They can take my internet when know the rest.
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So, money is tight for many of us, my household not excepted. Belts are tightened as much as possible. Nearly all entertainment expenses cut, but we aren't giving up internet access, no way, no how.

But I'm in such a rut, I haven't found anything new and interesting in ages! The post in the blue about the Sims3 blog "Alice and Kev" is what is prompting me to search out the new and interesting.

Now tell me what I should be entertaining myself with online. I like horror, sci-fi, comics, geography, trivia, history. I like to read works-in-progress stories, blogs, comic strips.

Note: I have read similar posts from the AskMefi past, and have gotten some suggestions. Oh CakeWrecks, how you amuse me so! Sites I do check out frequently: Metafilter(obviously), DailyKos, Sporcle, TWoP, several news sites, Daily Show, ColbertNation, and then just a few friends' personal blogs. See how limited my experience is?
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Neatorama may be of interest to you. It has some history, trivia and sci-fi elements.
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Have looked at Futility Closet?
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If you enjoyed Alice & Kev, check out the recent askme about similar game playthroughs.

The Help me fall in love with the Internet again askme has lots of good links in it too.
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My favourite online comic strip is XKCD

I'm not sure Indexed fits in any of your categories exactly, but it's close to a couple of them.
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i posted this question and got a lot of good stuff from it.
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I like Fark.
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There are plenty of people addicted to reddit.

I am one of them.
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Discovered yesterday: Cracked.
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For TV shows and movies: Hulu and Fancast are your best (legitimate) bets.
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Damn Hell Ass Kings is a collection of blogs by friends of the founders of TWoP (Glark, Wing and Sars), including Metafilter's own GaelFC. Lots of good writing and snark within.
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This is pretty random since the question is all over the place:



First chapters on NYT and WaPo

RLC (full disclosure: this is my dad's blog, but recommended if you like "works-in-progress stories")


posted by Jaltcoh at 3:51 PM on June 26, 2009 and have lots of interesting stuff (less filtering than, well, metafilter). Someone upthread mentioned hulu, joost also has shows and movies. I've been able to paste together a lot of movies from youtube for the kids (i.e. we watched Mouse Hunt in 10 parts the other night). Also in my recently clicked, Drudge and for news, photoshopdisasters for laughs. Actually, photoshopdisasters is an example of something I found via metafilter that is worth checking everyonce and awhile. You might try just scanning backward in mefi for pages that change.
posted by 445supermag at 3:53 PM on June 26, 2009 offers a stream of mostly intelligently written posts in a nice mix of topics close to the ones you listed.
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If you like TWOP's recaps, I bet you'll also like The Watcher and Alan's Sepinwall's blog, which are both intelligent TV blogs with episode recaps/reviews by professional critics. Not as snarky as TWOP, but still good. I also really like Pajiba for all sorts of snarky reviews and pop culture commentary - it reminds me of TWOP in The Good Old Days. Entertainment Weekly also does great episode reviews.

As for webcomics, I love Fart Party. Dumb name, but great, funny autobiographical comic (more like an illustrated blog) by a Californian living in Brooklyn.
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aluc is good for watching movies and documentaries, but don't tell the feds I told you.
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Free Speculative Fiction On-line. SF Signal has frequent articles linking to free sf.

There's lots of trivia goodness on the Jeopardy forums and the Jeopardy Archive.
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You could try some Stargate SG-1 episodes on Hulu, or Outer Limits episodes.

For daily laughs/leisure FmyLife will give you more laughs every day than anything else.

If you enjoy just browsing and discovering new things, check out the links tagged with "history" and "comics" on delicious.

Some people enjoy the very dry Dinosaur comics.
posted by mtphoto at 4:40 PM on June 26, 2009 you can download ebooks to read on your computer or ipod/iPhone or other portable device.
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FML (FuckMyLife) is hilarious. Just when you think your day is crappy, it's good to know someone else's life is crappier. The first time I fell in here, it took me two hours to emerge from reading the archives. My sides hurt from laughing.

Urlesque is a daily collection of off the wall websites that can be quite entertaining. You tube links you've never heard of. Upside down celebrity faces. Bizarre pictures. It's led me down cyber roads I never thought I'd ever wander through.
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You guys are awesome. Now I have something to do and can't whine anymore, "There's nothing on the internet!"
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I just want to jump in here and add:
Thrift Horror community on Livejournal. The horrors are horrifically awesome, the commentary on most of the posts is good snark too.
If you like FML you'll probably like Texts From Last Night (mostly about drinking and debauchery)
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I'm a little late to the party, but I suggest installing Boxee. It's been a nice Cable replacement for me.
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(especially if you have a spare mac mini or appletv.
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