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I will be in Cleveland for Thanksgiving weekend... what is there to do and see that we shouldn't miss?
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posted by amro at 11:56 AM on November 13, 2007

You should really watch the Anthony Bourdain "No Reservations" Cleveland episode. They hit some great spots!

Clip Here
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I did search those but they are mostly dining recommendations, thanks amro. And I know about teh rock hall...
what aout the science museum, anyone know if it's true that it's closed? their website didn't say.
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This page has most of the holiday-ish things I would have recommended - especially Stan Hywet Hall, the Public Square tree lighting, Nela Park*, the Botanical Garden Winter Show.

If you're up for a rock show, there are a few good choices at the Beachland Ballroom - Cobra Verde and the Dreadful Yawns Wednesday night, and Devil Doll and the Dirtbombs Saturday night (not together).

*The Nela Park display only takes a minute to see and isn't in the best neighborhood, and isn't really worth a separate trip IMO. But depending on where you're staying, if you do head down to the Beachland for a show, you might be able to drive past it on the way there.
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The zoo is pretty good. Watch that Bourdain clip. It has lots of restaurant stuff, but also things like the book "warehouse" that I am totally going to check out the next time I'm in Cleveland.

Do you mean the Science Center? It doesn't appear to be closed.
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Oops, sorry. Never mind. It does look like the Science Center is closed for Thanksgiving, but only that Thursday and Friday.
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lol. Just two seconds before I reopened AskMe, two coworkers and I were discussing our love of Cleveland. Visit the contemporary art museum; that was one of my favorite places when I visited Cleveland. The thrift shopping is good there, too.
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The thrift shopping is good there, too.

Very true. This is the thing I miss most about living in Cleveland.
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Cleveland Museum of Contemporary Art website.

Suite Lorain website. Not much there, but you can get the address and store hours.

Plus, the Food Network's newest Iron Chef is a Clevelander. Here's a link for his 2 restaurants.
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I admit I haven't clicked all the previous links (on dialup right now) but isn't that where the Christmas Story museum is?
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My girlfriend hails from the Mistake on the Lake and we've gone back for a few Thanksgiving and Christmas trips.

We've been to Lolita from xena's link and had a lovely time--it's a great antidote if you need to get away from the family. It's in the neighborhood of Tremont, which has plenty of interesting galleries, boutiques and bars. Nearby is Ohio City, another up-and-coming area and, yep, the Christmas Story House. Looks like the first-ever Christmas Story Convention is happening over Thanksgiving weekend, so there's your chance to get a leg lamp signed by one of the stars of the film. Ohio City also has the fantastic West Side Market. Try browsing the bakery section for lunch.
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