What is your favourite blog?
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What is your favourite blog?

I recently had a cull of the blogs I've been reading, mostly because they tended towards the corporate and weren't that entertaining or in some cases readable. I'm on the look out for new blogs to read, and having looked at the Bloggies nominees and the usual suspects, what I'd really like are the undervalued gems, the ones which are never nominated for anything but are just consistently excellent anyway. Any genre, any style, any location. Any ideas?
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I read a million fashion/style blogs, but if there was a death match, it would definitely come down to a battle between Agathe and Gala. Both are incredibly original, unique, and fierce.
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It may not be obscure, but Cosmic Variance is my favorite.
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I'm a big fan of Faking It (if you're not interested in authenticity and popular music, though, it might not be your thing).
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New York Hack
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I really like Confessions of a Pioneer Woman....

but I'll deny it to any of my dudes...
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Book Covers
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These arent my "daily reads"... but their uniqueness sticks out in my mind:

Ectoplasmosis ..um... weird ?
Elit Alice ... random cool stuff
Trendalicious... mashup of Del.icio.us, Reddit and Digg
Paintalicious... art blog
Flickrriver ... LOVE the hot smooth scrolly action
Who Killed Bambi .. is deliciously gruesome
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I don't really like many blogs, but 2Blowhards is one I do read and really enjoy.
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Fire Joe Morgan is my favorite blog and I don't even like baseball.
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OH.. forgot a few:

Someday I want to be a designer, architect or materials-hacker:
Ikea Hacker

Once a chef, always a chef:

And I seem to have a thing for socks: (much to my own surprise),..(no, I dont wear them :)
Sock Dreams
(now if only I could find a corset blog similar to Sock Dreams..that would be pretty sweet)
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elyse sewell's livejournal: elysesewell.livejournal.com. modeling + food + photography = joy!
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a few of the sites i read on a daily basis...

Yanko Design - industrial design news
TechCrunch - start up news
The Consumerist - stories and tips to help consumers who are getting screwed over by large corporations
Why Does Everything Suck? - tech blog that tends to focus on database related topics
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waxy.org - an authentic take on interesting things web/meme/tech
defectiveyeti.com - hi-larious take on news, etc.
boingboing.net - awesome shit, similar topics to waxy (with a dash of steampunk)
lifehacker.com - for... lifehacking
tuaw.com - all things apple
jayisgames.com - casual games
firstshowing.net - movies (lots of brand new trailers)
uncrate.com - cool shit to buy (for dudes; try outblush.com for ladies)
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The Confluence
(Run by Clintonistas and many Kossacks (Daily Kos) in exile - more conversational, please be polite, merci d'avance.)

The Left Coaster, more politics, more Clintonistas, long thought out posts very well researched.

Kingdom of Style - fashion blog, obv, but not streetstyle - very creative and usually several new posts a day, I don't know how she finds the time! Love it.

Cafe Mode, fashion blog from Paris, all in French

20 Jazz Funk Greats (fantastic music blog. not jazz funk, mind you.. the name comes from a Throbbing Gristle album which.. um.. doesn't have 20 songs, they're not jazz, not funk, and maybe not great, ymmv, I like TG but it's not my favorite.)

Fluokids, French language music blog, lots of great new electronic music.

90's R & B Junkie - what it says. so many songs I hadn't heard in years. top class!
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Some personal faves:

Digital Tools
The Teeming Void

All of these are great sources of info for nerdcore art & technology fare.
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One of my favorites for recipes is A smitten kitchen
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Ran Prieur's
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I'm a photographer.
A Photo Editor
Joe's NYC
The Online Photographer
I'm also a Democrat.
Daily Kos
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I was going to suggest popurls,(which I sorta just did), not as a blog but as a neat starting point. But I may like jmnugent's Trendalicious even better.
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swiss miss
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Another vote for The Pioneer Woman.
Also Dooce.
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This one's pretty well known, but in case you haven't checked out languagelog, definitely do so. It's like William Safire for smart people.
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Africa Blogs by journalists and others:

West Africa Wins Always
Dotty Rhino

Silly things:

The "Blog" of "Unnecessary"Question Marks
Cortex the Killer

Animal blogs and veterinarians and pets:

The NinnerFish Bowl
Weird Bug Lady
Two Chinchillas
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As a blogger myself, I get asked this question pretty frequently, and my answers haven't changed much over the years.

music blogs:

Said the Gramophone
The Catbirdseat


Maud Newton

personal well-written blog:

I Will Dare
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Mason-Dixon Knitting -- Two best friends. One lives in Nashville, the other in Manhattan. They knit, and stuff.
The Burgh Blog -- The anonymous and fabulous PittGirl blogs Pittsburgh.
Wedding Bee -- Several brides-to-be blog as they plan their weddings (replete with stationery/dress/flower/cake pr0n.)
Que Sera Sera -- Funny and lovable Tulsa transplant in NYC.
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seconding janedark, from above.

a personal favorite is tinyluckygenius aka the unicorn's tear. though i could see why the title might not inspire. it's jessica hopper (of the chicago reader, elsewhere), mostly a personal blog, but i find it eminently readable, and, when she has a mind to recommend (or dismiss) a book/movie/artist, i find that she's almost always right in doing so.
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Man vs. Clown Funny!
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Overheard in New York
Post Secret
Boy on a Stick and Slither
Basic Instructions
Passive Agressive Notes
I can haz cheezburger
Marmaduke Explained
Pearls Before Swine
The Fail Blog
Izzle Paff
Perry Bible Fellowship
The Onion

I'm way too lazy to provide links; google is your friend. Anybody know any good legal blogs that aren't volkoh, or about greedy associates?
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I subscribe to over 150 blogs using my Bloglines account. I usually spend a good portion of my Sundays catching up on all of my reads. Here are a few of my personal faves:

Notebookism - writing, journals, moleskines, and, of course, notebooks
Celebrity Baby Blog - celebrities and their offspring
Springwise - awesome blog featuring new business ideas & entrepreneurial stuff
I Can Has Cheezburger and I Has a Hot Dog - hilarious cat and dog pictures with captions
DeLush Beauty - makeup and perfume reviews
ljcfyi - a personal-ish blog, but mainly featuring cute and cool crafts, and cupcakes
Zen Habits - tips on life development and reaching personal goals
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I'm not a foodie by any stretch of the imagination, but I LOVE Bake and Shake. It began as a baking blog with great photography, but it also showcases many other facets of the author's life.

My favorite non-food entries are the author's post-Sassy magazine manifesto and where she and her sisters talk baby names.

I wish she'd post more.
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On preview, the links posted go directly to the comments. Scroll up for the entries.
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Napoleon Fantastic
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Seriously? Am I blind? Has no one posted BLDGBLOG?

Absolutely brilliant.
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(of course, I may just be undervaluing BLDGBLOG's popularity)
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Dark Roasted Blend - just way cool pics.
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Book By Its Cover
Design Sponge
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dlisted.com for gossip.
largeheartedboy.com. links to stories about books/music/films that i want to read.
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With much gratitude and spite for all those who have caused an exponential increase in the size of my "Misc" (aka time wasters) bookmark folder, here are my additions:

For those interested in law-type news/discussions (good for non-lawyers too):
How Appealing - great links, some neutral commentary
Volokh - libertarians and conservatives, but still thoughtful and interesting
Above The Law - law gossip

Eclectic (yes, everything other than law is eclectic for me):
Cognitive Daily
Parent Hacks (helps if you have kids)

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Response by poster: Wow, thanks for that burst of Metafilter's great blog-conscience. That'll keep me busy.
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I really enjoy Metafilter, but it's more of a "community weblog."

For politics, Josh Marshall's Talking Points Memo is a quality read.

For food and cooking, Serious Eats and Michael Ruhlman's blog are frequent reads (actually, Ruhlman just had a pretty comprehensive post on chefs who blog, but that's not quite what you were asking for).
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I can't believe 3quarksdaily hasn't been mentioned yet! Very intelligent, thought provoking stuff every day.
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BibliOdyssey [Very impressive art blog]
Daily Greencine [The best movie blog.]
Lady, That's My Skull
Voucher Ankles

Just a few...
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Russell Davies
It's Nice That
Creative Review

Oh, and I blog too! At Spinning Around.
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As a finance/investment guy, I enjoy:

Going Private
Paul Kedrosky's Infectious Greed
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A few favorites on the tech side of things: That's all I can remember right now.
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