Good Neighbourhood to Stay in in Cleveland
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Which (non-touristy) Cleveland hood should I stay in for a night?

Heading to Cleveland in a month to catch a Jays game. Going to rent an Airbnb. So: Which Cleveland hood should I stay in? Looking for where millennials eat trendy food..good bars, etc. Where is the Outremont of Cleveland? Thanks
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Ohio City or Tremont
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Yes, Ohio City or Tremont, I would lean toward Tremont. Both hoods have great restaurants and bars. In the middle of this map there are two clusters of Airbnb housing separated by Route 90 and just north of Route 490. Tremont is on the right and Ohio City on the left. I thought this listing in Tremont looked neat.
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We stayed in Tremont, in what was unquestionably the best Airbnb we've ever stayed in: link. Cute neighborhood with good food, easy to park, and seriously the nicest Airbnb.
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Both good options, personally my vote is on Ohio City just because I love the vibe and restaurants there, but you can't go wrong with either of those neighborhoods.
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Thank you for these answers.
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Nthing the above.
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Nthing the above as well. Tremont is cute. Ohio City has good restaurants.
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