How to keep upto date on latest photo shows/exhbitis in NYC?
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How can I keep abreast of photo gallery openings, new photo exhibits, photo-related events in NYC? Any favorite online resources that do the work for you?

Woeful that I missed out on the Juergen Teller opening at Lehmann Maupin. Help me not miss any other good shows!
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Must it be an online resource? If print is ok, then Time Out New York and Photo District New are my suggestions. Both have websites of course, but I don't know if either has the gallery and exhibit openings listed online.
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One of the flickr New York groups?
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A lot of galleries have their own mailing lists which you can find on their website.

Also, though it's not photography-specific, I've found ArtCal's opening section to be very helpful.
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Best listing of NYC openings I've found is (not specifically photography-focused but they definitely cover photography as well as every other visual arts medium).

You can subscribe by email and get a weekly update, or you can use their site and save a custom selection of openings you can then email to yourself.
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I second ArtCal's openings section.
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Photography now has a comprehensive list of current shows and if you go to the start tab you will find the list of exhibitions that are opening that month.
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A very complete listing of photography exhibitions is at Photograph, available in print form at ICP, Aperture and various galleries. The print version is worth having for the ads, which contain photos from many upcoming shows, and good maps of gallery locations.

Chelsea Art Galleries does a great job listing all galleries in Chelsea, with information about upcoming openings.
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