Where can I get a print of this picture?
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There's a photo montage floating about online depicting an octopus sitting on a barstool, playing an accordion. I would like to get a large (poster sized) print of it for a loved one who's obsessed with octopuses. But I can't find any info about it, whether or not it's available as a print, or if there's a high-res version somewhere I could get printed, myself.
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The artist, Simon Warmer, might be able to help. His contact details are here.
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I found this much larger version, but it has text overlaid.

I think the image was created for a music festival. You might email the festival, and see if you can buy a poster from them.

memail me if that larger image link doesn't work, it looks like the kind of thing that would expire.
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Check your FB messages.
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Response by poster: Thanks, but that (FB sent image) is too low-res.
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In case removing the text from gregr's version helps.
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Response by poster: Awesome, splasho. It's not high-res enough for a poster-sized print, which is what I'm gunning for, but it's at least something I can have at a small size.
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Grumblebee, I am well aware (as a print designer) how shitty low-res web images look when printed out, but! I have heard that with engineering prints, you can get away with less than optimal rez. Considering how inexpensive these prints are and the style of the picture, would it be worth giving that a shot with that image you have now?
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I would think you could get away with printing the image at up to about 16x24". Double the resolution of the image using photoshop and then add film noise to the image.
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