Where to find a great men's leather jacket in Los Angeles?
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Mefites of Los Angeles, where do you go to try on leather jackets for men in person? Asking for a friend whose tastes lean more toward the Tim Burton end of the spectrum than toward office-wear. Must be a brick-and-mortar establishment.

Mail order will not work in this case. Jackets must be new, rather than vintage, as the gentleman in question is super squicked out by used clothing. Stores located in or near the Valley, Hollywood, downtown, or the west side are especially welcome but not necessary. Bonus points if you know of anyone local who can do a custom paint job on leather!
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Was going to recommend FilthMart on Fairfax just below Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood for all the right reasons, but they do deal in Vintage. This does not mean these pieces were all worn before, YMMV.

I think you friend might be looking for John Varvatos on Melrose on the edge of Beverly Hills.
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Idris Elba has a new clothing line at Superdry, including leather jackets. Maybe try the one on the Santa Monica Promenade?
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You should check out All Saint's.
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