Can concrete sealing fill in unevenness in concrete?
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We had our concrete living room floor refinished last year by a ok but not great contractor. Overall we love it, but it exposed a number of small pits in the floor that are tough to clean. If we get it refinished/sealed again, is there a chance a better contractor can also fill in the pits in the floor?
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Yeah, those can be filled in. I'm not familiar with the exact type of product that would be used, but it can be done. I don't know if it can be done in such a way as to render the filled-in spots invisible or not, but they can certainly be made smooth.
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Absolutely. They sell a produce that is concrete for leveling floors before you put roll flooring or tile down.

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Not sure if leveling compound specifically is what you'd want as a filler for pits in a polished concrete floor, but yeah, something along those lines. Or possibly an epoxy based product, even. Pretty much anything you might want to do with concrete can be done, chemists have been hard at work on these problems for literally thousands of years.

Someone who specializes in polished concrete would for sure know what to do, probably even the original contractor. They may simply have considered filling the pits to be outside their scope of work in which case they'd charge extra to come back, or it may be something that they'd come back and do for free if you ask them to. But quite probably they do know what to do about them, they just didn't do it for whatever reason.
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