Unusual photo framing/mounting ideas?
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I'm looking for unusual ways to display/mount photos that escape the usual bland thin-frame-white-border look.

Leaning more toward classy than thats-uh-creative, something that would still look nice on a living room wall, not just an craft shop or art studio.

Not DIY, but something I could order online. The images could be people, animals, landscapes, abstract, a wide range. Large, small, any shape, I'm open to anything.

One idea I've found is the plywood/bamboo mounts from Plywerk. I know oversized canvas prints are another option. Anything else?
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The metal prints from Social Print Studio are really really nice.
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This Kickstarter is a frame that stores multiple postcard-sized images, and lets you switch out the front one for display.
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If you're looking for solutions for photos that you haven't already had printed, I just got my first order from Fracture and am pretty happy with them. They're dead simple to hang, they put the emphasis on the photo and they look great.
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We have a wall full of image blocks that I like a lot. It took a fair amount of planning and thinking to lay it out and decide what images to put where, but the result is nice. Also because they hang on the wall with a wood cleat, it's easy to take them down and replace them with a different image (of the same size).
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How about a picture rail and hanging rod system? Clean, adjustable, and gallery-like.
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