What websites am I missing?
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What fascinating websites am I missing? I regularly check out salon.com, slate, nytimes, huffingtonpost, reddit, jezebel, & of course metafilter. What websites do you check in on regularly?
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You might want to narrow this a bit. What are you interested in? News, technology, food, photography etc?
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Smitten Kitchen
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Do you follow politics? FiveThirtyEight is great for trustworthy analysis of elections, while PolitiFact is a good way to keep tabs on the truthfulness of public figures. Wonkette covers the same beat, but in a witheringly sarcastic way. Sort of like Jezebel, but funnier and less caustic.

As for more general stuff, the AV Club is an excellent source for entertainment news, pop culture discussion, and TV/movie/game reviews. The Big Picture is a Boston Globe feature that showcases several dozen high-quality photographs on a single topic every few days. Futility Closet is a blog that publishes clever puzzles, trivia, and anecdotes thrice daily. Sporcle publishes fiendish quizzes on a wide variety of topics every day. And Newgrounds is a Flash games site that is the source for most of Metafilter's Friday Flash Fun posts.
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The Browser
The Oatmeal
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Arts & Letters Daily.
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nyrb blog
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bookforum's Omnivore blog is my favorite, for the more brainy stuff.
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Although I don't know what your specific interests are and websites and blogs change over time, these threads probably will be really valuable to you:

Some other time[s] it's been discussed on askmefi are :
here for consumer electronics and video games , here News , specifically aggregates [sites that link to other websites] , here, here here, here , here too , and here In depth, longer writings: 1 and 2.

Those above links are like a ADHD person's paradise.

some have already been mentioned, so I also check out: Foreign Policy's passport [international affairs news and analysis] and waxy.org links
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PopUrls, AllTop, Lifehacker, Consumerist, LifeRemix
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Set up Google Reader and add the RSS feeds for each of the above recommendations; Google Reader will then make site recommendations for you. You can also see individual recommendations, based on what's popular around teh interwebs.

A few generally popular site that I have in my Reader:

Above the Law

Oh, and a few things from the cheezburger.com network of sites (failblog, epicwinftw, etc.) Yes, I'm one of those people.
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Hacker News is quite good on internet startup and tech.
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Apartment Therapy and all of their pages... Green, Cooking, Children, Technology
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Balloon Juice
Giant in the Playground - Order of the Stick (<=very nerdy, but awesome)
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N'thing TheAwl.com
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The Awl, definitely.
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Laughing squid.
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My 'set' is:

Random Wikipedia (best homepage ever)
Hacker News
Google News
Somethingawful forums (pre self-imposed productivity increasing ban)
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A similar thread

And one more

Loads of good info in both.
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You know what actually helped me find new websites the best? Tumblr. Joining up, finding people that I liked, who were then all sharing links to websites that they like—well that broadens my horizons. So thanks to them I read sites that I can no longer live without including: Racialicious, ChinaSmack, Butt magazine, n+1, EastVillage.neighborhoodr, New York Shitty, Art Fag City and Africa is a Country—oh and the most awesome website in the world, awesometapesfromafrica.blogspot.com, which is exactly what you think it would be. Only better. None of those websites may be of any interest to you in the slightest! But people who you like online will let you know about new things that you might like as well. (Also, thanks to the Awl recommenders in this thread. That's very kind.)
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If you like news about news (and your list makes it seem like you might), Romenesko is the go-to site.
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I'll add Daring Fireball. I'm not an Apple fan (or even owner), but John Gruber hits the sweet spot for me in terms of post frequency and content (which is Apple- and tech-heavy, but also offers interesting links on topics like baseball, politics and more)
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TalkingPointsMemo.com for political (D oriented) news.
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The Browser -- basically culls all the interesting articles from The New Yorker, The Guardian, etc - i.e. national and international feature pieces

The Daily Beast

But The Browser is an AWESOME site.
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Daily Checks: Dow Jones, Reddit All Top, Extended Weather, Hacker News, Global Good News + Stylish + these, Next Airing

Money: Cheapism, Get Rich Slowly, Groupon, Simple Dollar

Mishmash: Bad Sci-Fi Book Covers, Crap I Missed It, Dowdyworld, Ethicist, Explainer, Harper's Weekly Review, I'm Remembering!, Intelligence Squared, io9, slacktivist, Smitten Kitchen, Stone, Waxy.org

Comics or webcomics: Alien vs. Predator, Amazing Super Powers, AppleGeeks, AxeCop, Bellen!, Big Fat Whale, Bloom County, Bob the Angry Flower, Calvin and Hobbes, Champ 2010, Chick Tracts, City, Ctrl+Alt+Del, Cyanide and Happiness, Don't Forget to Validate Your Parking, Doonesbury, Dustinland, Ellerbisms, Far Left Side, Foxtrot, FoxTrot, FreakAngels, GPF, Hijinks Ensue, Hilarity Comics, Idiot Box, Joy of Tech, Kevin and Kell, Kick in the Head, Kissed by a Bus, Last Place Comics, L'il Formers, Lio, Luke Surl Comics, Nedroid, Non Sequitur, Oglaf, Optipess, Oxford Clay, Peanuts, Penny Arcade, Pictures for Sad Children, Psychiatric Tales, Punch an' Pie, PvP, Real Life Comics, Red Meat, Rehabilitating Mr. Wiggles, Rob and Elliot, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, Scans_Daily, Scenes From A Multiverse, Sinfest, Softer World, Something Positive, Stop Paying Attention, Subnormality, This Modern World, Tom the Dancing Bug, Too Much Coffee Man, Two Lumps, Virtual Shackles, Wonderella, and xkcd

Talented People: Alex King, eSheep, FTrain, Ironic Sans, Josh Millard, Kevin Smith, Missed Connections, Nick Cross, Pomplamoose, Roger Ebert, Thinkstank, Waiter Rant

Simplify: Miss Minimalist, Mnmlist, Unclutterer, Zen Habits

Upbeat: Arina's Motivational Quote of the Day, DailyGood.org, Delicious - Optimism Tag, Helpers, Positivity Blog, Pronoia Resources, QuotationsPage.Com's Motivational Quote of the Day, and Reddit: Get Motivated

Lifehack: Cool Tools, Facebook Purity, Gmail Blog, Google News, Google Reader, Google Talk, Google Voice, Lifehacker, OkTrends, Smarterware

Funny Videos: Auto-Tune the News, Charlie the Unicorn, DJ Steve Porter, eSheep Videos, Muppets, Neurotically Yours, Simon's Cat, South Park, Website is Down, Weird Al's Videos
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Nthing The Browser. (The above link is wrong.)
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riot rite right clit clip click is one of the best photo blogs I've come across (and I've been reading it for years). It's a LiveJournal, of all things, and routinely has NSFW photos, and should really be only read in a feed reader because the design isn't very good. But in terms of content, and genuinely interesting photos, all the time, it really can't be beat.
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Chowhound, Orangette, Electrical Audio, The Wednesday Chef, Futility Closet, Urban Spoon. If I didn't have print subscriptions I'd visit Saveur, NYRB, and The Economist's sites often too, I think. And I used to have a fierce thing for Perry Bible Fellowship and Natalie Dee, but that was ages ago...SomeECards and Regretsy can still make me chuckle. Hm, Zi just realized I don't check Cute Overload anymore...
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If you care about art and art museums, Tyler Green's Modern Art Notes is pretty essential.
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Fashion inspiration.
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If you want to subject yourself to highly accurate and critical celebrity gossip (also, the place most other celebrity gossip sites seem to get their info), I suggest http://www.dailymail.co.uk/

I stay away from it unless I am pretty certain I can control the cravings for news about Lily Allen's latest body type or Posh vacationing on yachts. I have actually had to "quit" the Daily Mail before. Addictive stuff.
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Whoops that was meant to be a link. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/
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If you want to subject yourself to fear-mongering right-wing rag (also, the place most other right-wing scum sheets seem to get their prejudices), I suggest http://www.dailymail.co.uk/

I stay away from it unless I am pretty certain I can control the cravings for news about illegal immigrants eating children or the cancer-causing properties of leaf mulch. I have actually had to "quit" the Daily Mail before. Addictive stuff.
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If you appreciate art and science, streetanatomy.com is phenomenal. It's a mix of the two worlds from the eyes of professionals and students alike.
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