I need some new running music!
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I am looking for some steady, fast, balls to the wallish running music as I'm sick of my current rotation.

I'm not really across dance music microgenres, but I like houseish stuff, cool drum samples, and I'm by no means opposed to vocals.

One of my favourite running albums is Henrik Schwarz live (from track 3, not the somnolent opening tracks).

I also listen to a lot of the groovelectric podcasts - again I identify with what he calls progressive house - euphoria drive is a favourite, and some of what he calls tribal or percussive?

I'm after something that:
1) Has a fastish, steady tempo that doesn't deviate too much
2) Has some vocals and/or sense of progression
3) Uses instruments, or samples of instruments, has something more going on than just a kick drum and a snare and generic nineties keyboard.

I don't really like (for this, at any rate) low-fi, scratch analoguey sounding stuff; jarring etc.

I don't even know where to look and I'm swamped on Bandcamp by rubbish and/or really modish hip hop influenced stuff which is not what I'm after - any ideas mefi?
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I really like the Catz ’n Dogs 2013 Essential Mix, and it sounds like what you’re after. Or Maceo Plex from Movement Festival this year. Also this fairly-ancient Oliver Lieb Essential Mix.
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Listen to some of the tracks of Glassworks or other pieces he's done for ballets, which are often a steady rhythm.
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The Run Lola Run soundtrack. (Track 1) Great movie of course but I put it on when I want to jam out with cleaning or something. It literally is for her running during the whole movie.

-Possibly She Wants Revenge (Self titled albumn)
-Beck - The Information Albumn
-A selection of Nine Inch Nails - some songs are slower than others.
-I also always put on Talking Heads Stop Making Sense for... well.. anything. But it's a great beat.
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Lab 4
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the Crystal Method album made by Nike.
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I wish mefi music could produce a running podcast. I use some of their songs (chococat!!!) but it's not great for running. Just bloody excellent music.

I have found Zumba (TM)music pretty great. And capoeira is fabbo . But I'm the worst ever runner. For a tall, young, athlete.
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I love Run Boy Run by Woodkid. It always amps me up a bit more when it comes on during a run, especially as it progresses.
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Chemical Brothers
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These are some fast-elliptical songs I use:

Spoek Mathambo's cover of Control - also one of the most remarkable music videos I've ever seen. This is just, like, a song, but it has an unusually strong, steady, propulsive beat.

Lotus, this remix of Hammerstrike. It starts a bit slow but is propulsive enough that I have actually continued to work out when I had finished my required time because it was playing. This has no lyrics but definite progression.

Pigbag, Papa's Got a Brand New Pigbag

I also tend to like a lot of what you might call transitional disco - Liquid Liquid, late Can, some no wave like what you find on the Disco Not Disco compilations.
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Do you know about Indie Soup Runner mixes?? So perfect for this!
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I came in here to recommend the Run Lola Run soundtrack.
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Underworld. Try their great live album Everything, Everything.
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The app Rock My Run generates mixes sorted by genre and BPM, which is great for keeping on pace. The free version had a small audio ad every 30 mins but I don't find it bothersome.
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"Music For Boys" by The Suburbs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFzY9u_v8Ew

Not exactly what you asked for, but it might surprise you.
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Response by poster: Thanks all! No best answer as these are all great suggestions, much appreciated.
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