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July 3

South Florida road trip tips - Tampa to Key West

In July I am going to be flying into Tampa for a wedding and then treating myself to a road trip down to Miami (staying overnight) and Key West for a few days. What should I see or stop for along the drive? [more inside]
posted by forkisbetter around Florida at 9:42 AM - 4 answers

July 2

What fun and spontaneous in Cleveland next week?

In the Cleveland area next week, with mostly unstructured time. What are your favorite fun and interesting things a couple of 50-ish adults could do, that could be decided more or less in the moment, and require very-little-to-no lead time or advance planning? [more inside]
posted by I_Love_Bananas around Cleveland, OH at 4:48 AM - 18 answers has best

June 30

Denver over July 4

Is it crazy in Denver over July 4 weekend? Planning an impromptu trip there for a week, starting July 3rd. [more inside]
posted by inevitability around Denver, CO at 6:29 PM - 5 answers

Looking for one quick but amazing thing to do in Los Angeles

I have a couple hours in Los Angeles before I drive south to Carlsbad. What's one (or two) amazing thing(s) I can do or eat before I leave the city, or as I drive south? [more inside]
posted by evadery around Los Angeles, CA at 1:21 PM - 22 answers

June 26

Is there a plan somewhere for the Potrero Canyon Park Pedestrian Bridge?

There is a lot of construction on the beach in Santa Monica where Entrada hits PCH (where Santa Monica Creek hits the beach). What's being built? [more inside]
posted by jeb around Los Angeles, CA at 1:03 PM - 4 answers has best

Where to stay and what to do in Milwaukee

My spouse and I are taking a trip to Milwaukee mid-July. We plan to spend 2-3 nights in a hotel. Which one? [more inside]
posted by sock puppy around Milwaukee, WI at 8:35 AM - 12 answers

June 24

Honolulu without a car

I was fortunate to be sent to Honolulu for a work conference. My wife and I have a few days before the conference starts. However, Waikiki Beach and the area around our hotel is too 'big city' for our tastes. We'd like to find some beaches and other areas that are more peaceful. The problem is that we don't have access to a car, nor do we wish to rent one. [more inside]
posted by Don_K around Honolulu, HI at 10:33 AM - 6 answers

June 23

Want to cancel a hotel booking, but getting run around

How to cancel a hotel reservation booked through a third party? I did mess up and not realize the booking said it was non-refundable, but this is a lot of money. Details are inside! [more inside]
posted by clocksock around United States at 8:07 AM - 10 answers

June 21

Visiting Los Angeles with teen

I am taking my teen to LA for a week in July. We will be staying in Laguna Beach for three days to go to the art festivals, that hotel is booked. I had planned to stay in Santa Monica for four nights but now think that may be too long and perhaps we could stay 2 of those nights somewhere else instead. But where? [more inside]
posted by waving around Los Angeles, CA at 12:22 PM - 10 answers

online defensive driving course for New York State

I'd like to take a defensive driving course online to get a discount on my car insurance. [more inside]
posted by nayantara around New York at 5:53 AM - 1 answer has best

Which rental car/SUV has good space for suitcases? Like, 6 suitcases?

Rental car descriptions seem to prioritize people space. Meanwhile I need space for 2 adults with 6 full size suitcases. [more inside]
posted by leticia around United States at 4:27 AM - 16 answers has best

June 19

Where to stay in LA with Kids

As part of a road trip with a 11 and 13 year old, we will be in LA from July 8-11. We will be flying into LAX. What part of town should we stay in? My first thought was Santa Monica but I keep hearing that Venice and surrounding areas aren't a good choice anymore. I'll leave it at that but would love to hear from people who are in the area. Other LA contacts have recommended Manhattan Beach, Silver Lake, or Culver City as good options. [more inside]
posted by jasondigitized around Los Angeles, CA at 8:57 AM - 7 answers has best

June 18

Denver Area Last Minute Lodging/Things to Do

Plans for a greater-Denver-area trip changed last minute, and now I need to book a new place to stay for the start of next week or more. Where in the greater Denver area should I stay, and what should I do to entertain myself? [more inside]
posted by soleiluna around Denver, CO at 9:09 AM - 5 answers

June 15

Tweens from LA to San Fran

My kids want to go on a road trip from LA to San Fran towards the end of July. Yes, this isn't much time to plan. They are 11 and 13. They are down to do whatever. Both are curious and adventurous. We have 10 days. ( It can be less ). Happy to mix time in the city with time in small towns and in nature. What is our itinerary? [more inside]
posted by jasondigitized around Los Angeles, CA at 5:11 AM - 22 answers

June 14

Yellowstone Flooding - Do I need to move to a Plan B for early August?

I have a trip coming up to Yellowstone National Park in early August. Given the ongoing terrible flood event and road washouts, and park evacuation etc, checking if anyone has informed opinions on likelihood of North entrance or large parts of the park being closed / impacted for an extended period. [more inside]
posted by inflatablekiwi around Wyoming at 10:38 AM - 15 answers has best

June 13

Tacos please!

I need food and lodging recommendations for downtown Phoenix. [more inside]
posted by pdb around Phoenix, AZ at 11:27 AM - 4 answers

Suggestions for Asian American Activities To Do in Denver - June 2022

I'm looking for an activity with Asian American or Asian themes in Denver. [more inside]
posted by cursed around Denver, CO at 9:07 AM - 2 answers has best

June 10

Three days in Chelsea NYC

cruel summer's question prompts mine. I too will be in NYC, staying in Chelsea. Suggestions about good Chelsea restaurants, bars with great cocktails, offbeat things to do? I've been to the Whitney, have walked the Highline.
posted by mono blanco around New York, NY at 1:04 PM - 8 answers has best

four days in nyc, working introvert edition

Hello! I’m interning at a company and visiting one of their offices in NYC from June 27-June 30. I’m leaving NYC in the evening on the 30th, so I have a few evenings to explore the city. I’d love to see some of the sights, but I’m also an introvert and can be easily overwhelmed by a lot of social interaction/external stimulus. I’m staying in a hotel in the Lower East Side, close to Soho and Little Italy, and would prefer things that are in that area though a short train ride away would also be ok. More details on things I like to do inside! [more inside]
posted by cruel summer around New York, NY at 9:27 AM - 20 answers has best

June 8

Tell me about Louisville, KY

Just found out I'll be in Louisville arriving 7/1 and departing 7/4. What should I do there? Not interested in shopping or horses. We like food and drinks and bourbon. Local history is cool too. [more inside]
posted by misanthropicsarah around Louisville, KY at 2:19 PM - 11 answers