Where is this image from?
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Does anyone know the source of this image of two elderly women drinking with a young man in the foreground? One of the women is vomiting in the background. The filename is either "saturdaynight" or "grannyparty." I had assumed it was a relic from someone's photo collection but a friend recently informed me it was part of a larger project and set up.
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It looks like the sort of thing they post to Sorry I Missed Your Party. I looked through a few archive pages and didn't see it, but it might be in there somewhere.
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Very curious picture. I TinEyed it and found a lot of other sites using it. It'd be a daunting task, suitable only as a last-resort, but you could delve through those 116 matches if nothing else presents itself. I've had success using this method in the past. (As well as time-wasting, complete failures... in the interest of full-disclosure).
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Response by poster: I tineye'd it as well and dove in but didn't get very far. It's been plastered all over the internet.
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One of the TinEye urls references Vogue Hommes, perhaps it was an editorial there at some point?
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I've been seeing that photo for about a year.

If you really have the fortitude for it, you could take those hits from TinEye (and I didn't see anything too promising myself), download each one, then go through the EXIF data, see if you could find dates. I'm not precisely sure how TinEye's "Most Changed" works (EXIF? Dates spidered? Error level analysis?) but that seems like the way to trace far back.
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I think I recall this being someone's photography project.
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Best answer: it's David Lachappelle from his recollections in america series.
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LaChapelle, even

and it was shot in 2006 - well into his career.
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oh - not shot - he claims they are found photos that have been "manipulated."

i really should make a complete thought before i hit post.
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Response by poster: damnit, Lachappelle?! I can't stand his work but that image is absolutely genius. Like finding out the prime rib you're enjoying is actually spam.

Thanks everyone.
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