Looking for indepth online.
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Looking for indepth online. Where do you go for indepth analysis and information? The online versions of most Current Affairs print magazines are known to me. I want more Glenn Greenwald, Daily Beast; Andrew Sullivan or Informed Comment. What are the best blogs out there for political and international analysis; not neccessarily UScentric? For instance where do I find out more about the convoluted craziness of Iran or Eritrea? There are a lot of highly intelligent, inquiisitive people around these parts; where do you go to find out what the informed opinion for your interests are? Please don't limit this to just political or current affairs; the best of anything is always worth reading.
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Global Voices Online is a good place to start. Rather than providing analysis, the site provides context by translating or discovering local blogging about a particular issue. Truly best of the web.
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You might find this question I asked interesting.
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I've found the Foreign Affairs journal to be a good read.

Similarly, Prospect Magazine and The Economist both have a very broad reach.

The Times Literary Supplement has many worthwhile cultural articles.

Financially, there's FiveThirtyEight.
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The Economist is good as an extra viewpoint.
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(But I'm slower than mooders at 4 am.)
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Matthew Yglesias's blog at ThinkProgress almost always impresses me, even when I don't agree with it.
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AltWeeklies is a good compilation of the alternative press.

Arts and Letters Daily provides a selected handful of new items each day.
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American Footprints is a very good foreign policy blog. One of the writers there, Eric Martin, also blogs at the excellent, more generalist Obsidian Wings.

The Big Picture and Calculated Risk are prescient economics blogs.

On law, Balkinization features a bunch of top flight law professors, and Emptywheel has been scooping the print and broadcast media for years.

For political topics, Daniel Larison is a fearless conservative writer, and digby is an indefatigable liberal writer. Both of them come up with some pretty in-depth posts.
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And if you haven't already tried it, check out the Readability bookmarklet. I've found it makes reading verbose web pages more pleasant. Note - it doesn't work for sites that do tricky things to their markup.
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If you like Greenwald, I highly recommend Chris Floyd.

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Stratfor subscriptions are very expensive, but you can sign up for their free weekly intelligence bulletins, which seem excellent to me.
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A Fistful of Euros is great.
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seconding fivethirtyeight -- nate silver is brillant
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For Eurasia, Eurasianet.
General foreign policy news, FP Passport.
For ex-Soviet republics, Transitions Online. (That one really is excellent)

Further afield, MarsNews.
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For tech news, Ars Technica
For strong, cynical positions, Taibbiblog
For solid leftward logic, peppered with sarcasm, Yglesias
For infrequent, but solid Middle East coverage, Rootless Cosmopolitan
For financial commentary (that is a bit above my ability to understand, but still worth reading) Naked Capitalism
For video of many, many more bloggers/academics, /pundits, /reporters, /politicians, Bloggingheads.tv

Bloggingheads will introduce you to a number of in-depth commentators (for example, Arnold Kling and Mark Thoma are on today and are both noted economics academics). I could go on. By the way, great question...definite favorite.
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A great aggregaror of these is 3quarksdaily
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