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March 9

Montreal standout restaurants and jazz clubs

I'll be in Montreal in June, and we're looking for some standout restaurants to make reservations for now, or just your favorite restaurants (any cuisine). Also, any recommendations on where to see some jazz? We're staying in the Hochelaga neighborhood, and we'll get around by public transport, car-share, and walking.
posted by ShooBoo around Montreal, QC at 6:45 AM - 9 answers has best

February 28

Road trip planning tools

Planning on taking a long road trip through Canada this summer. I'm thinking about 7-10 days total. What are some tools that I can use to plan the trip? [more inside]
posted by aeighty around Canada at 7:39 AM - 9 answers

February 15

Has anyone ever felt inexplicably attracted to a city or country?

So yeah, and this will probably be unusual, because the place I'm interested in isn't where people normally go to. The place is Calgary and by extension Alberta. I'm not generally very conservative, at least not socially. I sort of agree with some better economic ideas that conservatives have in general, but it is really dependent on which. I feel like they also have a bunch of wacky stuff when it comes to economics. [more inside]
posted by Tarsonis10 around Calgary, AB at 4:09 PM - 16 answers

October 18, 2021

How to store some stuff for a couple hours in downtown Toronto

I have an appointment in downtown Toronto next week, and for security reasons I can't bring my phone, a backpack or other bag larger than a small purse, any food, etc. I am coming on the train from out of town with a six-year-old child, and I would like to try to find a way to store some belongings for a couple of hours. [more inside]
posted by number9dream around Toronto, ON at 10:45 AM - 14 answers has best

October 10, 2021

Help me see the Northern Lights in Canada

I will be in Ottowa, Canada at the beginning of February, and will have an extra 3-4 days to add to my trip. Since I'll already be north in the dark, cold winter, I thought it might be a good opportunity to see if I can cross an item off my bucket list and get my first view of the Northern Lights. [more inside]
posted by Threeve around Canada at 12:47 PM - 12 answers has best

August 23, 2021

How to Make Google Maps my Rail Trail Friend"

How can I use Google Maps to map out the rail trails of the Nova Scotia Coast? [more inside]
posted by Xurando around Nova Scotia at 4:45 PM - 7 answers has best

June 27, 2021

How should I go about planning my arrival to Canada?

So, I'm finally arriving into Canada on August 8th. Fortunately, the government has announced that if you're fully vaccinated you don't have to do quarantine. However, it's not that simple and it is the border officer that will determine this based on whether you meet certain requirements. [more inside]
posted by Tarsonis10 around Toronto, ON at 6:17 AM - 12 answers has best

May 6, 2021

Lost Coast, CA attractions?

We’ve decided to take a jaunt up to the Lost Coast / Humboldt County area over Memorial Day weekend. Our itinerary is sketched out vaguely but we could use suggestions from those who have been there before. [more inside]
posted by stoneandstar around Area E, BC at 1:50 PM - 6 answers has best

April 21, 2021

Travel to Canada this June?

It's our 25th anniversary, and we would like to go from New England to Montreal in early June. Is the mandatory quarantine, and the ban on casual travel, likely to be lifted by then? [more inside]
posted by wenestvedt around Montreal, QC at 8:00 PM - 18 answers has best

October 6, 2020

Canuck abroad visiting the mother country - health insurance??

So when Canadians go home for a month or more which health insurance company do you go with? Why do they all look so scammy? [more inside]
posted by St. Peepsburg around Canada at 11:37 PM - 3 answers

October 2, 2020

Plan my route into Montreal and help me avoid the highway closures

I have to drive into Montreal from Ontario on Saturday. From what I can tell all the highways into the city are shut down due to construction. I need directions that will get me into the downtown core. [more inside]
posted by sardonyx around Montreal, QC at 7:27 PM - 5 answers has best

September 30, 2020

Navigating international air travel in the time of COVID

Due to life circumstances and general loneliness, I'm somewhat considering going to stay with my parents, who I haven't seen in a year, for an extended period around the holidays. (Please assume I'll take all reasonable COVID precautions and quarantine as part of this process.) This would require an international flight. It occurred to me recently that even though the flight I need is available for sale, it may end up getting canceled, making this trip impossible. How can I best investigate my options? [more inside]
posted by mekily around Montreal, QC at 8:28 AM - 14 answers has best

July 4, 2020

how to offload a US car in Canada

I drive a 14.5-year-old beater in the US and there is about a 0% chance Canada will allow me to import it without alterations that will definitely exceed the value of the car (generously, $500 US). However, I need it to get myself to Canada. Is there any way, in this COVID era, to get rid of my US car without importing it OR returning to the US (and thus having to do another 14-day quarantine)? [more inside]
posted by robot inside a grid around Canada at 5:57 PM - 19 answers

June 27, 2020

pandemic border crossing

Have you crossed a land border from the US into Canada recently? How'd it go, and what did you need to show them as far as a self-isolation plan? [more inside]
posted by robot inside a grid around Ontario at 6:12 PM - 9 answers has best

June 14, 2020

What is the [Chicago neighborhood] of Toronto?

My spouse and I are planning a move to Toronto from Chicago. I've been to Toronto a few times (family from Ontario) and my spouse has been there once, but we're feeling overwhelmed looking at all the different neighborhoods (and...suburbs? absorbed suburbs?) Can you help us find a place to live? [more inside]
posted by robot inside a grid around Toronto, ON at 2:22 PM - 13 answers has best

May 5, 2020

Does anyone know or have an inkling of when borders will be reopened?

I'm probably worrying unnecessarily, but there are few answers out there and I don't think the media is accurate when it reports on certain things. I don't feel they are doing it on purpose, but I get the feeling that they do not have an understanding of the big picture as a whole when it comes to reporting scientific findings. [more inside]
posted by Tarsonis10 around Montréal, QC at 8:15 AM - 12 answers has best

January 23, 2020

Haida Gwaii visit

We're thinking of visiting Haida Gwaii this summer. If you've visited (or live there), any information would useful. [more inside]
posted by ShooBoo around British Columbia at 3:44 PM - 4 answers has best

January 17, 2020

Where should I park overnight in Vancouver?

Where can I leave my car for 30 hours in Vancouver, BC so I won't have to worry about it being broken into? [more inside]
posted by mollywas around Vancouver, BC at 12:18 AM - 5 answers has best

January 11, 2020

Got all this free time in the summer, and we wanna see more of BC!!

Me + my dear husb want to spend some time road tripping in British Columbia this summer. We are life long residents of Vancouver Island/Lower Mainland, but haven't ventured much further beyond that save for a couple of trips to the Okanagan to visit family, or else just cruising through on the way to Alberta for whatever reason. Where should we go and what should we do?? [more inside]
posted by wats around British Columbia at 8:11 PM - 4 answers

January 3, 2020

Give me your best advice for Waterton NP

I'm planning a mini-honeymoon trip for this coming August to Glacier/Waterton NP. We're pretty familiar with the Glacier side and will be starting on the US side in the Many Glacier area, but I also want to add on a night in Waterton which we know very little about. Advice on hotels and trails please? [more inside]
posted by serelliya around Waterton Park, AB at 7:00 PM - 1 answer