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April 24

Could somebody please explain Skype to me?

I need help understand the account types, charges and payment plans. [more inside]
posted by sardonyx at 6:28 PM - 13 answers

How to use only a custom dictionary in Word (or other word processor)?

How to use only a custom dictionary in Word (or other word processor)? [more inside]
posted by pracowity at 2:57 PM - 2 answers

What to do with a new MacBook pro that is having issues?

I purchased a new MacBook Pro last month--mid-level 13" model with the TouchBar FWIW--and it's had 3 or 4 kernel panics in the four weeks that I've had it. I've got the logs for one of those times at least. Is this machine a lemon? And if so, what's the best way to go about getting it replaced?
posted by hwickline at 2:34 PM - 8 answers

April 23

Video chatting without seeing yourself

My parents want to be able to video chat without the distraction of seeing their own faces on screen. Is there a way to do this on Skype, Facetime or Hangouts--and not by turning off the camera but by somehow having their own images hidden? [more inside]
posted by johngoren at 11:00 PM - 5 answers

April 22

Tracking "Photos You're Tagged In" on Instagram

Question for social media pros and Insta-influencers! I manage Instagram accounts for major brands that are often tagged in other users' pictures, and I need a way to track those mentions. Seems simple enough, right? Complications inside. [more inside]
posted by Freyja at 8:07 AM - 3 answers

April 21

How Much Computer Do I Really Need?

Have a new job as a copywriter in NYC and need a workhorse ultrabook to commute with. Right now I'm using my wife's MacBook Pro, but I'm freaking out about it and need my own gear. I am getting confused about the new hard drives and what-all and need good rec's on what I should be looking at for a powerful, but not top of the line system. [more inside]
posted by Lipstick Thespian at 6:35 PM - 12 answers

Is there an app for that?

I browse the web using Chrome on my desktop and I have an I-phone. I often see articles while on my desktop that I want to discuss with someone when I see them next, which might be several weeks away. Is there an easy way to send the article to my phone and at the same time set an alarm to remind me about it at a particular time and date in the future, ideally without having to touch my phone to do it? Many thanks in advance!
posted by miaou at 1:42 PM - 7 answers

April 20

Laptop under $1000 for college kid

Can anyone suggest a laptop for an incoming college Freshman this fall, under $1000, no gaming? Also, any advice on how to shop for this is much appreciated! [more inside]
posted by wenestvedt at 7:56 PM - 33 answers

April 19

Introduce me to computer games for my kid

My six year old LOVES video games. I have extremely limited experience with them. I need some kind of introductory understanding. We have a desktop computer running Linux Mint and no real interest in owning a gaming console (like XBOX or whatever kids today use). Please help me help him. [more inside]
posted by linettasky at 2:36 PM - 13 answers

Field trip map app??

I am one of a few chaperones on an upcoming trip to DC. Instead of handing students a paper map of the area in which they can roam about, is there a more iPhone friendly option? [more inside]
posted by mzwz at 1:58 PM - 6 answers

April 18

Analyze server logs for site visitors?

I have a self-hosted WordPress site. I have access to the server logs and can see the gzipped files going back to when the site was launched. What tool or procedure can I use to analyze these server logs? I am most interested in site visitor information. Ideally, the information would be easy to send to another party as well.
posted by jammy at 8:50 AM - 13 answers

Where is the best place to find freelance coding help?

I need help coding a learning algorithm in R for a research project I am working on. I know that this takes coding skill that I don't currently have. Where is the best place to go online to find someone I can pay to help me with this?
posted by bove at 8:42 AM - 6 answers

OK. Another Dell laser printer problem

Hello smart people. I have searched and searched the internet for a solution to no avail, but have not yet posted this to Dell tech support. I have had good luck here before, so I'd rather try you first. I have had some intermittent trouble with my Dell E525W laser printer since I installed it that has now turned into not being able to print at all. I think the best way to describe the issue(s) is with a list of what the printer did and what I tried: [more inside]
posted by Don_K at 7:09 AM - 8 answers

What can be found out from gmail headers?

For reasons, I need to send anonymous emails from a throwaway account. Assuming I use incognito mode in Chrome when using Gmail, what can the recipient find out about me? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 6:27 AM - 10 answers

April 17

Best books/resources for learning audio programming

I've been programming in Ruby (and other scripting languages) for a few years now—and hey, I've even been paid to do it for two of them. But my dream is creating music and audio related products and toys—think synthesizers, samplers, etc. I play with my OP-1 from Teenage Engineering and think "I want to make things like this." [more inside]
posted by defenestration at 6:53 PM - 16 answers

My eBay account got... hacked? I think?

Should I do anything beyond changing all my passwords and security questions, and turning on 2-factor authentication everywhere available? I have some confusions. This is actually the first time this has ever happened to me despite living full-time on the internet for a couple decades. [more inside]
posted by soren_lorensen at 2:02 PM - 5 answers

Why won't my Scanner Generate hires pdfs for all the pages I'm scanning?

For professional reasons, I need to upload a bunch of large pdf documents that had been generated by a client to a government website. On my first attempt to upload them, the site rejected them because it requires all pdfs to be at least 200 dpi, and some of the pages were lower resolution than that. [more inside]
posted by LizardBreath at 1:01 PM - 5 answers

Getting up to speed on Blockchain (beyond bitcoin and currencies)

I'm interested in getting up to speed on Blockchain technology and issues. I've got the gist of it from the multitudes of bitcoin-related pieces out there. But would love some recommendations on sources that start down the path of getting into the weeds of the technology and market issues. I'm most interested in developments and use cases apart from crypto-currencies. [more inside]
posted by GPF at 10:37 AM - 6 answers

Resistance is apparently futile ‐ need a windows laptop.

Back in the 20th century I used Windows machines a lot. I even bought a few, with mixed results. I jumped ship to mac for my second ever laptop and have been happy with that. Now, for $REASONS I find I shall be returning to the windows-verse, and I need a new laptop within two weeks. [more inside]
posted by pompomtom at 2:37 AM - 10 answers

April 16

Help me describe this laptop case, so I can search for it?

I can't for the life of me find a laptop case (13.3" screen) like this (see links). I need something that I can zip all 3 sides open. Almost everything I've found unzips 1 side plus 1/3 of the 2 adjacent sides. And... the bag has to have handles. See pix: 1, 2, 3
posted by disnchntd at 12:25 PM - 8 answers

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