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I have searched and searched online for American Indian art to no avail. More specifically - I'm looking for the kind of bold clip art (thick lines) or logo-type of art associated or signifying with each of the following: Shawnee, Lakotas, Iroquois, Ojibwe, Cahokia, Cherokee - animal art is fine as well. Are there any symbols of the same type of art that might relate to law or justice??. Am I looking for something that doesn't exist? Thanks in advance for any help!!!
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I don't understand what you are looking for - are you looking for art from individual artists, from each nation, or other? Are you after tribe-specific symbols?

About the only thing I'd say that's common among all is North America. :)
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Dover Publications has some clipart CD-ROMs.
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Ah, this is one of those "ask a fuzzy question and disappear sort of things..."?
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What you are describing doesn't exist as you are describing it. Most of the first nations have official seals which include certain material symbols, but they are, for the most part, still negotiating the creation of symbolic tribal-markers. Anyway, I think when these things do come to exist, they will be far to complicated to be represented with bold line clip art.

(and Cahokia is a place, not a people.)
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Response by poster: sorry for the lack of clarity in my question.
i'm looking for bold line they relate to each tribe mentioned...
also, my apologies for the lack of knowledge (I'm still learning). :)

Zadcat - thanks for your rec on dover pub. - the only problem i find with that is it doesn't specify which clipart belongs to which tribe, etc.
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