Who serves Cleveland's favorite breakfast?
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What's the best breakfast place in Cleveland, the one-of-a-kind place I shouldn't miss?

I'm in Cleveland tonight and don't have anything to do until Wednesday afternoon. I've got a car and I'm staying near the airport, and my gig at 12:30 is in Parma, so I could really go anywhere in town. What's the best breakfast in Cleveland, the place the locals wait hours for on weekends? Bonus points for unique dishes or places with old school charm.
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Best answer: The Inn on Coventry, on Coventry Rd in Cleveland Heights, was our favorite place for weekend brunch when we lived there. I was partial to the Eggs Benedict-type thing that used avocado instead of bacon. Wait is ridiculous sometimes on Sunday, shouldn't be bad on a Wednesday though.

However, there was another place, Big Al's near Shaker Square, that was much more down-home, country-kitchen style food. No where near as fancy as the Inn but a very Cleveland experience.

(Haven't lived in Cleveland in several years.)
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For something on the more unique side, Tommy's, also on Coventry Rd, is the well known vegan/vegetarian/etc. restaurant - if any of that applies to you. I've never eaten there so I can't speak for how good it is, but they offer this interesting option:

Mr. Stress (served all day)
BLT, peanut butter **, mayo and American cheese on white toast $5.09
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Tommy's is not delicious. Skip.
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I ate at Tommy's often too, but the only items I found consistently good there were the milkshakes and french onion soup, not really breakfast material.
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Presti's doughnuts on mayfield. this place is totally cleveland, and the doughnuts are great. we used to go there late at night when it was inhabited solely by cops and fireman.
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Best answer: I really miss Yours Truly.
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Seconding Inn on Coventry. Scandalously cheap.

Tommy's is OK, but their niche is vegetarian and Middle Eastern cuisine. I know...strange bedfellows. If you're not keen on either, you might want to pass.

Night Town on Cedar has a nice English breakfast. The Prince of Monaco stopped by once. Bonus points for their James Joyce mugs.

(Given the Cleveland Heights-centrism, can you tell I went to CWRU?)
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From Mrs. mrhaydel, who both lived in Cleveland for a number of years, and is an all-around fan of both the city and breakfast:

"The Whip. I think it's in Parma, but not sure. Small mom-and-pop polish restaurant - great old school breakfast. If you also want to eat some good Polish food for dinner, they make awesome pierogies -- closest thing to homemade I ever had!

Cleveland Rocks!"

Mmmmmm, pierogies.
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Response by poster: Thanks all! I'm at Yours Truly Rockside right now (good wifi too). It's a very cute place and the food is fantastic. Thanks again, Perplexity!
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