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I need to park at or around JFK for about 2 and a half weeks this summer. Previously we've parked at the JFK long term lot, but this year they're quoting me over $600, yikes. But many of the offsite long term parking lots look kinda sketchy. Is there an offsite lot that you can recommend, which is minimally sketchy, has a convenient shuttle, and won't be too exhausting to get to with 2 kids and luggage? The last time this was asked was in 2010, and the top answer doesn't seem to exist anymore.
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Would it be cheaper to leave your car parked at your house and get a taxi to/from the airport?
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Im in Los Angeles. We did similar math and ended up hiring a car service that allowed us to bring our own car seats, and then stored our car seats for us during our travel so that they could pick us up *with car seats installed* on our return. In LA for a 10-day trip, this ended up being cost neutral compared to offsite airport parking, and was a huge relief to not have to drive in crazy traffic after an international flight with small kids.
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Here is a recent reddit thread if you want to explore options posted there.
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Best answer: I don't know if it will be any cheaper for your days, but the parking spot is awesome. Shuttle drives to your car, driver loads everything, drops you at your gate, unloads everything. Reverse for coming home. We've brought kids in double strollers, 2 carseats in big backpacks, a stroller in a case, and all of our luggage and they don't bat an eye (we do tip, of course). They also provide cold bottled water on exit, which is surprisingly exciting after travel w kids. They tend to have coupons, so google, and it's worth joining their stupid club for future discounts if you travel enough.
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Caveat that I haven't ever used the JFK one.
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I have found that it's cheaper to just leave the car on the street in my neighborhood, taxi to and fro, and pay the $65 parking ticket(s). Make sure there's no reason for a tow.
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idk if it would work for you, but my parents would regularly rent a car in CT just to drive to JFK and return it at the airport.
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Years back when we had to do something similar we rented a parking spot in someone's driveway for a month, which was more than we needed but far less than the cost of long term parking (we had special circumstances of having had our license plate stolen like a week before our trip so didn't want to risk leaving it on the street and getting towed)
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I'd park in a neighborhood with only two day a week street cleaning and just pay the tickets and pay for travel to and from my car to jfk. In brooklyn thats probably around 50 for an uber last i tried. I'd do this because i wouldnt want to have to mess with fully emptying my trunk etc to make my car not enticing to break into. Idk, though, I guess it's about my feeling pretty sure about the neighborhood id leave it in, compared to the parking lot i'd find.
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