Short-term rentals in Cleveland
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Asking for friends who have a loved one seeking long-term medical treatment at the Cleveland Clinic. Any leads on reasonably located short-term rentals that won't bankrupt one (the InterContinental is great but that would be ridiculously expensive...)?
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What is long-term/short-term? Hotels have monthly rates.
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Say 1-2 months, possibly longer, dunno... up to six months? Probably needs to be a little flexible. Specific recs for hotels would be great if you have any thoughts - I doubt the Glidden House, Intercontinental, Sheraton are as affordable or homey as a place with a kitchen, though, y'know?
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There are some AirBnB listings in that area- for instance:

room in shared home for about $85/night or $65/night,
Entire house for about $660/week, or $550/week.
(Sorry if those prices aren't exact, AirBnB knows I'm in Canada and is converting them.)
You can search more nearby listings here.
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Most long-term care places like this often provide a caregiver service where they manage these types of secondary issues. I would try calling them. They even provide a pdf on their website (although its from 2008)
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Extended Stay America doesn't have GOOD kitchens, precisely, but it does have more kitchen than a regular hotel--but it's been awhile, last I knew someone who stayed in one during some weird remodeling stuff they didn't seem bad but it did seem pricey. But what's okay for one month's stay does tend to be very different than what you'd want for six months. I'd definitely contact Cleveland Clinic, if they don't have somebody there who deals with stuff like this, given how many people come from out of town to go there, I'd be very surprised.
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Cleveland Clinic definitely has services to help with this, as well as negotiated rates with extended stay facilities in Cleveland for patients and families.
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You might also want to call Case Western Reserve University's housing office: there are a lot of visiting professors and the like, they may have ideas.

Depending on what they're being treated for, there are also some specialty (i.e. cancer-focused, etc)resources I could recommend. Feel free to MeMail me, I can ask around.
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The problem with anything close to the clinic is that once you hit "affordable" you are probably also hitting "hood". Wade Park/Glenville to the north and East Cleveland to the east are NOT fun places to be. Apartments in Little Italy will also probably be full of Case kids around this time of year. I would check out Shaker Square (reasonably close, on light rail).
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Cleveland Heights is close to the clinic, and a fairly "safe" area (for city values of "safe.") The neighborhood right on the border is called "Coventry", and there to the clinic is totally walkable in 15-20 minutes except in the worst winter weather. That part of CH has lots of smallish apartment buildings, and a quick poke around suggests that prices are about $650 - $1500 per month, depending on size.

Dunno if that fits in the budget, but I think that's pretty much average for Cleveland area apartments in reasonably safe areas. Also, my experience has been that apartment buildings are willing to rent for 6-month leases or on a month-to-month basis for a slightly higher monthly rent. (Lots of the rental housing in Cleveland is in stand-alone converted houses with apartments on every floor, which I suspect would be a trickier situation for flexible rental periods.)
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Telegraph has it. The social services department at the Clinic will have a list of housing available. They need to reach out to their social services coordinator who can help them with all sorts of things (that they aren't even thinking of now).
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