How to get the kitchen tablet setup of my dreams?
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I live with three adults (soon to be +1 baby, not mine) and our home is cozy but cluttered. To make it more manageable, I’m looking to buy a dedicated tablet for the kitchen everyone can use. What’s your life-changing kitchen tablet setup like? Any app reconmendations? List of the things we’d like to use it for inside...

On my list of things I want this new tablet to help with include creating/editing shopping lists, saving/editing recipes, looking things up mid-cooking session when my hands are a mess, and a barcode based inventory system (including when something was scanned into the system). We’d also like to run our Sonos sound system from the tablet, so it needs to be compatible with their app.

I’m fine with making my own web-based apps to handle any use cases a solution doesn’t already exist for, but figured I would ask what others are using to do the same first. Downloading someone else’s app to handle household inventory, for example, would be faster and easier.

I would also love any docking station recommendations that can move around the kitchen as needed, including tablet pens for messy hands.

(And as an added bonus, anything else baby-related I’m missing that would be nice to have on the kitchen tablet. Like I said, not my baby, but mom & dad will have access to this tablet and if it makes their life easier, we will all benefit.)
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If you're invested in the Amazon system at all, a Fire Tablet is really a great kitchen tablet. I have an 8" that I kind of wish was a 10", but it was like $30 on sale at some point so waaaaaay cheaper than the 10. I have the Amazon charging dock for it that basically turns it into an Echo Show, in that you can give it voice commands and all.... but as long as it's charging you can use the voice commands, no need for the (expensive) dock.

Now it just lives on the counter and sets timers, plays music (maybe some external speakers for this), I can ask for recipes, etc. For example, you can ask for a chocolate chip cookie recipe and it'll give you a numbered list of them, then you ask for #5 or whatever, and it shows you the recipe with some viewing options.

You can also set up the Alexa app for shopping lists and reminders and then tell the tablet what you want to add, just like any Echo. It can control lights and other home automation stuff. I think you can even make phone calls and texts hands-free, haven't tried that yet.

I have it set up to answer to Amazon instead of Alexa to avoid confusion.
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My husband and I use Cozi to create our shopping lists on Andriod/ iPhone. I also use it to save internet recipes I like and will use again and find that it pulls the recipes from most sites I use well. There are other features such as a calendar but we don't use them.

We used the free version for about a year and then I subscribed to the gold version since we were using it a lot and I like the app. I haven't found any benefits from subscribing in the bits we use except no ads but I do know there are some.
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Best answer: I'm a fan of Paprika, which combines recipes, (finding & saving,) grocery lists, and meal planning.
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Best answer: Yeah, I use Paprika in my kitchen as well—if you’re ok having a shared recipe file, all members of your household can log into the same Paprika account on their phones and access a common grocery list/recipes/calendar/etc.

In my home, Paprika and Overcast run on an older iPad that’s parked on an IKEA Vivalla stand. I have other apps on it, but other than the occasional text or FaceTime call, that iPad is all about Paprika and podcasts.
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Response by poster: Ended up buying a refurbished iPad and putting Paprika + some podcasting apps on it. Works amazingly, Paprika really does almost everything we wanted it to just by itself. Thanks for the recommendations!
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