Question about UP Express and Dundas West
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Toronto peeps, please settle this UP Express / Dundas West argument...

One person believes that the UP Express was inaccessible from the street level at Dundas West when the UP Express launched. That is, you had to enter from Bloor or from the east side (Railpath). The other thinks you could enter from Dundas West (from the FreshCo parking lot) from day one.

Who's correct, and do you have links to evidence?

Note, they're not arguing about accessing from the Dundas West Subway station, but from the street level.

This article has been cited, but one thinks that article is referring to the subway and the other thinks it is referring to the street level. One says that photo is of a person who cannot gain access to the tunnel and the other thinks it's a photo of someone walking to the already-completed tunnel entrance.
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I don't know if it was a day 1 thing, but access via the freshco parking lot was certainly available before that article was written in 2019. I lived at Keele & Dundas and used that entrance to take UP to the VIA station as early as 2016.

There was always a plan to try to build a *better* connection between the subway and the train, but the Freshco long way round route was there pretty quickly.
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I lived in High Park in 2017 and also remember the Fresh Co entrance. It was shit, with construction fences and plywood and dumb signs, but definitely there.
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Best answer: Day one was 6 June 2015. The passenger pickup area opened around February 2016.

Here is a photo I took of a notice in the station from February 2016 about the new entrance.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone!
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