Where to order canvas prints online?
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I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a website where we can order canvas prints? We had some family photos taken over Christmas that we'd like to get prints of for ourselves and for family. We found one place, but saw that it had poor reviews online. We're in Canada, so we'd need a place that ships here. Thanks!
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I've used this site many times for printing large photos. Never canvas per se, but I've always been happy with hte results and their pricing is good. I can't comment on whether they ship to canada.
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A friend just got one of these done at Costco based on a recommendation and it turned out great and was very reasonably priced.
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A photographer told me that the place she always recommends (not for canvas, just generally) is mpix.
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We had some done through mpix and they look great. Also recommended by a photographer.
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I've had a couple done at Costco and they do a very good job. Nice printings and they're put together well. This doesn't help if you're not a member, of course.

BayPhoto.com is another place my brother tried, and he seems happy with what they did for him.
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Mpix is good. I've also used Fabness.com, but make sure you sign up for their email and wait for a sale. They send out emails often with discounts of 70 to 80%. Sometimes they'll post the discounts in the site directly.
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I've ordered prints on paper from Printful that came out nice. I imagine their results on canvas are similarly good.
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