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InternetFilter: Besides MetaFilter, whats the must read of the day? Tired of perusing the usual suspects for cool things on the internet. As I grow older find myself a bit less enthused over reddit, fark, digg, etc. As we all know, Metafilter is the holy grail of knowledge and all things fantastic, but I find myself wondering if there are a couple of pit stops missing before arriving here that will make my internet time better. Thinking along the lines of science, art, sociology, psychology, music and more. Any and all suggestions much appreciated.
posted by Funmonkey1 to Computers & Internet (20 answers total) 133 users marked this as a favorite is an aggregate of various feeds, including metafilter, digg, etc, but also others you might be interested in. Nothing incredibly highbrow, but I find that it's a good overview of what's new on the Intertubes today.
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I see you use gmail, so try Google Reader - it lets you see things your contacts have found and posted there (if any of them use it, which they probably do).
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Best answer: I like to check out Arts & Letters Daily and BookForum for interesting "highbrow" links, usually to online essays & articles on just about any subject, as well as literary reviews and discussion.
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yeah popurls is a good aggregator.
If you are interested in art, graphic design, photography and various wtf pictures i strongly recommend you
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Here's a heavily-favorited AskMe question similar to yours that accumulated a lot of suggestions this February.
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Best answer: For science news Scienceblogs is awesome. There are a ton of blogs there so you have a good choice of the exact field you're interested in.
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Bruce: semantics, SF, design, Bollywood, spimes, travels, literati, carlabrunilogy, manhole covers, adriatics.
Warren: storytelling, music, comics, nerds community, beer, art ladies, foggy nights, dontlookery.
RĂ©gine: art, architecture, design, electronics, interactivity, ambient art, chic, futuresonic, ubiquity.
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3quarksdaily, sorta of a less conservative version of aldaily.
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I have a locally-stored HTML homepage that is just a giant, hand-forged, three-column table of links instead of using a bookmark system. I've got most of one column being links to newspaper comic strips/panels that I regularly read, largely from and a few others from online newspapers that publish the oddball strips that don't have a regular site.

A few of the other links: GiveawayOfTheDay, Woot, Facebook (to play my daily allotment's worth of credits for various games), a bunch of friends' LJs/Xangas/etc, Filmoculous, Digg, Fark, Consumerist, Boing Boing, Waxy's links section, a few message boards to make the rounds on, a freebies site or two, Wunderground for my zipcode, a few enter-everyday-for-better-odds drawings, a torrent/RS site or two, Astronomy Picture of the Day, a small Google section with search/images/mail/maps at the ready, Laughing Squid, Winster, a YouTube section with the upload/myvideos/etc pages at the ready, and such.
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A few times a week I stop by
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wood s lot
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Seconding 3quarks and A&L. There's usually enough interesting stuff between the two of them to waste away hours stuck in the Tubes.
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The awesome tag is a crucial part of daily web surfing.
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Argh. My last link was broken, here's one that works.
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See also: What are some good blogs/sites that are like

Also, I suggest
posted by Mr. Anthropomorphism at 7:52 PM on October 13, 2008 is a decent science blog that's worth a look.
The UN posts a daily Update Brief covering events around the world.
Albino Blacksheep is a fantastic flash-art blog (and linked on MeFi more than once).
posted by bilgepump at 8:10 PM on October 13, 2008 never fails to inform/delight.
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This is probably a bit more common than the other suggestions, but I really enjoy Lifehacker. It's my everyday must-read.
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