Cleveland Wedding Location Suggestions?
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Any suggestions for wedding locations in Cleveland? Preferably somewhere unique/interesting and not too pricey. Thanks in advance!
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I don't know what you consider to be pricy, but I think the Cleveland Botanical Gardens would be a beautiful place for a wedding.
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There is a beautiful park off of Lakeshore Blvd. in Euclid right on the lake. Sorry- can't remember the name. It has a simple building that was used for parties. Haven"t been there for 15 years, so hope it's the same. Lots of weddings there.
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traditional wedding? fun wedding? how about Cedar Point in Sandusky?
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A couple questions - how many guests? Do you need a place for the ceremony too, or just the reception? If it's just for the reception, where is the ceremony?
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Some may find this morbid, but the Lake View Cemetery has a gorgeous chapel. The cemetery itself is lovely, and the chapel is set apart from the graves near a lake. Its highlight is a large, absolutely beautiful Tiffany window.

It can fit 60 people. There's contact information for weddings if you scroll down here.

Here's the outside.
Here's the surroundings.
Here's the stained glass
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2 more pictures (because I really like this place):

The rest of the inside, with mosaic.
The window in context.
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chagrin falls....

pier w restarunt...

on the bradstreet landing pier in rocky river

the old stone church....

i miss cleveland.
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My best friend's wedding reception was at the Hermit Club and it was great.

I'll second the Botanical Gardens, but when I looked at their prices 6 years ago I thought they were outrageous, so head's up on that.
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If you're interested in areas not too far from Cleveland, consider Fairchild Chapel at Oberlin College. ~40 minutes SW of downtown.
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FWIW I think the Lakeview Cemetary Chapel is a stunning venue, and were I invited to a wedding at a cemetery chapel, I would think "Huh, interesting, very cycle of life..." and then think nothing more of it.
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The Crawford Auto Museum!
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I think the Cleveland Metroparks Chalet is nice.
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the chalet!!! awesome... totally forgot that!!!
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Squire's Castle in North Chagrin reservation is lovely too, but be aware that alcohol is not allowed in the Metroparks.
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My wife and I got married at the Royalview Picnic Shelter, at the Mill Stream Run Reservation in the Metroparks. It's in North Ridgeville, just off of 71S. The whole shelter can be reserved, there's some beautiful landscaping around the area, a playground for the kids, and enclosed full toilets (important for a large party of people!) Oh, and there's a big charcoal grill, so our caterer just used that to cook the BBQ chicken that we served. There's about 8 or 10 picnic tables under the shelter, with plenty of room in between to dance. And the price was totally reasonable.

The only downside is that you generally have to reserve a year in advance or you may not get the space you want. But it really was a great space.
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