Quicky things to see in Cleveland
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Mrs. D and I will be driving through Cleveland tomorrow on the way east. We don't have a lot of time to stop but both having never been there would like to stop for lunch and have a quick look around. Tell us what's up in Cleveland and where we should head!
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The Cleveland Museum of Art is fabulous, and not too far (walking distance) from the also-fabulous Cleveland Botanical Garden. It was still being built when I was there, but there's also the Cleveland Museum of Contemporary Art and then you can walk to Little Italy, which has some fun coffeehouses and restaurants.
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How fast are you talking with quick? Lunch and an hour? A couple hours? Because there are a ton of great things that you can easily take in with a few hours to spare (including museums, the rainforest at the zoo, and the aquarium), but I wouldn't necessarily rec a lot of that stuff if you're talking, like, lunch and an hour of mosying around.
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The Cleveland Museum of Art is free and open on Tuesdays - so I'd say it's well worth popping in, if even quite briefly. There are lunch spots both in that neighbourhood (University Circle) and in nearby Little Italy.
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Lunch and an hour is likely what we'll have, though if there's something super awesome we can maybe add another hour.
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The Museum of Art is well worth a visit (on preview, it is super awesome), but it is large - I can easily spend several hours there. If you don't feel that you've got time for a Museum visit, I still think you should and stop and wander around the University Circle area - it really is the showcase neighborhood of our city.

Personally, for lunch, I'd recommend the Happy Dog at the Euclid Tavern. Then walk west a few doors down to the Coquette Patisserie for dessert.

Under the "take a look around" tip, if you exit whichever highway you're using on the western side of the city, taking Clifton Boulevard or Detroit Avenue or Lorain Avenue to the downtown area then continuing east on Euclid Avenue to University Circle, you'll get a pretty good driving tour of Cleveland, passing through and by a variety of neighborhoods and landmarks.

(Detroit Ave is probably the best for this, but unfortunately at the moment there's some serious construction on W. 117th (which is the north-south street that's the western edge of Cleveland proper and a major exit off I-90) so traffic is at a crawl there most of the day, and the eastbound lanes of Detroit are closed for a couple of blocks right at W. 117th as part of this construction.)
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If I had one meal to eat in Cleveland it'd be at Tommy's, and I'd have the falafel omelet. It's attached to a neat bookstore with a huge selection of golden-age sci-fi, and they had some locally printed/bound stuff too, last time I was there (which was years ago, unfortunately).
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I mean, the Rock n' Roll hall of fame is there...
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If you want a real Cleveland eating experience, I recommend Sokolowski's for kielbasa and pierogis.
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If you want to be Fancy for lunch and also hit up the art museum, go to L'Albatros, which is super-close to the museum and has a gorgeous outdoor seating area for good weather. That said, the museum recently renovated its cafe and the food is damn good.

If you like Asian art at all, we have one of the best collections in the country. (Should you need to narrow your focus). Skip the Rock Hall. Overpriced. Bleargh. Art museum WAY BETTER. Waaaaaay better. And FREE.

Want to wander around outside for a bit? Go to Lakeview Cemetery (also near the art museum). The Garfield monument and Wade Chapel are can't-miss. Wade Chapel has a Tiffany window and some amazing tile work.
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