Looking for picture of chain-saw carved bear for tattoo reference - hard to find
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Looking for a picture/drawing of a bear statue from behind (possibly facing forward) - from what I recall, it looked like a chainsaw-cut carving of a brown or black bear out of a tree. Could be B&W lineart of one and I recall the grooves of the "fur flaps" being very deep but symmetrical - not rough-cut and not rounded. Thinking of using it along with a drawn "cub" of similar look & feel for a tattoo.

Any help is welcome...looking for reference pics. Everything I find is too cartoony, small, smooth, rough etc. This image projected a feeling of native origin but most native totems of bears look far different. It was almost like someone took an oak, cut off the top about 12-15 ft up, created pointed ears and cut deep, wide grooves to resemble bear fur. The reason I think it was B&W lineart is because I recall a white background. It could very well be a sculpture or another animal.
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Chainsaw bears are native to my region (Alaska as a kid/Pacific Northwest as an adult). Some are better than others. Googling "chainsaw bear" will get you more image results than people who live outside chainsaw bear territory can probably imagine.
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