Short-haired in Boston - your best salons recs please!
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Looking for recommendations for hair salons/stylists in the Boston are that are good with short women's styles, without veering too much in the direction of "old practical lady" on one hand and "edgy butch punk rocker" on the other.

Every time I go back to Europe, it just seems there is so much more variety in lengths (and colors!) of women's hairstyles, with a lot of women looking great in short, interesting haircuts. But I haven't been able to find stylists here who would be able to consistently give me an imaginative and skilled short cut. They tend to stick to "safe" lengths and lines, and I'm frankly not that good at explaining what I want. Bringing photos only helps so much as I'm not sure how to adapt the style on a model to my facial shape.

I think I need to see someone who will completely disregard what I tell them and give me a cut that will make me looks great. This happened exactly once in my life, but then I moved 400 miles away :) So fellow Bostonians, where should I go for this magic to happen?
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Best answer: I really, really liked Salon Acote on Newbury St when I lived in Boston. (Even when I moved overseas, I went back whenever I was back in Boston for work) Donika was my stylist and she's very good both with color and with doing the "what would look good on me? I'm looking for [adjectives]" sort of thing. She's fabulous. I even have an ex-boyfriend with long, coarse curly hair who still goes to her because she's the best he's found to figure out what to do with his hair that doesn't make him look fuzzy.
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Best answer: You might want to try Judy Jetson in Cambridge.
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Best answer: Shag in South Boston. They were recommended to me by another Mefite. They helped me transition to letting my gray hair grow in and, in the process, recommended and did a very short haircut. It has changed my life. I was terrified of the Mom look, but I look fabulous! Nate at Shag. Can't recommend enough.

(It's a pretty frighteningly cool place, but the people are unfailingly sweet and helpful and kind.)
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Best answer: Depending on how far you want to travel, Rinse in Wakefield is fantastic. I have very thin, short hair, and they do a great job with it. It's a very relaxed, non-intimidating place, too. It's literally directly outside the commuter rail station, too, so it's easy to get to.
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Best answer: Shag, Shag, Shag. I sent primate moon there and she'll confirm:

They Are the BEST Stylists in Boston Do NOT Be Put Off by Their Too Cool For School Vibe.

No lie: they do LIFE CHANGING HAIRCUTS. I get stopped at least three times weekly asking where I got my hair done.

I had long brown hair, they did this to me because my hair was turning white and I was sick of coloring it every 8 days.

You can go in and ask for rock star hair; they know EXACTLY what you mean.

Nate is great, I go to Kara and Sandy (the owner) who are also off the chain amazing.
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I am echoing Shag. Love, love, love them!!
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