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This is probably ways too long of a shot here, but I need help remembering the title of any book in this series. It's been bugging me for days...very sketchy details inside!

So, I'm reasonably certain these would have been shelved under sf/f, and I'm halfway certain they were written by a woman. There were (at least) three of them, with pretty painterly covers, and I think all of the covers had a very stylized young woman on them, with the third book featuring her crouching down over a river or something and a cat is there (I remember things with cats!). Likely published in the late 80s-mid 90s. Absolutely no later than 98, though.

Content wise, they focussed on a young woman who was maybe an exile? in a society that was either ruled by bees or bee like creatures, or lived near that society. I seem to think she was a slave at some point, and the bee people saved her, or....something. I think they used telepathy, and I think this because I very distinctly remember the writing style was a little odd, with lots of italics in maybe strange places and capitalization to represent telepathic yelling. The main character was quite young, and ate...some..honey? to become the bee people's savior, or at least important to them, or was expected to when she actually got older.

Lardy, it looks terrible written out like this. The books were pretty damn slim, and the series title I THINK had the word "honey" in it someplace. Also, the main character's name was short and possibly started with an A. This is very jumbled, but maybe someone else was lurking around the same book sections as I was in the nineties and remembers too?

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Do any of the results of this tagmash search sound right?
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Is it the Merlin series by TA Barron? It's about an adolescent boy, and in one part he is in a giant bee colony and is eating honey, then is saved by someone there, or something. Also featuring a revolving castle. The boys name was Emrys
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Best answer: My best guess, at midnight on a cheap phone, is a series called Wild Magic, written by Jo Clayton.
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Apparently an alternate title for the series is "Honeychild Trilogy."
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I think you're looking for Daughter of the Empire, the first book in the Empire Trilogy by Raymond Feist and Janny Wurts. Mara of the Acoma suddenly inherits power and forms an alliance with the insectile cho-ja.
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Response by poster: SMPA has it! I should have asked here first, instead of tearing my brains apart for days.

I haven't read the other books mentioned here, but now I might ;)
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