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Thanks to this post, I've learned I really love Kodachrome. I also love photos of 40s-60s American cities - the clothes, the ads, the old cars, the whole thing. Where can I find good Kodachrome prints of American cities - preferably ones I can have printed myself and/or reasonably buy?
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You can always have a look though the library of congress as I discovered after seeing this a few months back. Quite a few of the collections hold no restriction on duplication and all of them are available in high resolution .tiff.
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In case you didn't know it already, Kodachrome will no longer be developed.
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You can try to contact people directly through the Vintage Kodachrome Group on Flickr.
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The trick is, Kodachrome is a positive color slide process. Any prints you get will likely not have the same depth of color and such as viewing the actual slides.

That aside, if you do a quick Google search for "kodachrome prints", you'll find many listings there.
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