sportswriters at 7:12 AM - 3 answers

July 5

Stepping out of a salon - at home
I have dyed my hair at home for years, with box dyes (save one bleach + manic panic job when I was 17). Now my hair is quite short, I'm wondering whether I can pick up developer and colour at a beauty supply store so that I can use what I need, rather than wasting half a box kit. Any tips and tricks? [more inside]
posted by mippy at 10:13 AM - 12 answers

Where to find this shirt (or something similar)
A few years ago Target sold long sleeved Converse branded Henley shirts like this that I loved. I have lost a couple of these over the years and I am looking to replace them, but it looks like they've been discontinued. So, mefites, where can I find these shirts, or something similar to replace them? The Target shirts were pretty cheap, but I'm open to spending more for clothing that will last. Thanks.
posted by dortmunder at 9:04 AM - 10 answers

July 3

Plus-size snowflake seeks last-minute bridesmaid dress
As of last night, I've been drafted as a bridesmaid in a friend's wedding. Problem: the dress she picked for her bridesmaids is going to be...difficult...for me to pull off. Snowflakes within! [more inside]
posted by Vervain at 9:58 AM - 33 answers

July 1

What can I do with my old hair straighteners, since they no longer work?
I have few old hair straighteners which have burned out over the years (I have very big, frizzy, and curly hair), and I'm trying to figure out the best way to discard them--is it best to just throw them away, or can I recycle them? [more inside]
posted by summertimesadness1988 at 5:51 PM - 2 answers

1st time buying a bathing suit in 20+ years. Assistance needed!
When I moved to a new city, I joined a nearby community fitness club that offers Aqua Fit. Only problem is: I haven't worn a bathing suit since childhood. Butterfly stroke snowflakes within. [more inside]
posted by Kitteh at 2:17 PM - 18 answers

Searching for a good Camberville-area tailor
I just got a barkcloth jumpsuit that's in need of some alterations. I'm looking for a tailor in the Cambridge/Somerville area that could help me out with this. The tailor my friends keep recommending to me is in Roslindale, and the tailors I've found via Yelp have worked exclusively in menswear. Who's a good tailor on this side of the river that works with womens wear and could help me out with my vintage find?
posted by pxe2000 at 8:33 AM - 12 answers

June 30

Help me find these shoes, please!
I would like to find these exact shoes. I've seen some similar but would like to find these. Thanks!
posted by theredpen at 2:52 PM - 3 answers

Help Me Shop Online for Nursing Bras
Help me shop online for nursing bras. I am currently a 38G with the expectation of major fluctuations after the birth of my first child in August. I do not have stores nearby with a range of nursing bras in my size, and I prefer to shop online anyway, so please help me sort through the options. [more inside]
posted by aabbbiee at 1:47 PM - 17 answers

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