I want to read stuff other people think is important.
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I'm very interested in websites/blogs that aggregate a whole bunch of sources and present the most interesting, influential and informative writing on the Web. Help me find some more?

I know about Memeorandum and Techmeme. I also read The Browser and Arts & Letters Daily.

I know these kinds of sites come in a few flavors, so: I'm generally interested in ones that are commentary-free, that are run by educated human editors (like The Browser or A&L Daily), or that operate by an influence algorithm like Memeorandum. I'm not particularly interested in directly crowdsourced sources like Digg or Reddit.

What are your favorite content aggregators?
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You could give Give Me Something To Read a try.
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I return to The Rumpus.
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Popurls has a bit of everything for everyone.
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I've heard good things about 3 Quarks Daily, although I don't really follow it myself.
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Slate just started doing something like this three times a day. They are calling it The Slatest.
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With a modest smile on my face, might I suggest my site?
I put it up daily. The thing is, there are lots of babes (NSFW, but no porn) midst essays on the arts, science links, photography, some funny stuff, some material you will not find in many other places (NSA declassfied reports, war photos etc)...I put up tons of material daily and do get some ten thousand visits per day. No commentary by readers and no ads. And totally free.

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Bookforum's Omnivore
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Thanks for linking to The Rumpus. We try to update 15 times a day. We cover books and culture but never pop culture. We figure everybody else has that covered for us.

Another good literary blog is HTMLGIANT. There's also The Millions. And as someone already mentioned, Kottke.

My personal favorite aggregator remains Mefi.
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NYT's Idea of the Day.

Sign and Sight's Magazine roundup (similar to the bookforum blog linked above, which I recommend as well).
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The Browser.
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