Songs to smooch to?
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My girlfriend has tasked me with helping her make us a joint makeout playlist for our times of woo-pitching.

Any and all recommendations are appreciated - we've got the Top 40s well covered so tunes a little off the beaten path would be great too.
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The entire album “Mezzanine” by Massive Attack is just… pure constant sex.
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This will depend on your tastes but the Spotify playlist Make Out Jams is consistently excellent. You don't have to be subscribed to see the songs, so if you don't have Spotify you can look at the list and check some of them out. I think it will even let you hear brief samples of the songs.
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Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By from Lovage might be too on the nose but I find it effective.
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The albums Oui and The Biz by The Sea and Cake have a breezy, tropical vacation makeout energy.
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“Loveless” by My Bloody Valentine is good for this from start to end.
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Maxwell's Urban Hang Suite and D'Angelo's Brown Sugar are your go-to albums for this.
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Dead Prez Mind Sex
Gregory Isaacs Night Nurse
TLC Let's Do It Again

I mean I can't not mention the ultimate make out song ever:
Inner Circle Sweat (A La La Long)

This one is off the beaten path and is so fantastic:
Michael Jackson ft. Bjork The Way You Make Me Feel 9000mph mix
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obfuscation The entire album “Mezzanine” by Massive Attack is just… pure constant sex.

came here to say pretty much exactly this.
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This is, IMO, the entire purpose of the band The xx, especially their first album. Try Crystallised for starters.
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Arto Lindsay - Mundo Civilizado
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My fave is Anita Kelsey's version of Sway (YouTube).
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Pretty much anything by Barry White, Marvin Gaye, or Johnny Mathias.
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Queens of the Stone Age, Lullabies to Paralyze
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Roxy Music - Avalon (whole album)

Macy Gray - a 3 cut sequence from her 1999 album 'On How Life is': Caligula, I Try, Sex-O-Matic Venus Freak

Tim Buckley - couple tracks from 1972's 'Greetings From L.A.': Get On Top, Sweet Surrender

Anderson .Paak - Make It Better

Cam'ron - Hey Ma

James - Laid
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Bolero by Ravel
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Bob's your uncle by the Happy Mondays
Who do you Love by the Jesus and Mary chain
Lay Lady lay ministry
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Anything by “Everything but the Girl”
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I lost my virginity to, most notably, "Call Me" by Aretha Franklin, so I know it works.

I was recently debating the best love song of all time with someone. His pick: "Album of the Year" by the Good Life. He was so wrong. The best love song of all time, cheesy sax solo and all, is "Throne of Gold" by Steel Pulse, with "In the Aeroplane Over the Sea" by Neutral Milk Hotel in second place.
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The entire album “Mezzanine” by Massive Attack is just… pure constant sex.
And, from a similar stable, a whole lotta stuff by Martina Topley-Bird - for example Soul Food.
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On a more serious note,
Jeff Buckley (Mojo Pin, Hallelujah), Bon Iver (the whole first album), Pearl Jam - You are, Explosions in the sky - Waking up, Kaki King - joi, DJ Krush - dig this vibe, Four Tet's album Rounds, and yes, the the first album of The Xx. Portishead might go too, if you like Massive Attack.
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Okaay, I don't have a reasonable playlist, but here's a big ol' partial and incoherent mishmash of kissy songs I like, that I've also been able to remember!:

Pale Saints, Kinky Love; Jeff Buckley, Everybody Here Wants You (not really a fan of the video, but the song is killer) and Lover, You Should've Come Over (and basically, just anything by Jeff Buckley); Santana ft. Rob Thomas, Smooth ; Chris Isaak, Wicked Game; Kings Of Leon, Sex on Fire; Mark Lanegan & Isobel Campbell, Come On Over (Turn Me On); Paul Weller, You Do Something To Me; Valerie June, Wanna Be On Your Mind; Madeleine Peyroux, Dance Me to the End of Love; Marcy Playground, Sex & Candy; The Beatles, Something; The Cardigans, My Favourite Game; Alannah Myles, Black Velvet; Stevie Ray Vaughan, Pride and Joy; Eagle-Eye Cherry, Save Tonight; Over the Rhine, Trouble; Peggy Lee, Fever; Bonnie Raitt, Something To Talk About; Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood, Summer Wine; Marcus Mumford, When I Get My Hands On You; Roxy Music, Love Is The Drug; Tanita Tikaram, Twist In My Sobriety; Aaron Neville, Tell It Like It Is; Sophie B. Hawkins, Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover; Steve Miller Band, The Joker; Chris Cornell, Nothing Compares 2 U (best comment on the video: "My neighbour's been listening to this song so much, even I miss his ex"); Milky Chance, Stolen Dance; Donovan, Mellow Yellow; The Weather Station, Robber; Michelle Gurevich, Way You Write.

aaand, I better stop. Apparently, way too many songs make me feel lovey dovey lovey dovey lovey dovey all the time. 👀
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Cigarettes After Sex, Apocalypse and Sweet. Anything by them, really.
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The Golden Palominos The Wonder
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Response by poster: Wow! So many songs to try out - appreciate all the suggestions.
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Morphine. Belle & Sebastian. Songs: Ohia. Mazzy Star. Message to Bears.

If y'all can't get smoochy to those, y'all ain't got no red blood in your veins.

I'm also going to throw in one from left field just to keep you on your toes (or butts, I guess): "Deep Stone Lullaby" by Michael Salvatori and others, recently released on Spotify.
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