Where to move my mom around Cleveland?
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I'm starting grad school in Cleveland next month. Due to some complicated circumstances, my mom will be following me. I've already got a place in Cleveland Heights; can you recommend an area nearby for her to live?

It's not the coolest turn of events (esp. being 22), but I want to make the most out of these circumstances and set her up in a place that's safe, clean, and reasonably affordable. Living in the same town really is just not an option. All the same, I'd like to be able to check in on her from time to time and make sure she's doing OK.

Can you suggest any specific cities, neighborhoods, apartment complexes, retirement communities, etc. around Cleveland within, say, a 3 - 4 hour drive?

* Mom is almost 60.
* Housing budget will be ~$1200.
* She's particularly interested in adult living communities.
* It'd be great if there was some kind of Korean or Asian community she could be a part of.
* Somewhere with a strong suburban vibe would be best for her; definitely nothing too city-like or "hip".
* Proximity to a military base would be a huge plus, since she can get on base and shop at the commissary and such.
* She's also extremely religious and Conservative, for what that's worth.

I'd like to lock down a place within the next week or two. Thanks for your comments, MeFi!
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There's a strong Korean community in Cleveland, I think mostly in/around Parma. That's definitely suburban. I'll ask my parents where the major neighborhoods are.

It would be a good idea for your mom to maybe get in touch with some of the churches she'd be interested in attending (there are a ton, of all stripes). People there could help her figure out details of where to live, and if the church will be the center of her social network anyway, she might as well start there.

She could also get in touch with the Korean American Association of Greater Cleveland. They seem pretty hardcore organized.
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The Dayton, Ohio area fits most of your needs. It's probably on the outside edge of a 3 - 4 hour drive. You'd certainly never feel like it's too close. Housing isn't particularly expensive. Suburban areas abound. Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is right there. Southwestern Ohio is a much more conservative area than Northeastern Ohio. There appears to be a Dayton Area Korean Association (although they don't have much of a web presence). Perhaps if you called or emailed the contact listed there you could get a better idea of what the area has to offer, and some good advice about specific communities. DAKA also appears to be part of the larger Asian American Council in Dayton.
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Consider Hudson or Twinsburg. Both have a great suburban feel to it, are pretty conservative and you could find housing for that budget, no problem.

They are about 45 minutes away from Cleveland Heights.

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Thanks, everyone! Keep 'em coming!

@peachfuzz: Super useful link-- I'll call them today. Looking forward to hearing what your folks say, thanks!
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