Silk or super soft PJs that don't "snag" on my fingers
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I work outside. The skin on my hands catches on silk, almost like my skin snags the silk, so I don't own silk. I get very sweaty in my flannel PJs and would like to give myself a Christmas gift of new PJs that will not make me sweaty and not "snag" on my fingers. Does something like that exist in silk? If not, any other recommendations for luxurious sleeping clothes for sweaty sleepers? Knee length shorts and a top (tank, tee) preferred.

Machine washable preferred, but it isn't a requirement.
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If you are near a MUJI store, try their double-gauze cotton PJs. I wear mine year round, and they keep me warm in winter and cool/sweat free in the Australian summer heat. They are made of two very fine layers of cotton and wick away sweat, without feeling like sports clothing. The fabric is super soft but not silky, so shouldn’t catch on your skin.
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Men's or women's? Either way, look at microfiber. The knee-length shorts might be tricky to find, but something like meundies lounge pants are cool and so soft and nice.
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Bamboo PJs are the best. They feel very soft and smooth but not synthetic. They are fairly popular and easy to find in a variety of styles.
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I have the same problem with snaggy rough hands due to work. I hate snaggy fabrics with a burning passion. I don't like traditional pajamas with the long sleeves, though, so I tend to sleep in loose sportswear.

Some fabric choices: bamboo, part-rayon, crepe t-shirt material (that's cotton typically but super super thin, like nearly see-through).
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also I get that the sportswear suggestions aren't 'luxury' but some of those fabrics feel fabulous.
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Modal fabrics also feel very soft.
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