What was that music webapp I had on my iPod?
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What was that music webapp I had on my iPod? Help me remember the site I had saved to my homescreen a while ago. I'm fairly sure it was a webapp and not a proper app. I seem to remember the name for the icon was shortened to a two-letter acronym; I thought it was DI for digitalinspiration.com but googling that shows I was wrong. I'll try to describe it anyway: the app had a series of square, colourful icons down the left-hand side, not unlike the style to the iTunes gift card drawings. Each icon represented a category; I definately remember 'lounge', and the others were mostly dance/electronic music related genres like house, groove etc. probably hip-hop stuff too. Definately a cool and groovy site.
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Best answer: Digitally Imported?
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Response by poster: Yes. That's it! Don't know why I thought it was a webapp. Thanks box..
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