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I'm fulfilling my childhood dream of seeing the Monkees - at the Hard Rock Rocksino in Northfield Park this Sunday. I was planning to go with a friend, who was going to drive us there and back, but she had an emergency and can't make it. I can't drive at night, so now I need to pick a hotel with a shuttle to the Rocksino, and it's making me a bit crazy. Details inside.

I don't do Uber or Airbnb, so please don't suggest those. I need transport to and from the Rocksino, so the shuttle is essential unless there is some super easy cab service. The Rocksino has a list of partnered hotels, but that doesn't give me a good sense of what the locations are like or how far they actually are from the Rocksino. I'm a very anxious driver, so lots of heavy traffic is to be avoided if possible (that is my concern about the Hilton - it looks like it's downtown). I don't need it to be super cheap - but definitely under $200 for a single room and preferably under $150. MeFites who know Cleveland, can you help me out here?
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Aloft Beachwood or Springfield Suites Solon will be great options. Macedonia, Stow and Twinsburg are a schlep, and Warrensville Heights is ... not that nice. I can't picture where the Marriott is.

There's a bunch of hotels on Chagrin Boulevard near 271, like a Choice Inn, some kind of Hilton property I think, and an Embassy Suites that I would happily recommend. Super short drive down I-271. Call the shuttle company and ask if they can accomodate you there, if Beachwood or Solon falls through. Actually, maybe do it if Beachwood falls through, because Solon is a little bit further out.

I don't know the prices on these but they seem like they'd be in the ballpark - they're not $200+ hotels, even if it is the highly sought-after Eastern Suburbs of Cleveland.
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Should also note that there is apparently a Motel 6 really close to the Rocksino and some other off-brand hotel, but even if it's walking distance, it's not a walk I'd make in an unfamiliar city. (Or at all, really, since I am familiar with Northfield.) The shuttle plan is a good one.
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The Marriott east is near the Aloft. Those are your best options, IMO. I'll second chesty that the others are too far (including Solon, too . . . ) They're all far eastern/southern suburbs bordering on ex-urbs.

Part of your problem is that the rocksino is kinda plunked down in an otherwise fairly depressed area full of half-empty shopping strips and a disintegrating mall. So most of the "partnered" hotels are pretty far away in "nicer" areas.
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Thanks so much. You have helped my anxiety about this immensely. I just made reservations at Aloft Beachwood.
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Good - because I was just out in Macedonia and driving home I realized that I had a space cadet moment earlier and got confused about which eastern suburb gambling establishment was which. The RACino is the one in the not-great area - the ROCKsino is more of a light industrial area somewhat further south. Definitely still not walkable - I'm pretty sure they didn't even bother with sidewalks for large parts of the area. And in any case, the Aloft in Beachwood would still be my recommendation. Enjoy the show.
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