Where is this Spanish Civil War clip art from?
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My grandpa did an album about his time in the Spanish Civil War, and the liner notes (PDF) utilize five pieces of clip art. I'd like to know where the clip art came from.

It certainly looks to me like it was "clipped" from somewhere rather than actually drawn for this book. The credits in the liner notes aren't of much help in my opinion; they certainly led me nowhere.

Editor of printed portion: Nancy Carter
Photo art: Larry & Lucia Frost
Cover art: Ken Zimmerman
Copyright 1982 Folkways Records And Service Corp.

Nancy Carter is a friend of the family who was already "older" when I was a little girl; her photo is on page 56 of the PDF. As far as I know I never met the Frosts or Mr. Zimmerman, and I know nothing about them beyond that they also appear on the credits of Leave Her Johnny, Leave Her: The Stories and Shanties of Hjalmar Rutzebeck. I already looked through the liner notes for that one, and the artistic style is completely different aside from the covers.
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