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Is the housey piano bit of Sweet Shop by Doctor P a sample? Are the vocals? Any recommendations for more music like that?
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Noze Remember Love is good piano house
posted by dydecker at 4:31 AM on September 7, 2010

Also this one of course
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Oops here
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This is the sound of early (pre-1992) hardcore (a nerd would understand "oldschool piano breakbeat"), probably not sampled but possibly using the same piano sound that others used. Similar artists include Skin Up, Shades of Rhythm, and a bunch of others I can't think of right now.
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I'm glad rhizome said hardcore, coz it really is South Anjuna c1991. But buggered if I can think of any band names. The piano bits of various KLF hits come close, but not quite close enough. Searching for piano breakbeat on youtube brings up a lot of recent stuff with retro acid house styling that's kind of close too. Gear like Charly Dup's

(I really like that last one. :) Thanks for the journey-down-nostalgia-road question!)
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Oh, yes, you just discovered "Rave Piano" The beginning of that track is just old-school early 90s breakbeat hardcore:

Let Me Be Your Fantasy

I Need Your Loving

Actually, it looks like someone did an early 90s rave piano playlist.
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I better get some favorites for that shit, because that playlist is the awesome, oh my god, i'm so happy this question got me to search for that.
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