Help me make a get your butt swingin' dance music (pop, house, nu disco) playlist!
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Help me make a get your butt swingin' dance music (pop, house, nu disco) playlist!

So I tend to be more of a house listener, and while that's very dancy, it's not the vibe that I'm looking for. Basically, my ~goal~ is to be able to chunk out 2 or 3 hours of tunes that are basically in the vein of this infectious song:

Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP - We No Speak Americano

Basically, songs that have that relenting beat, and just make you want to sway with some good hooks.

Obviously, playlists take finesse, and you need some variety… other things I was thinking (but am not sold on, as they don't quite have that thumpiness)

Mika - Love Today
Maybe early on to get people in.

For something different, some spanish pop

Paulina Rubio - Y yo sigo aquí
Thalia - A quién le importa

These songs are pretty great in a club. Has that thumpy bass, but is much more pop. Basically, I just can't find a whole lot like "We No Speak Americano." I love Nu Disco (but don't have enough, so if you can recommend any in that vein as well, Calvin Harris type stuff), but it's just so housey at times.

And probably some Lady GaGa because it's easy and current and why not.

Maybe this song
September - Cry For You

I don't want it to just be top 40 pop hits, but I have no problem with some if they get the job done.

I'd love any help you guys can give! My goal is basically to create a set where you just can't not dance. The beats and songs are so catchy and unrelenting that you just keep going. This ideally would be used before going out with friends, or just if I had people over.

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Chrissy Murderbot already did it for you.
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Makes me think of Boombox - 100 songs, which includes a ton of catchy dance songs. Not really my taste, but the video is short enough that you can browse through the 100 songs and may find a few in there that have what you're looking for. Someone put the list of songs in the comments.
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