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June 21

online defensive driving course for New York State

I'd like to take a defensive driving course online to get a discount on my car insurance. [more inside]
posted by nayantara around New York at 5:53 AM - 1 answer has best

June 10

Three days in Chelsea NYC

cruel summer's question prompts mine. I too will be in NYC, staying in Chelsea. Suggestions about good Chelsea restaurants, bars with great cocktails, offbeat things to do? I've been to the Whitney, have walked the Highline.
posted by mono blanco around New York, NY at 1:04 PM - 8 answers has best

four days in nyc, working introvert edition

Hello! I’m interning at a company and visiting one of their offices in NYC from June 27-June 30. I’m leaving NYC in the evening on the 30th, so I have a few evenings to explore the city. I’d love to see some of the sights, but I’m also an introvert and can be easily overwhelmed by a lot of social interaction/external stimulus. I’m staying in a hotel in the Lower East Side, close to Soho and Little Italy, and would prefer things that are in that area though a short train ride away would also be ok. More details on things I like to do inside! [more inside]
posted by cruel summer around New York, NY at 9:27 AM - 20 answers has best

June 7

What can I do with a car in NYC while out of town for a week?

Is there anywhere in NYC where I can leave a car for a week and not worry about an alternate side parking ticket? [more inside]
posted by davidstandaford around New York, NY at 4:43 PM - 12 answers

May 21

New things to do in New York City (since 2018)

I'm visiting New York City from Australia for the first time since late 2018 and am looking for new things to do. I've spent plenty of time there in the past (7+ months), so I'm specifically looking for stuff that has opened in the last few years (I realise covid will have impacted this) and am not too interested in the standard tourist things that have been around forever.
posted by jedro around New York, NY at 9:23 PM - 9 answers

May 19

Things to do during NYC visit while mobility-challenged

I'm visiting New York City in early June and am looking for things to do. I am currently experiencing a medical condition that makes it painful to walk or stand for more than half an hour or so. Sitting is OK. See under the fold for more. [more inside]
posted by matildaben around New York, NY at 10:04 AM - 6 answers

April 28

Cheap but decent accommodation on Manhattan

Heading over in October and would like to stay pretty centrally on Manhattan. The mrs is really into hotels, I am open to other alternatives. Own bathroom a must, walkup a no-go due to lack of fitness. [more inside]
posted by Iteki around New York, NY at 12:41 PM - 20 answers

April 25

NYC Travel Question

My son will be getting married in Chelsea in the fall. My brother wants to drive to NYC for the wedding (himself, sister-in-law, adult niece, and service dog). The hotel my son booked for the wedding has no parking (of course). Nearest parking is $60/day. Does my brother have any options? [more inside]
posted by gteffertz around New York, NY at 3:01 PM - 11 answers has best

April 16

Repeated article about walking from 42nd St to Central Park underground?

There is an article that appears in either New York Magazine or the New Yorker from time to time in which the writer tries to get from a building at 5th Avenue and 42nd Street to Central Park South without going outside. [more inside]
posted by lockedroomguy around New York, NY at 10:03 AM - 2 answers has best

March 19

1 week: NYC + somewhere in the woods

Help me plan our trip to NY in August. Two adults and two kids (8 and 6). Hoping to spend 3 nights in NYC and then another 3-4 nights within driving distance where we can hike/be in nature. [more inside]
posted by pear around New York at 6:01 AM - 9 answers

February 16

A Long Weekend in Saugerties, NY - Suggestions for Things To Do

My partner, my dog, and I will be staying in Saugerties, NY, for a long weekend. What would you suggest for things to do? [more inside]
posted by cursed around Ulster County, NY at 12:43 PM - 9 answers has best

January 30

Unique gift-experiences for the New Yorker who has everything

They've eated at neat places, they've seen Sleep No More, they know things faster than I do - what the heck do I get the stereotypical New Yorker Who's Seen It All? [more inside]
posted by rmm around New York, NY at 10:14 AM - 17 answers

November 1, 2021

21st Birthday in NYC

My niece is turning 21 in a few weeks. We live in NYC and I want to give her a night on the town! Any recommendations for really fun bars and restaurants to ring in the legal drinking age? [more inside]
posted by Neely O'Hara around New York, NY at 11:23 AM - 6 answers

October 6, 2021

Delaware River Scenic byway muust-sees

I'm doing the scenic Delaware River Route 97 drive next weekend. What should I make sure to not miss? [more inside]
posted by greta simone around New York at 9:32 AM - 5 answers

September 27, 2021

TravelFilter: Niagara Falls at Thanksgiving (US side)

My family is planning a little reunion for Thanksgiving in Niagara Falls, NY. We don't have valid passports so we need to stay on the US side. Aside from The Falls, what else should we see? Especially seeking Covid-friendly activities like walks or even outdoor dining.
posted by underthehat around Niagara Falls, NY at 2:28 PM - 6 answers has best

Where to eat (possibly take out) in NYC, UWS to NYP?

As noted in my last question, I will be on the UWS in NYC this weekend and will depart via Amtrak at NYP. I'd like to eat before my 7pm train. I don't plan on eating inside, including any of the semi-enclosed outdoor dining "sheds." Patio or takeaway required. There are a million options, of course, but do you have anyplace you'd recommend in particular at this point in 2021? Any cuisine is good! [more inside]
posted by Admiral Haddock around New York, NY at 8:51 AM - 9 answers has best

September 23, 2021

What tips and tricks are there for NYC alternate side parking?

What tips and tricks do you have for navigating alternate side parking in Brooklyn? [more inside]
posted by andoatnp around New York, NY at 2:09 PM - 10 answers

September 2, 2021

Can I get out of NYC via Newark today?

I'm supposed to fly out of Newark airport at 4:30pm today via United. I was planning to travel there via subway and NJ Transit from Manhattan. What's the best way to get to the airport? How can I tell how likely my flight is to leave before I travel there? What should I do? [more inside]
posted by earth by april around New York, NY at 4:30 AM - 12 answers

August 10, 2021

cool adventures accessible by car from NYC

went to a neat nature preserve/holocaust memorial in Long Island last weekend and have a hankering for more open-air nature-y day trip date destinations for adults accessible by car from NYC. [more inside]
posted by wowenthusiast around New York, NY at 11:48 AM - 11 answers

August 6, 2021

How Do I Reserve A Taxi between Brooklyn and Manhattan

Asking for a friend traveling 1000 miles to NYC for surgery. They’re staying in Brooklyn, procedure is in Manhattan. The prospect of street hailing a cab before and after surgery is scary. They want to travel with a professional driver. In their small town, they call the cab company a couple days ahead to schedule a ride. I've searched for a central dispatch phone number without results. Are ride-hail apps like CURB or waave reliable?
posted by Jesse the K around New York, NY at 2:57 PM - 11 answers has best