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January 25

Name this material

I'm looking for the name or style of a particular shirt material. [more inside]
posted by IndigoRain at 12:13 PM - 2 answers

January 22

What to wear on first, blind date?

Haven't gone in a date in 10 years, don't know this guy, and I can't figure out what to wear! [more inside]
posted by primate moon at 3:51 PM - 19 answers

What would you pay for this engagement ring?

I'm considering buying this engagement ring. [more inside]
posted by eggman at 10:51 AM - 13 answers

January 21

Where can I find a boot similar to this Red Wing Beckman, but size 15?

I'm trying to find a boot as similar as possible to this Red Wing Beckman boot (similar cut, color, sole thickness, etc.), but available in a U.S. men's size 15. Anyone know of something that fits the bill?
posted by pheide at 5:14 PM - 8 answers

I did but prompt the age to fix my clogs

I did something stupid. I found the perfect pair of shoes and only got one pair. And now they're falling apart and the style is discontinued. [more inside]
posted by ernielundquist at 4:58 PM - 7 answers

Wearing The Rosary As Jewelry

Years ago, I had a male coworker who wore a plastic rosary as a necklace. Just recently, I met another man who does the same thing. Is this part of some kind of movement or subculture? Fashion trend? Fringe religious group? [more inside]
posted by Sara C. at 4:08 PM - 37 answers

Time to buy new boots?

I just got two pairs of my boots repaired (new heels + seam repair), which cost $25 each time. Now both have new problems (zipper falling apart on one, seam on the opposite boot ripping on the other). If I'm at the point where I need shell out $50 to make them wearable again, is it time to just buy new ones? [more inside]
posted by chaiminda at 10:46 AM - 4 answers

How Can I Stop Getting Razor Bumps?

I get pretty gnarly razor bumps on my chin and upper neck. I've tried the following things to try to get rid of them: (1) shaving with the grain, (2) a product called Bump Patrol, and (3) some kind of chemical hair removal cream I bought at Target. The first two didn't work and the third was too painful to keep up (and also didn't seem to remove all the hair.) Can anyone recommend something else? What's worked for you? [more inside]
posted by Area Man at 9:15 AM - 30 answers

January 20

Quick and dirty polyester dye job

I'm looking to dye some fabric that's a 35/65 cotton/poly blend and I want to do it quick, dirty, and cheap. [more inside]
posted by komara at 7:27 PM - 11 answers

January 18

I need these fancy pants

I saw someone wearing the shiniest pants I've ever seen, and I'd love to get a pair like them. [more inside]
posted by you could feel the sky at 8:16 PM - 8 answers

Best lighting for applying makeup

I've been wearing makeup more regularly than before, but I can't seem to get my foundation to look consistent from my home (where I apply it) to work/elsewhere. I think this is because the lighting in my house is mostly incandescent and at work it's fluorescent. What techniques (or technology, do I need a lighted mirror?) can I use to make my makeup look decent at work? [more inside]
posted by modesty.blaise at 6:10 PM - 7 answers

Best old-school haircut in Harvard Square?

Friend's dad is visiting Cambridge and wants to get his hair cut. Where's the best place for him to go? [more inside]
posted by Right On Red at 10:27 AM - 5 answers

Affordable, interesting clothes shopping in Bangkok?

I'm in Bangkok for two days and I'd like to do some clothing shopping--for interesting, inexpensive things, maybe vintage/used if it exists here in the same way it does in the states. Suggestions? [more inside]
posted by tapir-whorf at 10:25 AM - 4 answers

January 17

Last minute plea: Where to buy men's cargo pants in SF?

Where should I shop (with reluctant fitting model in tow) for casual, affordable men's cargo pants in SF? [more inside]
posted by serelliya at 11:37 AM - 10 answers

Vain hippie filter, hair color -- Innosence versus Organic Color Systems

I've been going to a salon to for groovy hair color, under the brand Organic Color Systems. They are interested in switching to a different groovy hair system, Innosence. Any feedback from other vain hippies?
posted by ClaudiaCenter at 10:11 AM - 2 answers

January 16

Non-traditional lipstick colors - Seattle

Does anyone have a lead on where I could buy non-traditional lipstick colors in Seattle? Preferably downtown or at a mall. I'm looking for a blue, purple, and/or teal, and I'm obsessed with this mint green color from Lime Crime. Thanks!
posted by skycrashesdown at 10:34 PM - 8 answers

Gimme the boots!

Help me find a perfect pair of (costume/fashion) men's riding boots, men's size 10, emphasis on "comfy" and ideally black. [more inside]
posted by Phalene at 1:23 PM - 5 answers

January 15

Suggestions for glove/mitten hybrid?

I am looking for suggestions for a pair of gloves but the kind I have in mind I rarely see in stores and am not even sure what they're called. Basically fingerless gloves with an attached mitten cover that you can wrap over...anyone know where I can get some of these? [more inside]
posted by zardoz at 4:09 AM - 21 answers

January 14

Parisian Street Style

Where can I find websites/blogs that feature Parisian street style? [more inside]
posted by brittanyq at 8:45 PM - 3 answers

Velour Boots in the Rain

Do I need to spray my new velour boots with protectant? Will rain damage this material? [more inside]
posted by oceanview at 2:47 PM - 7 answers

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