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July 2, 2022

What fun and spontaneous in Cleveland next week?

In the Cleveland area next week, with mostly unstructured time. What are your favorite fun and interesting things a couple of 50-ish adults could do, that could be decided more or less in the moment, and require very-little-to-no lead time or advance planning? [more inside]
posted by I_Love_Bananas around Cleveland, OH at 4:48 AM - 19 answers has best

December 5, 2019

Where should I work for the day in Cleveland?

Due to travel weirdness I will have a layover day in Cleveland next week. Besides staying at the hotel, where should I do a mostly regular computer-y workday? [more inside]
posted by hijinx around Cleveland, OH at 6:35 PM - 7 answers has best

March 11, 2019

Food, drink and sights to see in Cleveland

I'll be in Cleveland for a conference in mid-April and am looking for some restaurant and bar suggestions in the area around my hotel and the convention center, and maybe some nearby sights I can check out quickly. [more inside]
posted by ryanshepard around Cleveland, OH at 10:29 AM - 16 answers has best

June 23, 2017

Good Neighbourhood to Stay in in Cleveland

Which (non-touristy) Cleveland hood should I stay in for a night? [more inside]
posted by tummy_rub around Cleveland, OH at 12:50 PM - 7 answers

May 15, 2017

Hello Cleveland! Need some trip advice.

Next weekend, my wife and I are visiting Cleveland for a family college graduation. On Monday, after the festivities, we'll have a day to ourselves before a late evening flight home. I'm looking for activity suggestions for the day. We haven't really been there before, so even the obvious is welcome. We like museums, and fine dining, not so much shopping, though a small amount is OK, if there's something not-to-be-missed unique. We will use Uber, most likely, and are staying at the downtown Marriott in the Key Center.
posted by cameradv around Cleveland, OH at 1:02 PM - 10 answers

November 2, 2016

Transportation in Cleveland: car or no?

I'll be in Cleveland this weekend starting this weekend and going into next week, trying to keep the world safe from the forces of neo-fascism. I'll be staying downtown and traveling to the Board of Elections, and I'm trying to figure out my transportation options. [more inside]
posted by holborne around Cleveland, OH at 8:37 AM - 6 answers

June 3, 2016

Where to stay in Cleveland

I'm fulfilling my childhood dream of seeing the Monkees - at the Hard Rock Rocksino in Northfield Park this Sunday. I was planning to go with a friend, who was going to drive us there and back, but she had an emergency and can't make it. I can't drive at night, so now I need to pick a hotel with a shuttle to the Rocksino, and it's making me a bit crazy. Details inside. [more inside]
posted by FencingGal around Cleveland, OH at 1:27 PM - 5 answers has best

October 27, 2015

Short-term rentals in Cleveland

Asking for friends who have a loved one seeking long-term medical treatment at the Cleveland Clinic. Any leads on reasonably located short-term rentals that won't bankrupt one (the InterContinental is great but that would be ridiculously expensive...)?
posted by noonday around Cleveland, OH at 8:06 PM - 10 answers

September 7, 2015

Quicky things to see in Cleveland

Mrs. D and I will be driving through Cleveland tomorrow on the way east. We don't have a lot of time to stop but both having never been there would like to stop for lunch and have a quick look around. Tell us what's up in Cleveland and where we should head!
posted by duoshao around Cleveland, OH at 2:16 PM - 9 answers

June 4, 2013

Cleveland in daylight

Spending a few days in Cleveland for a wedding later this month, and will have mornings/afternoons to kill and breakfasts and lunches to eat. Any suggestions? [more inside]
posted by elizeh around Cleveland, OH at 9:12 AM - 9 answers

May 17, 2013

Things to do in Cleveland before you die

Heading to Cleveland in Early June to see the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and then on to Niagara Falls. Help me plan my vacation. [more inside]
posted by Lizlemondrop around Cleveland, OH at 6:16 AM - 20 answers

August 30, 2012

Recommendations for Cleveland Neighborhoods

Clevelandfilter!  Moving to Cleveland, please help me choose which neighborhood would be best for me. [more inside]
posted by princelyfox around Cleveland, OH at 10:50 AM - 19 answers

October 19, 2011

Where to travel in Central America between Christmas and New Years?

My husband and I want to get away during the week between Christmas and New Years. We are looking at places in Central/South America and the Carribean. Where should we go? [more inside]
posted by ejazen around Cleveland, OH at 6:05 AM - 7 answers has best

July 7, 2010

Where to move my mom around Cleveland?

I'm starting grad school in Cleveland next month. Due to some complicated circumstances, my mom will be following me. I've already got a place in Cleveland Heights; can you recommend an area nearby for her to live? [more inside]
posted by AAAAAThatsFiveAs around Cleveland, OH at 7:04 PM - 4 answers has best

February 26, 2010

Cleveland Wedding Location Suggestions?

Any suggestions for wedding locations in Cleveland? Preferably somewhere unique/interesting and not too pricey. Thanks in advance!
posted by Magnus around Cleveland, OH at 7:26 PM - 15 answers

July 12, 2009

Hastily made Cleveland tourism plans

The wife and I are traveling to Cleveland, OH Tuesday and Wednesday this upcoming week. Neither of us have spent anytime there. Right now the only thing on our agenda is the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame Tuesday afternoon. Suggestions for the night? [more inside]
posted by highfidelity around Cleveland, OH at 9:34 AM - 16 answers has best

August 26, 2008

Who serves Cleveland's favorite breakfast?

What's the best breakfast place in Cleveland, the one-of-a-kind place I shouldn't miss? [more inside]
posted by ulotrichous around Cleveland, OH at 7:00 PM - 9 answers has best

November 13, 2007

Cleveland bound

I will be in Cleveland for Thanksgiving weekend... what is there to do and see that we shouldn't miss?
posted by chickaboo around Cleveland, OH at 11:36 AM - 11 answers

October 4, 2006

Need Ideas for a Romantic/Fun Cleveland, Ohio Date

My significant other is coming to Cleveland, OH to visit. What should we do/eat to woo her to my city. [more inside]
posted by mi6op around Cleveland, OH at 9:08 PM - 10 answers has best

April 12, 2006

Is there anything fun to do in Cleveland?

Is there anything fun to do in Cleveland? [more inside]
posted by bamassippi around Cleveland, OH at 1:28 PM - 12 answers