Help me identify this symbol?
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I found this rock by some train tracks today. The rock could be from anywhere since the rock beds for the tracks are often laid with rocks shipped in from everywhere. A Google search hasn't been much help yet. Anyone?
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I think it's a hobo symbol of some sort, which makes sense if it's from train tracks. It sort of resembles the "danger" sign.
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Why are you convinced it is a symbol? Could it not be a rock that was scratched without (intentional) human involvement?

From the pic, it doesn't look as if this is indisputably a symbol.
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I agree this resembles a version of the "danger" or, alternately, "officer of the law" symbol -- which had several variants involving a verticle and several horizontal marks of different length. Examples of both here, a different variant of hte latter here. I wonder if it's worn (unlikely to me judging by the shape) or just poorly marked to begin with.

Without a real provenance or attestation, of course, we're just speculating, but I think there's a good chance this is a real example.
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Response by poster: Unified Theory: It's written on the rock in some sort of resin or tar.
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