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Where can I get large prints of digital photos done online? (Or locally in Toronto)

I'm looking to print up some of my digital photos extra-big for my new house. I've already got the enlarging handled (Genuine Fractals is AWESOME), and I've got the frames, but now I'm looking for a place to print them out!

Basically, I'm looking to print out some pretty big images, that don't seem to be covered by your average online printing shops. One image I'm looking to print is 22"x28", and the other is 11 3/4" x 36". I tried a couple different online shops, and they all seem to max out at 20x30.

Obviously, I'm looking for high quality prints, but if it's an online shop it needs to ship to Canada, otherwise someplace in the GTA (Toronto) area would work either.
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What about the the rasterbator with some high quality photo paper?
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In Vancouver: ABC Photo print in large sizes using a variety of printing methods. I printed some of my images there, for gallery shows - their work is excellent and the quality is supreme.
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Adorama is based in NYC but ships via UPS over. They can do 24x36 prints on either Kodak Lustre or Kodak Metallic paper. They're usually very good, but I would download the color profiles for the paper you choose and make sure all the colors look right. I don't know about the metallic paper, but I use the lustre paper a lot and I always need to boost the reds a little.
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This company and this company are both local to me and do great work.

I would suggest you correspond via phone or email initially, because they use special RIPs with all of their large format printers and it's not beyond the realm of possibility that they'd prefer to uprez the files themselves for the specific printer they'll want to use.

I have no affiliation with either except as a satisfied customer.
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I think Pikto in the Distillery does this. Best to contact them and find out.
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asked a mere two days ago...
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Response by poster: Hrmm, I guess 2 days is too recent to show up in a MeFi search then, blast! Ahh well, more links any way!
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I use EZPrints - the prices are excellent, as are the prints, and they do sizes up to 30x40.
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Printrates is a site that reviews photofinishers for various factors including cheapness (my favorite factor) and includes customer reviews

I haven't tried any of them, but the Fotoki site looked promising.
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Blacks actually now has "poster size" prints available in a variety of sizes. The little stores often have to send them out for printing so it talks ~15 days or so but I've been pleased with the quality.
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I've used London Drugs for a couple of 20X24's. They go as big as 24 by 96. They're out of Vancouver. Upload online, get prints in the mail. Prices here

London drugs is really quite good, but if you're looking for absolute top-drawer perfect prints up to 60 inches wide, try Pikto It's the good stuff, but you'll pay for it. Pikto is in the distillery district.
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Toronto Image Works
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Moveable is in the Carpet Factory and can print essentially anything.
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