Best website for purchasing website/wordpress templates?
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Helping friends set up their small business website. I am not a web designer/developer, just fine with tweaking, dependable and honest--unlike their last web person. They don't need a lot of fancy stuff, but I would like to move them off of google sites and get them something 1)more professional 2) still easily updatable. They are hosted on godaddy with redirects now, which is wasteful. The godaddy webbuilder software does not impress so far.

To this end I am thinking of purchasing a membership to something like Template world or Template monster will be a helpful idea. They may not be the only one with their designs--but these are small situations that don't require stand out fancy design.
Opinions on best site for this?
Opinions in general? And yes I'm learning more as time goes on, but I fix computers/servers for a living and though I want to learn more and am happy to, I need something quicker than that.
Thank you
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Use Squarespace.
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Best answer: Template Monster is horrendous. Buy WordPress templates off Theme Forest or Creative Market. I prefer the selection at Theme Forest, where you will want to SORT BY RATING and read at least a few "Comments" for each theme on your shortlist.

(A million people will tell you that if you want to learn WP coding you should download or buy a framework. This is great in its way but if what you want to do is a get a site for a friend out the door with a minimum amount of coding you don't know how to do while still learning along the way, Theme Forest all the way.)
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Also consider just using Weebly or Moonfruit or perhaps Shopify if they have a few things to sell online.
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Response by poster: I'm interested in the wordpress themes for me and for possibly for them, the website templates for them. I need about four of them out the door fast. I'm going to learn but I have to get them taken care of quickly.
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Response by poster: I love weebly and have used it--the problem is getting those hosted on godaddy which they are adamant about staying with for the time being.
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I've also heard good things about if you decide not to setup your own site.
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I am a very, very pleased user of Elegant Themes. I use WebFaction for hosting, and they have been _awesome_ to work with.
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I'll second Webfaction for hosting, with the note that Webfaction is more geek friendly than the typical shared host. If you are going to use Webfaction the idea of SSHing into the server to do stuff has to be appealing. They don't so CPanel, there is a dashboard that allows you to do some stuff, but it is not as point and click as Plesk or Cpanel experience that you might be more familiar with.
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Response by poster: I can't get them to move from godaddy for the time being. I wish I could but I can't. I will take a look at some of these and I'm interested to hear more. Has anyone used templateworld?
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Tip: look for themes that say "responsive", which means that they will work on mobile.
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Seconding Elegant Themes. They have quite a few paid support techs on their forums that respond quickly.
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Best answer: Highly recommend WooThemes, Elegant Themes, Graph Paper Press, and the more highly rated themes on Themeforest. There are other good options out there, but you should be able to find something for your needs between the above.

I've never used Templateworld before, but everything about it looks shockingly bad.
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I have used several themes from Themeforest with great success. Just make sure to check the rating and some of the comments.
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Response by poster: Thank you all very much. I wish I could get them away from godaddy, but there are several good ideas here to try.
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