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November 19

How do I not deform my belt?

Every belt I wear eventually degrades into something like this on the end with the holes: (Sorry for the bad camera quality.) Should I be worried, and if so, what should I be fixing about how I wear belts?
posted by sqrtofpi at 9:53 AM - 9 answers

Share your pregnancy skin hacks with me!

I am 33, newly pregnant and most of my usual skin care products are not allowed (retin-a, green peels, botox etc) I am interested in purchasing one of the more expensive beauty lamps using Red LED lights (not hand held) but I would really like to hear some experiences before I shell out any big bucks. Any other pregnancy skin hacks are welcome! My budget is about $1300 a year... but I like to spend it on things that have visual longer lasting effects. Thanks in advance!
posted by catspajammies at 6:30 AM - 13 answers

November 18

Perfect coat for a cold woman in the UK?

Er, a woman who tends to feel the cold, and who will spend falls/winters in the UK. How rainproof should it be? How warm should it be? Should it be brightly colored to avoid getting hit by a car in the fog? [more inside]
posted by stillmoving at 6:06 PM - 14 answers

Can these shoes be saved?

My lovely open-toed Camper shoe had an encounter with an unpaved parking lot resulting in a big gouge through the leather exposing the blue foam underneath. I took it took my local cobbler and all he could do was glue the sticking-out bit of foam down so it sticks out less. The blue gouge is still prominent. What can be done to repair/refashion these shoes? Considering DIY options but suspect I'd get better results leaving it to a professional. Pics inside. [more inside]
posted by doift at 1:29 PM - 3 answers

Please help me find earrings in this style

I'm looking for a particular style of earring. I'll post an example but I'm not necessarily looking for an exact copy of that pair -- just something that matches certain criteria, which I will list. [more inside]
posted by paperback version at 12:03 PM - 28 answers

Home pedicure equipment

My sister has requested a pumice stone for her feet for Christmas. I'd like to go a step further and get her all the stuff she'll need to give herself a nice home pedicure. I'm not so interested in polish, I think she has that covered. But any recommendations for equipment/clippers/cleansing goo/foot baths/etc are welcome.
posted by showbiz_liz at 11:01 AM - 14 answers

November 17

what's the deal with this octopus

What is the origin of the design of this specific octopus pendant and why is this exact design everywhere? [more inside]
posted by divabat at 10:20 PM - 8 answers

if you like it then you better put a cream on it

What can I use to solve my terribly dry hand problem? I would prefer natural solutions, like oils (but coconut oil isn't working, see below the fold). I would accept unscented creams that I can buy at a drug store. I would rather not spend $45 per ounce of some lady cream at sephora. (yes, diet, water, sleep, humidifier. I'm on those things.) thanks! [more inside]
posted by andreapandrea at 7:15 PM - 53 answers

Where to donate a wedding dress in NYC?

Looking for a place where I can donate a wedding dress in NYC. Worn once (natch), was cleaned after use and has been safely kept in plastic ever since. Designer is Alvina Valenta. Size is probably a 10, 12, or 14. Also has a veil. Purchased at Kleinfeld's; total cost was probably around $3,000. Only issue is that it is from 2006 (sites like Bridal Garden say they'll only accept dresses bought in last 5 years). However, style is very classic (dress is off-white).
posted by Conrad Cornelius o'Donald o'Dell at 9:17 AM - 3 answers

November 16

Want Red Wing Iron Ranger boots but for less

I really love these boots, but they're a bit more than I can or want to afford to spend on them right now. Anyone have suggestions for similar style boots that aren't quite so hard on the wallet? Some loss in quality/longevity is ok, as I won't be actually working in an iron mine with them.
posted by Inkoate at 9:47 PM - 11 answers

November 15

Are there shoes that love the pool as much as I do?

I'm in the pool six-seven days a week for various aerobics, pilates, and zumba classes. As my exertion increases, my old aqua socks are starting to fall off during class. Do you have recommendations for laced wide-foot water shoes? [more inside]
posted by ovenmitt at 1:08 PM - 7 answers

Bay Area clothing store for 80-year-old mom

My mother is visiting Berkeley and would like to shop for clothing. She is 80 and her taste runs to Koret and Coldwater Creek but both of those have become online only. Can you recommend a brick and mortar clothing store where she might enjoy shopping for herself? She would be interested in a chain store or an interesting boutique.
posted by drdanger at 7:10 AM - 9 answers

November 14

Shoefilter: Pointy-toed low-heeled half-leopard half-black pumps

Today at work, I saw a girl with the cutest shoes. I am absolutely kicking myself for not asking her where she got them! Can you help me find them somewhere on the internet? [more inside]
posted by derogatorysphinx at 6:44 PM - 8 answers

November 13

Looking for a nice pair of women's oxfords and/or brogues.

Help me find a pair of women's brogues or oxfords in a size 11. [more inside]
posted by joeyjoejoejr at 7:39 PM - 15 answers

Sick of my hair being a mess

My hair is always a mess lately and I'm sick of it. I'm going to go to the salon soon but I'm running out of ideas for what to tell them to do with it so I thought maybe you might have some. [more inside]
posted by bleep at 1:38 PM - 23 answers

Yet Another Pants Me Question

As a business casual "uniform" for cooler weather I want to wear turtlenecks with slim pants. But I am not sure what kind of pants I want. Can you help me? Requirements within: [more inside]
posted by Omnomnom at 5:31 AM - 6 answers

November 12

Super comfortable work shoes

I just bought these Ellen Tracy wedges at Marshalls. I wore them at a conference and they are the most comfortable shoes ever! [more inside]
posted by amapolaroja at 10:15 PM - 5 answers

What is the kind of armhole in a dress?

What is the kind of armhole in this dress? Does it look good on ordinary people? How do I find similar armholes on dresses/blouses?
posted by stewiethegreat at 4:22 PM - 6 answers

In the market for a Warm Robe. Which material is best?

Last couple of years I had a down Robe that I practically lived in. I lost it and now I have the flu. I think I'm sick partly because I was too cold some night not having a trusty robe on hand. [more inside]
posted by rancher at 12:10 PM - 12 answers


The comments in this thread have inspired me to go ahead and ask: where can I find jeans that fit and don't stretch out? Hit me with your best pants. [more inside]
posted by functionequalsform at 10:37 AM - 11 answers

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