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January 2

Cutting My Own Bangs

Do I dare? I'd like to extend the time between haircuts, but I also don't want to look like I got my hair done at Le Weedwhacker Salon. Tips? Tools of the trade? Recommended videos? [more inside]
posted by nightrecordings at 7:08 AM - 15 answers

December 31, 2016

A Haircut in Gaytown

I usually cut my own hair because I have huge Issues about haircuts and hair places. But I need to get a more professional looking haircut. Can you recommend a queer-centric place in either New York City or New Jersey? [more inside]
posted by Rainbo Vagrant at 2:54 PM - 8 answers

needle on a coatrack

I saw this coat while out and about, and I liked it a lot, but I was too shy to ask the woman wearing it where she bought it. Can you help me figure it out, if that's even possible? In real life, it was a bit more mustard and less brown than the photo suggests. Thanks in advance, sleuths of fashion!
posted by prefpara at 12:08 AM - 5 answers

December 30, 2016

I can't work [looking] like this.

Help me replace a favorite outdoorsy jacket. [more inside]
posted by jon1270 at 1:37 PM - 14 answers

December 29, 2016

Magnetic clasp watch band, 24mm width.

Where to find a magnetic-clasp watch band to fit a watch with 24mm wide spring bars/pins? Can find magnetic in smaller sizes, or non-magnetic in that size, but am failing to find both at once...
posted by anaelith at 8:39 PM - 0 answers

What cool gift could I buy for my wife in Cartagena, Colombia

My lovely wife, myself and our 9yo will be in Cartagena, Colombia this February. While we're there, she will turn 40. Is there some birthday present, probably jewelry, that it would be worth it to buy for her in Cartagena? [more inside]
posted by signal at 1:44 PM - 5 answers

December 27, 2016

How is the quality of Threadless tshirts nowadays?

I last bought tshirts from Threadless in 2011. The material of the tshirts was very thin and a bit too easily stretchable, unlike the more sturdy tshirts I've bought from places like ThinkGeek. I've actually grown to like the thinner tees (they work well in hot weather), but given the unexpected quality of the tshirts in my previous order, I'm wondering what the tshirts from Threadless are like now. Thick or thin? Sturdy? Are the prints done well? Thanks hive mind!
posted by destrius at 7:09 AM - 7 answers

How can I up my hair game while still remaining extremely lazy?

I'm tired of wearing my long, straight hair down, in a messy bun, or in a ponytail. I still don't want to spend a lot of time. What should I try? [more inside]
posted by chaiminda at 5:55 AM - 15 answers

December 26, 2016

Proven Nursing Bra that supports large chest

38D pre-pregnancy and now measured to a 38DDD/E - what nursing bra to you recommend? Must be supportive! [more inside]
posted by xicana63 at 4:47 PM - 10 answers

Where to find a non-white wedding dress

So my fiance and I have been engaged for two years, and have started the process of wedding planning. One thing I am putting my foot down about is to not have a "traditional" wedding, including a white dress like every other bride. No off-white cop outs like ivory or cream, either. [more inside]
posted by Delia at 11:40 AM - 23 answers

December 23, 2016

Scent-free, moisturising serums?

I'm looking for a facial serum that has no fragrance, absorbs well, moisturises well, won't clog my pores, and doesn't have chemical exfoliants or retinol. It's more difficult than I thought! [more inside]
posted by Stonkle at 5:40 PM - 16 answers

December 21, 2016

Best men's polo shirts that are not wildly pricey

Looking for the best quality men's polo shirts that can be had in a size XL for a non-exorbitant ($35/under?) price. [more inside]
posted by fairlynearlyready at 2:38 PM - 18 answers

Can I fake a tuxedo?

Going to a black-tie wedding on NYE. Already putting in a significant amount of money and time for this, and would love to avoid dropping another couple hundred dollars on a tux rental. I have a 3-piece suit (might be this one)and a tuxedo shirt. If I get a black bow tie, am I pretty much at a tuxedo, or am I gonna look like an idiot? FWIW, I'm doing all the music, so I'll be a little more visible than the average wedding guest.
posted by jeffjon at 7:56 AM - 35 answers

How do I ring?

So, I am recently engaged to a fabulous guy, yay! And I am wearing an engagement ring (which I like very much and which we picked out together) pretty much every day now. It is simultaneously really difficult to get off over my knuckle, and often spins so that the stones are on the inside, which is not the end of the world (it's a channel setting so the stones don't snag or anything) but is not ideal. What do I need to ask/tell the jeweler to get the ring to fit correctly? [more inside]
posted by mskyle at 7:50 AM - 19 answers

December 19, 2016

Where can I buy overalls like these Chimala ones except not $700?

Chimala makes a lot of nice-looking denim overalls for women: e.g. these ones for sale at Madewell or these at James Perse. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 3:36 AM - 9 answers

December 18, 2016

Nevernude: Plus-Size Ladies Sex Wear Edition

Plus-size woman seeking clothing to bone in, which is not TOO obviously meant for boning in. [more inside]
posted by sock puppy at 2:06 PM - 8 answers

December 16, 2016

Please help me find interestingly decorated men's hoodies!

Pretty simple: looking for men's hoodies (the typical zip-front kind) with interesting designs or patterns of some kind. See inside for details! [more inside]
posted by jetlagaddict at 9:39 PM - 8 answers

Help me replace my husband's (old) favorite shirts

My husband's favorite winter shirts are aging, and I'd love to find him something similar, as a replacement. It's the shape of a long sleeve Tshirt, but double layered with polarfleece and reversible. The inner layer is t-shirt weight knit, laminated to the outer layer of microfleece (or maybe I have the nominal inner/outer swapped). I didn't think my google-fu was weak, but I can't find it - maybe nobody makes anything like it now? [more inside]
posted by aimedwander at 8:58 AM - 5 answers

December 14, 2016

cold weather exercise

I am looking for some good exercise gear for Mr Sunny. He rides one of his bikes every weekday morning (at least) and needs something for when the temperatures get below 20, Fahrenheit. It's dark and cold when he heads out. [more inside]
posted by annsunny at 2:33 PM - 13 answers

My hair LOVES this weather....

My hair, which is very thick and naturally wavy, but I mainly wear it straight, LOVES the cold weather we are currently having in Vancouver. How can I replicate this at other times of the year? [more inside]
posted by JenThePro at 9:23 AM - 9 answers

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